Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 13 & 14


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 13

The shots of the kiss are pretty fantastic, I like the drone views flying around them.  As they drive back they hold hands and are smiling all cutely.  Such adorable happiness.  It is short lived, Ja Yeong calls to inform them that the secret is out about Seo Woo’s song being about her.  It is all around the internet.  Back at Sky House Ji Woon is not pleased at all.  Inside the Chairman is waiting for them with Seo Woo who tells him that the internet rumors are not true.  Ji Woon tries to tell Gramps about he and Ha Won, but she won’t let him.  Yoon Sung confirms nothing is going on.  Gramps drops the secret bomb that Ha Won will have to leave if she dates any of them.  Hye Ji and Hyun Min arrive and he looks traumatized.  

20160720021099197970021Gramps reminds Ji Woon and Seo Woo that Ha Won is not the same as them so they can’t date because she’s beneath them.  The boys are not pleased by Gramps being so rude.  Seo Woo arrives his schedule location, Ja Yeong is waiting for him to tell him that she approves of their dating.  She starts to tell him about Ha Won and all the things she likes.  Seo Woo tells her that there isn’t anything going on between he and Ha Won anyway so she doesn’t have to worry.  Ha Won goes to the garage where Ji Woon is sulking, he’s angry that she agreed to Gramps contract for not dating.  He tells her to get the contract annulled.  Gramps’ new wife is heading out to go shopping and Yoon Sung follows her again, she’s buying young children’s clothing.  Then she takes them to an orphanage.  They seem to know her and call her mom.  Yoon Sung goes to talk to the orphanage director, he says he wants to sponsor the place, but he is really just asking about his mom, Gramp’s new wife.  Turns out she comes often to show love to the kids like she couldn’t show to her own son.  

At Sky House Hyun Min follows Hye Ji as she wanders around, she ends up going to Ji Woon’s garage.  Later Ji Woon shows up, her sewing stuff is there so she’s organizing.  She says she can’t accept his help anymore since he’s with Ha Won.  Finally he tells her that Hyun Min was actually the one to get all her sewing stuff back for her.  When Hye Ji and Ji Woon exit the garage Ha Won sees them and of course misunderstands!  Of course she does.  Ji Woon finds Ha Won in the house and apologizes for being mean to her when she first moved in.  Also, he assures her that his relationship with Hye Ji is different than what he has with her, she says the same thing about Seo Woo.  Then!  Her stomach growls.  They go and cook together!  They share a cute moment of a back hug when no one is looking and a kiss to the cheek.  Ji Woon admits that he remembered everything from their drunken night at the vacation home.  Then Seo Woo appears out of nowhere, Ha Won makes Ji Woon hide under the table.  Seo Woo sits down to eat with her and Ji Woon has to hide under the table.   They talk and Ji Woon has to remain undetected.  

We finally see Ha Won’s step-dad and he gets a call from the guy who found where the possible bio-dad was seems he didn’t know evil-stepmom took the info now the dude is looking for his payment.  Step-dad goes to see bio-dad and confronts him.  Bio-dad says there was nothing ever with Ha Won’s mom but step-dad doesn’t believe him.  He admits that he sold the dojo without Ha Won’s mom’s permission to pay off debtors.  She went to his house to confront him but the debt collectors had set the apartment on fire with her inside.  When he arrived the fire was already set.  Step-dad… well no real-dad realizes that his wife never cheated on him and he was a total turd face to his daughter who was nothing but loving and loyal, but he was a piece of crap to her.  Ugh that should never be forgiven.  

At Sky House Ha Won gets Ji Woon to meet her in the garage and asks why he hates his gramps so much, seems gramps had the same view of his mom.  She was not worthy of the Kang boys.  While they are talking about family Ha Won’s real dad finally calls her.  She ends up going to meet him.  He apologizes for all the crap he did to her and for the mess.  How could she forgive him so easily?  I couldn’t do that.  He also finally realizes how much the step family was mistreating her so he wants to find a home for just the two of them so she won’t be harassed.  Real-dad goes home and confronts evil-step-mom about contacting possible bio-dad and then tells the step family that Ha Won is his daughter!  He then yells at them for mistreating Ha Won, afterwards he makes them stay in the balcony where they made Ha Won stay.  They finally have a moment of clarity that their mean ways can get them kicked out of their house.  

