The Noona Meter

Welcome to my Shrine for Noona Romances.


Here you’ll find various lists of Noona Romances.  My hope is to establish a place where we in dramaland can find every conceivable Noona Romance.

 The Noona Meter consists of 6 categories, rated 1 through 10, with 10 being the best.  The categories are:

1) Emphasis on the Noona Romance being a Forbidden Love. = One of the most important parts of the Noona Romance for me is the titillating feeling of breaking the societal rules in such a taboo way.

2) Importance of the Noona and Dongsaeng’s Age Difference. = How much is the age difference stressed and agonized over.

3) Dongsaeng’s Persistent Puppy Love. = Another exceptionally important part of the Noona Romance is the quality of puppy love that the Dongsaeng has.

4) Noona’s Resistance to the Puppy Love. = Because of the love being Forbidden and the Age Difference the Noona must put up a believable resistance to the Dongsaeng’s Love.

5) Noona and Dongsaeng’s Relationship. = When they finally make that leap to be together, is it adorable and sweet and loving?

6) Noona is Consistently Strong. = Another great thing about the Noona Romance is the fact the lead female is an Ahjumma, or at least a Noona.  They are, for the most part, already established and confident in their lives.

These are tallied into an Overall rating.  To see a more in depth explanation of the Noona Meter check out this post.

Below you will find the various lists of Noona Dramas that I have collected.  Suggestions, additions, and reviews are welcome!


Only Noona Ratings are displayed in this list, for a rating on the show as a whole see my Reviews.

Noona Romance as the Main Story

7th Grade Civil Servant [K-Drama] { RomCom} Love to Eros [J-Drama] {RomDrama}
A Good Lawyer’s Wife [K-Movie] {Drama} Loveholic [K-Drama] {MeloRom}
A Thousand Kisses [K-Drama] {Romance Makjang} Majo no Jouken [K-Drama] {RomDrama}
Alone in Love (((not advertised as Noona Drama))) Me too, Flower! [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 6.5
Anego [J-Drama] {RomCom} = 7.8 Modern Farmer [K-Drama] {Rom-Com}
Angry Mom [K-Drama] {RomCom} My Name is Kim Sam Soon [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Around 40 [J-Drama] {RomCom} My Queen [T-Drama] {RomCom} = 9
A Witch’s Romance [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 8 My Sweet Seoul [K-Drama] {RomDrama}
Baby-Faced Beauty [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 9 Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku [J-Drama] {RomCom}
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy [K-Drama] {RomCom} Nemureru Mori no Jyukujyo [J-Drama] {RomCom}
Bitter Sugar [J-Drama} {Drama} Oh! My Lady [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Blood [K-Drama] {Medical-Rom} Ohitorisama [J-Drama] {RomCom} = 4
Blossom Again [K-Movie] {RomDrama} Over Time [J-Drama] {RomDrama}
Boku Dake no Madonna [J-Drama] { RomDrama} Papadol! [J-Drama] {RomCom}
Botox [K-Movie] {Romanc} Please Love the Useless Me [J-Drama] {RomManga}
Brand [J-Drama] {RomDrama} Plum Blossom [K-Movie] {MeloRom}
Cheap Love [J-Drama] {Romance} Producer [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Crazy for You [K-Drama] {Melo-Rom} Protect the Boss [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Dae Mul [K-Drama] {Political-Rom} Queen of Reversals [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Dal Ja’s Spring [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 7 Remember [K-Drama] {Crime Melo}
Drama Go! Go! Go! [C-Drama] {RomCom} Riders:Catch Tomorrow [K-Drama] {RomDrama}
Doctor’s Affair [J-Drama] {MedicalRom} Romance [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Dr. Champ [K-Drama] {Medical Romance} Royal Family [K-Drama] {Drama Makjang}
Emergency Couple [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 7.8 Rude Women [K-Drama] {Romance}
Exhibition of Fireworks [K-Drama] {RomCom} Sapuri [J-Drama] (RomDrama} = 6
Faith [K-Drama] {HistoricalRom} Second Love [J-Drama] {RomDrama} = 6.8
First Kiss [Thai Movie] {RomCom} Second Proposal [K-Drama] {Drama}
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 8 Second Virgin [J-Drama] {RomDrama}
Green Chair [K-Movie] {RomDrama} Secret Love Affair [K-Drama] {MeloRom}
Hataraki Man [J-Drama] {RomDrama} Secrets, Objects [K-Movie] {RomDrama}
High School King of Savvy [K-Drama] {RomCom} She’s on Duty [K-Movie] {RomCom}
I Do, I Do [K-Drama] {RomCom} Shima Shima [J-Drama] {RomCom}
I Have to Buy New Shoes [J-Movie] {Rom} Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no [J-Drama] {RomDrama}
I Hear Your Voice [K-Drama] {RomDrama} = 7.8 Starman – This Star’s Love [J-Drama] {Melodrama}
I Love Lee Tae Ri [K-Drama] {RomCom} The Longest 24 Months [K-Movie] {RomCom}
I Need Romance [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 8 The Producers [K-Drama] {Rom-Com}
I Need Romance 3 [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 4.5 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry [K-Drama] {RomDrama} = 6.1
It’s Not That I Can’t Marry, But I Don’t Want To [J-Drama] {RomCom} Tie the Knot [T-Drama] {RomCom}
Kimi wa Petto [J-Drama] {RomCom} Tokyo Tower [J-Movie] {Drama}
Koishite Akuman [J-Drama] {Supernatural} Unstoppable High Kick [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu [J-Drama] {RomCom} = 8.4 Uragiri no Machi [J-Drama] {Mature Melo}
Lady Girls [J-Drama] {Romance} Venus Talk [K-Drama] {RomCom}
Last Cinderella [J-Drama] {RomCom} = 9 What’s Up Fox [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 7.6
Let’s Eat [K-Drama]{RomCom} Working Mom [K-Drama] {Rom}
Long Vacation [J-Drama] {Romance} Yong Pal [K-Drama] {MedicalRom}
Love Lesson [K-Movie] {RomDrama} You’re My Pet [K-Movie] {RomCom}

