Learning Korean!


So for two years running one of my New Year’s Resolutions has been to learn Korean.  Last year my gracious husband bought me a workbook Korean from Zero 1, and I was super excited.  However, life happened and I wasn’t able to dedicate much time to drama watching or blogging, let alone trying to learn a new language!  Thankfully things have simmered down enough in the past three months that I’ve been able to really put some focus into learning Korean.


[Important Message] Content Theft in the Blogverse

Together we can stop ZKPOP!!

It is a sad day when a blog in our beloved blogverse doesn’t treat their peers with respect. Many of my friends and fellow bloggers have raised their voices in protest, gathering together to show support and offer what help we can. You may have seen this very article already, and to that I say good! Help us to pass along the news about ZKPOP and make even more readers aware of the atrocious acts happening in our precious space.

The original article can be found at Dramajjang, I urge your to please take the time to go and read the post in full. There is a follow up article that further explains how ZKPOP is fooling the internet into showing their posts as original work. Please, please take a look Kwon at Dramajjang has dedicated much heart and time to showing the acts of these vile creatures! The appalling truth is that the bloggers over at ZKPOP.com have been stealing entire recap articles from talented writes and claiming them as original work. Some writers that have been vandalized by this terrible crime are Dramajjang, Couch Kimchi, and Dramabeans.


At First Glance: Romantic Princess


I picked this drama completely at random.  So honestly I had no preconceived notions, I used my list and a random roller, determined to watch whatever it was that I landed on.  Now my possible watch list is really-really huge so it could have been anything.  But I was feeling brave!


Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Fourth Edition


This time I’ll be talking about three Japanese movies.  All of them have similar themes.  I started with Paradise Kiss and the others came up as suggestions and so I just kept watching.


Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 1


Welcome to my first edition of Noona’s Playlist.  I think it is somewhat natural as you delve into Asian Dramas to also be attracted to the music as well.  For now my exploration into music has been within Korean music, but I’m sure as I discover more about what I like I’ll venture into music from other countries.


Baby Faced Beauty


This was the first drama that I picked after taking close to a three month break from watching any Asian Dramas.  I was still watching variety shows, primarily The Return of Superman and Running Man, but I had stopped watching dramas.  So when I finally couldn’t hold out any longer I took my time in picking a show.  Since my most favorite trope is the Noona Romance, I started there.  Looking through what I have listed on the Noona Meter I read through the synopsizes and reviews for the majority of the list.  What drew me to Baby-Faced Beauty was the unique twist on the Noona Romance.  I’m certainly glad that I picked this!


At First Glance: Heart to Heart


I picked up this drama after reading a review by Fangirl. So when I finished Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu I decided it was time to give it a try.

First, it isn’t anything like I was expecting based on a few reviews and the synopsis. But that’s not to say I don’t like it.  In truth I wasn’t sure if I’d stick with it after the first episode. Though I’m glad I gave it another episode before deciding what to do.



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