At Sky House Hyun Min realizes that it is Hye Ji’s birthday tomorrow and things back to the past with her and tumblr_obh7wkPuDH1t2pbr2o6_r1_1280her twin brother.  The next day he confronts her but she ignores him and leaves.  Yoon Sung picks up Gramp’s new wife and she asks him why gramps wants to keep an eye on her.  He says he doesn’t know and won’t answer any of her questions,  She gives him the tie!!!! Uh oh!!! This is going to end very badly.  Hye Ji is trying to find a room to rent, and doesn’t have money for a security deposit so she can only rent out very low end places.  Hyun Min calls her and asks what she’s going on her birthday, she say she is meeting friends and hangs up, but of course he’s stalking her.  Gramp’s is driving through town and of course he happens to see Ji Woon and a Won being lovey dovey in the street, of course he sees!  

Back at Sky House they are still lovey dovey and Seo Woo sees.  Of course he does.  Yoon Sung walks up and Seo Woo distracts him so he won’t see the new couple.  Seo Woo goes back to his room and works on a song remembering Gramp’s words.  In the kitchen he tries to get Ha Won to admit to her relationship, but she doesn’t fall for it.  Though she does try, in a roundabout way to get advice on what gift to get a guy.  He tells her guys don’t want gifts they just want their girl to be with them.  Then afterwards gramps calls Ha Won, we all know what this means.  Hyun Min wanders into the girl’s room and sees the track suit that Hye Ji borrowed and the goodbye note she’s left.  Then he goes crazy driving to all the places she could be staying to find her.  Ha Won is meeting with Gramps and he’s scolding her for breaking the contract.  He tells her that she has a few choices.  One, forget about Sky House and Ji Woon and he’ll give her the money he promised her.  Two, Ji Woon.  But she can’t have both.  Ha Won leaves and cries in the hallway.  

Gramps thinks back to when he threw another woman out of Sky House.  I’m going to put money on this being Ji Woon’s mom.  Yup!  Ji Woon’s dad is pissed but Gramps reminds him that people like her aren’t worthy of his sons.  Ji Woon’s dad says he doesn’t need gramp’s money and storms out.  In the present Gramps looks at the ring that Ji Woon’s dad gave to Ji Woon’s mom.  Back at the search Hyun Min finds Hye Ji.  She’s waiting for someone in a playground and tells him to go that this is the perfect place for them to say goodbye.  Seems he gave her a plastic ring when they were little in a playground and asked her to marry him when they are older.  She tells him now, in the present that she won’t marry him.  He tells her to go back to Sky House and stop doing this.  She tells him that he is only pitying her and she won’t go back for that.  Hyun Min admits to her that he missed her so much and wanted to hold her and treasure her and love her.  But they can’t be together because of her brother’s death, because he was with her brother on the day he died.  Hyun Min saw her brother die and did cinderella-and-four-knights-1nothing, because of that they can’t be together.  He’s a cowardly bastard so he isn’t worthy.  She’s upset and says they should never see one another again.  

Ji Woon is trying to reach Ha Won in his garage and drops his phone, it falls through a door that is locked.  Yoon Sung reports to Gramps that his wife isn’t doing anything worthy of reporting, but Yoon Sung is wearing the tie!!!!!!!  Gramps nearly collapses seeing it!!! Oh yeah misunderstandings galore!!!!!!  Yoon Sung then leaves and meets up with his mom.  Ji Woon breaks the lock on the door and enters the storage part of the garage and finds a box of stuff.  What does he find???  The photo album of his mom here at Sky House with his dad!!!!  Yup!  That’s right!  At the dinner Yoon Sung and his mom are enjoying perhaps their first nice evening ever.  Guess who sees?  Oh yeah you got it, Gramps!  And he collapses seeing his wife with his most trusted advisor!!!!!  Then we see montage of everyone dealing with their new realizations including Ha Won packing to leave.

