Happy First Blog Birthday!


One Year.

Looking at that and thinking about the concept it seems like such a long time.  Honestly, I never thought that this blog would be around for an entire year.  Or that I’d still be this addicted to Asian Drama’s a year and a half later.  I have been hosting The Drama Noona for an entire year!  It is impossibly crazy to think that when I had the whim to start this blog it would be sustained and continued and evolve into this thing that works.


Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo


After trudging through Playful Kiss and mostly enjoying It Started With a Kiss /They Kiss Again, I’d vowed that I wasn’t going to watch the Japanese version of this story. However, recently posts were  all over my tumblr wall, twitter, facebook, and on DramaFever about ItaKiss the Honeymoon episodes and season 2…   I was intrigued by how cute it all appeared.  Then with some wonderful feedback from some of my good friends in the blogverse I couldn’t resist watching season one of Love in Tokyo.


Burgeoning Addiction


Music has always had a huge place in my life. When I was growing up my family played music together at parties and gatherings. I play a few instruments myself. Throughout school I was in orchestra, band, and marching band. It has always been there, adding flavor to my life in many ways. My musical tastes are very eclectic and varied. So when I discovered Korean Dramas it was probably a natural transition into discovering K-Pop too.


Fangirl Passion


I think that passion is one of the main things that we as fans share.  When we love something we really and truly love it.  This love has the potential to be a little bit obsessive.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve suffered obsessive love in my Asian Drama fandom.  Dramaland is rife with actors, actresses, and shows that draw out the crazy fangirl hidden inside me.


The Sunshine Award #2



The most wonderful Sunbae a gal could ask for has nominated me for a second Sunshine Award!  Truly, Kfangurl is just the most wonderful friend and blogger.  If you haven’t checked out her blog you’re crazy!  Get over to The Fangirl Verdict this instant!  Go on get!  Ahem… alright then, on to the award part 2!!


Drama Daydreams

Collaboration Celebration!



I am so excited to announce a new project of mine!!  M! Countdown Top 5!  Yup I’m going to dip my newbie toe into the K-POP world.  I’ve wanted to get more into K-POP for awhile now, and this just seems to be the perfect way to do it!

The lovely HallyuNoona has graciously allowed me to steal a little space on her blog for this project!  HallyuNoona is filled with K-POP news (among other lovely and interesting topics, you should go there now and check her out!) and it just felt like the perfect place for M! Countdown Top 5.

I’ll be linking new articles in my M! Countdown page so keep an eye out there for the weekly articles!  If you’d like to check out my introduction post you can see that here!

I will work hard to make this new project fun and enjoyable.  Fighting!!!


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