UnBoxing: Christmas & December SnackFever Boxes


In December I got the regular December Box, original size, and the super-sized Christmas Box!  First I’d like to say that it was fantastic not to see any duplicates between the two boxes.  That was awesome.  As I did not get the November Box I don’t know if there were duplicates from November to December.  However, my biggest worry with getting two boxes in a month was that there would be duplicated items between the two.  That was the only thing that I was less than thrilled with in October with both boxes I received.  Thank you SnackFever for making sure that I got my money’s worth!


At First Glance: A Witch’s Romance

Witch’s Romance

This drama has been very-very high on my “watch list” for a long time.  In truth I was so extremely excited when it aired.  Why didn’t I watch it then you ask?  Well I had just finished My Queen, which is the Taiwanese drama that it is a remake of.  With that drama fresh in my mind I was hesitant to watch the Korean Version.


Oh My Venus: Episode 13


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Back to the moments before the crash.  We discover that Hye Ran is also involved, she realized what her crazy brother was going to do and drove off to stop him.  She’s hurt too, and requires surgery.  The moron Executive Choi ends up with a bump on his head and nothing more.  At stupid-brotherleast he has the decency to be human and show remorse when he realizes that it is his sister in the car.  All parties are rushed to the Gahong hospital and Sung Chul is there watching Young Ho being wheeled past and he remembers the past and the pain Young Ho went through as a child.  The F3 boys show up as well and the pain they feel is intense.  Sung Joon misses the appointment with his mom as he’s lost in the pain of the moment.  Joo Eun is left in the dark, no one tells her and she thinks Young Ho just didn’t show.  Though the next morning Sung Joon does meet up with his mom and it is so bittersweet.  He’s hurting from Young Ho’s accident and happy that he is getting to hug his mom for the first time.


UnBoxing: December Japan Yum Box


After I posted my first review of a snack box I got a coupon code for a percentage off of a Japan Yum Box!  Since I’ve had so much fun with the others I thought I’d give it a go!  The first thing I noticed was that I really liked their website.  It is extremely intuitive, easy to use, and informative.  Before signing up for my first box I spent awhile looking around the website and I was able to easily understand the product and what I could expect from my box.  Additionally, the service was fantastic and the staff very welcoming!  I sent a few emails with questions.  All in all, I am very happy with the product and website overall.


Pint-Sized Review: Ohitorisama


This Mini-Review Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

My mission in 2016 in part is to watch several dramas from my Noona Meter list.  So that I can offer advice on the Noona Romances found there.  Which is how I found myself watching Ohitorisama.  Usually when it comes to the Noona Romance I can forgive a great deal, I can but on some blinders, and just happily enjoy the ride.  Sadly, I couldn’t find much at all to like about this drama.  I had hoped that my first impressions of the show would fade and I could come out at the end with a new found love for it.  Didn’t happen, not even close!


Oh My Venus: Episode 12


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

We pick up a few moments before episode 11 ended, Joo Eun discovers Young Ho collapsed in a dark room.  Fast forwarding through the epic pep talk Young Ho enters the dining room where everyone is waiting.  Finally he announces himself as the new head of Gahong, downfall-01crushing Executive Choi’s dreams in the process.  Even Ye Jin is there, she’s apparently the daughter of one of the big wigs in Gahong.  After the reception Executive Choi calls and berates Hye Ran for not showing up, scolding her for not thinking about her son.  Young Joon just happens to be there too and overhears, he feels burdened that he is the cause for his Uncles distress.


Oh My Venus: Episode 11


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

It seems to be a theme with this show that the first few episodes of the recent episode backtracks from where the previous episode left us.  Not that I mind… but it sort of ruins the flow for me.  We get left at this moment, which is usually emotionally charged and when we tune back in we are taken out of that moment.  If we needed to feel/know that stuff shouldn’t it have been in there in the first place?  Ah well, at this point I doubt that the show is going to change so let’s move on!

We’re moved back in time to the moment that Executive Choi gives Woo Sik the order to release the news that Young Ho is John Kim.  The news spreads like wildfire and we see individual reactions to it from Chief Min, Grandma, Daddy Sung Chul, Joo Eun, and of course Young Ho himself.  No one is happy, plus Young Ho can’t go home or to the company as there is a huge horde of reporters at both locations so he ends up at Joo Eun’s place.




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