Episode 14

Ha Won is crying while looking at the box Ji Woon gave to her, then she gets a call.  Seo Woo is autographing albums and writing little note on them while thinking back on his moments with Ha Won, then he gets a call.  Hyun Min is depressed and still in the playground where Hye Ji left him thinking back on their past and looking at the boxed toy ring he tried to give her as a child, then he gets a call.  Ji Woon is driving with the old photoalbum in the passenger seat, he too gets a call.  The calls are from Yoon Sung, calling to tell everyone that Gramps passed out.  Ha Won is the first to arrive, she tries to question the hospital staff.  She is interrupted by the new wife and then tells new wife that she believes she’s to blame because she started dating Ji Woon.  New wife pushes Ha Won up against the wall and blames Ha Won totally, believing that Ha Won must have said something horrible.  She also lets the cat out of the bag that Gramps is suffering from liver cancer and Ha Won is just an ungrateful whelp.  Even going so far as to say that Ha Won has stolen what little time Gramps has left.  New wife tells Ha Won to leave now, to make it so the boys have no idea she’s left, and tell no one about Gramps condition.  She threatens to tell everyone that Gramps passed out because of Ha Won if she doesn’t leave.  OMG this lady!!!  She is the reason for Gramps passing out because he thought she was cheating on him with Yoon Sung!  Ugh that lady is as terrible as Hyun Min’s mother.  

And of course Ji Woon arrives and they pass by one another without seeing one another.  Yoon Sung tells Ji Cinderella12Woon about Gramps and says the others are on the way including Ha Won.  Ji Woon tries to call her but she won’t pick up.  New wife follows Ji Woon and tells him that Gramps knew about the relationship.  New wife tells Ji Woon that Gramps told Ha Won to choose between the money or love and that she chose the money.  He immediately leaves.  Yoon Sung is telling Hyun Min and Seo Woo.  Hyun Min says he doesn’t care because obviously Gramps doesn’t care about them enough to tell them.  They ask Yoon Sung why Gramps passed out, but he doesn’t admit that Gramps passed out watching him and new wife at dinner.  Hye Ji is meeting with a friend?  And getting a room to stay in.  Seo Woo and Hyun Min meet with the doctor to get more information.  

Back at Sky House Ji Woon confronts Ha Won as she tries to leave.  Ha Won spins the story that she was here for the work and that they can’t be together.  Ji Woon tells her not to be like this and that if she leaves like this he’ll never see her again, Ha Won leaves.  Walking from Sky House she’s sobbing and crying thinking back to how she fell in love with Ji Woon.  Mrs. B. finds a pile of Hye Ji’s things and asks Hyun Min what to do with them so he takes them and stores them in his room.  Which then prompts him to think back on all the moments he shared with her that made him realize he was an asshole to her.  Hye Ji is looking at the picture of her, Hyun Min, and her twin brother thinking about what Hyun Min told her about the day his brother died and how much of an ass he’d been to her for so long.  At the hospital new wife is making sure that no one knows that they were the reason that Gramps passed out.  She tells Yoon Sung that he needs to take over the company.  

Ha Won goes to the columbarium and cries her troubles to her mom.  The doctor tells Yoon Sung that Seo Woo and Hyun Min were not matches for gramps and asks if there is anyone else they can test.  Evil-steps are taking lots of things to a resale shop trying to pass knockoffs as designer brands to get money.  The shop won’t buy the fakes from them.  Ji Woon is looking at the pictures of his mom and goes to the location of the picture of his mom.  It’s a cafe.  Hye Ji is working for her friend that took her in, Hyun Min is taking a page out of the K-Drama lead book and stalking her.  

