Noona’s Oppas

As any true drama Fangirl I have a myriad of crushes throughout the vast verse of dramaland.  There are just so many gorgeous, talented, and amazing actors/idols out there that the choices are endless.  Most of my drama-crushes have arisen through shows that I’ve watched, perhaps tempered a great deal by my love of the character that they have played.  However, as I am most assuredly a Noona, most of my drama-crushes would be in the Noona Killer category.  So when a drama-crush of mine actually qualifies as an Oppa, omo that makes for a very huge fangirl squee moment.  So I thought I’d share a few of a drama-crushes that I could legitimately call Oppa!

Omo Oppa! Kim Jong Kook

Omo Oppa! Kim Jeong Hoon

Omo Oppa! Gong Yoo

Omo Oppa! Lee Pil Mo


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