At the cafe Ji Woon is staring around, it is covered in little post-it notes.  The man helping him sees the picture and asks who it is in the photo he brings Ji Woon the box of notes from 1995 the year the picture was taken.  He digs through them and finds the notes his parents exchanged.  Then he looks through 10 years worth of boxes and sees the notes that his mom and dad exchanged all those years through this cafe.  He sees the whole story and that he is reliving the painful history of his parents.  Seo Woo and Hyun Min are at the hospital together in
fullsizephoto748181gramps room to be with him.  Yoon Sung is in gramps office thinking back to his childhood when his dad beat his mom and him.  After a severe beating she leaves Yoon Sung there with the abusive dad.  Then we fast forward to a young Yoon Sung learning martial arts.  Hyun Min meets with a fashion designer and talks fashion and shows and clothing.  Then asks him to review Hye Ji’s portfolio.  Ji Woon is back in his car and throws his phone out the window.  

Hyun Min learns that Ha Won was a the hospital to see if she could be a donor before the boys arrived.  He’s then sitting with Gramps when the nurse says that a restaurant called and they had some of his things there.  Hyun Min goes there.  The waiter tells Hyun Min that Yoon Sung was there but he disappeared before they could give the items to him.  Hyun Min goes to the company and learns that Yoon Sung isn’t at the company and told the secretary that he was going to the hospital.  So he calls Yoon Sung while at the company and tells Hyun Min he’s in the office.  He is actually meeting with new wife and she wants to transfer all her stocks to Yoon Sung. She tells him that she wants to be his mom again and she’ll wait for him.  

Ha Won is working at the cafe with Ja Yeong again.  She scolds Ha Won for not telling her that gramos was unwell and that something happened but Ha Won won’t tell her.  Just then her real dad shows up.  He’s checking on her and says he’s worried that she’s spending too much time with people too high above their social status.  He tells Ha Won that the ring wasn’t her mom’s but the ring of the person she was trying to save from the fire.  Her real dad wants to return the ring to the rightful owner.  Hye Ji gets a call and goes to meet someone at a fancy restaurant, it’s the famous fashion designer!  And he admits that he’s seen her designs and wants to become her mentor which means she gets a scholarship to a fashion institute.  The fashion designer doesn’t admit that it was Hyun Min who gave them to him.

At Sky House Hyun Min and Seo Woo are talking and he discovers that Yoon Sung wasn’t here either and tries to unlock Gramps phone.  Seo Woo unlocks it because he and gramps use the same unlock code.  Hyun Min tells Seo Woo went to the hospital to get tested without telling them and then he grumbles that Ji Woon never showed up.  Ja Yeong meets with Seo Woo and brings him a homemade lunch box and tells him that her dad was in the hospital with cancer too.  She tells Seo Woo how she and Ha Woo became friends too.  He eats the food she made for him and she has a fangirl moment that her idol ate the food she made.  

Afterwards Seo Woo shows up at the cafe where Ha Won is working and wants to talk to her.  Seo Woo tells her that Ji Woon hasn’t gotten tested and no one can contact him.  He gives her gramps phone and says that there is something in there that Ji Woon needs to see.  Seo Woo admits that he knows about her relationship with Ji cinderella-and-four-knights7Woon and tells her that she’s the only one who can get him back.  Later Ha Won is looking at the notes on the phone that gramps wrote about Ji Woon, they are very sweet despite the not nice things he has to say about Ji Woon’s mom.  

The next day Ha Won finds Ji Woon at a garage where he’s working.  She gives him the phone.  Gramps has been texting Ji Woon’s dad every day since he found Ji Woon.  She does get him to read the texts and asks him to go and get tested.  Ji Woon says that he doesn’t want to go and he doesn’t need his gramps.  Ha Won does her best to tell Ji Woon that in his own way gramps loves him and he is the only hope for gramps to live.  He won’t budge.  At the company new wife is leading a meeting with the board members and says the company needs  a fresh start.  She tells the group that she will change the major shareholders of the group. At the hospital the doctor tells Hyun Min that gramps liver has completely failed now.  New wife introduces to the board of directors their new major shareholder… in walks Yoon Sung!!!  At the hospital Ji Woon arrives with Ha Won.  


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