The Non Noona, Noona Romance

Big [K-Drama] {Rom Com} You Who Came From the Stars [K-Drama] {RomCom} = 6.7


Noona Romance as a Side Story

Ojakhyo Brothers [K-Drama] {RomCom} Unstoppable High Kick [K-Drama] {RomCom}
The Lover [K-Drama] {Rom-Com} You’re All Surrounded [K-Drama] {Detective}

51 thoughts on “The Noona Meter

  1. Do you prefer the series to be complete? I’m currently watching the TvN Drama “Let’s Eat” which at the moment definitely has Noona love – though it is one sided. I ship it of course, however I’m not quite sure how it’s going to end! It’s a little corny, but really funny and I’m really enjoying it.


    1. The show doesn’t have to be complete yet. Oh I looked into that show briefly, but didn’t know anyone watching or much about it. If it has a Noona Romance then I’m totally in! And I need to add it to my list! Thanks for the suggestion!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the title for the out of the box Noona Romances! I figure that if I want to create a complete list I’ve got to include everything that is related to the trope.

      Oh yes, absolutely. I am looking forward to Secret Love Affair so much! It will definitely be on the list!


  2. Hi, I’m also a fan of Noona romance since more than a decade ago when I started watching J-drama during the late 90s! I have already watched a majority of drama listed here! I found your blog when I was searching for recaps on Secret Love Affair. May I list a few more Noona romance dramas?
    1997 Virgin Road (Although just 2 years difference but it’s a sweet story
    2009 Ohitorisama (
    2001 Love Revolution (
    2005 My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (I’m surprised nobody mentioned this to you!)
    2001 Piano (2 years of difference and taboo romance between stepsiblings –
    2002 Romance (6 years difference between a High school teacher & her student –
    I think the below fits into The Non Noona, Noona Romance
    2012 I Miss You ( – In the story they’re possible same age, but actor Yoo Seung Ho (1993) is 9 years younger than actress Yoon Eun Hye (1984))
    2012 The Moon Embracing The Sun ( – Actress Han Ga In is 6 years older than actor Kim Soo Hyun although they play the same age?)
    2010 Personal Taste ( – Actress Son Ye Jin is 5 years older than actor Lee Min Ho but he plays a characters that’s supposed to be older than her lol)


      1. I have a different take on “noona romance”, for me, the noona romance is their age differences in the drama and not in real life. After all, they are portraying a character in a fictional story so their age differences shouldn’t really matter in real life.


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods of time. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      Omo thank you, thank you, thank you so-so much for taking the time to jot down all these suggestions! Really I am so very thankful and excited to add more to my list!

      I’ll be adding these to the list very soon! Thank you again for taking your time to write this list up, I really appreciate it!


  3. I have just become an addict after stumbling on the first episode of Bride of the Century. Noona Romance ROCKS! My favourite so far is Biscuit Teacher Star Candy (Hello My Teacher) starring my current crush Gong Yoo.


    1. Biscuit Teacher Star Candy is one that I absolutely want to see the most! It is very high on my list of shows to watch. I just need to find a decent copy of it! Bride of the Century is a Noona Romance? Fantastic! I’ll need to add it to the Noona Meter List!


      1. Ah ha! It could be that I’ve been sick and not so clear headed myself. Bride of the Century has come up as a suggestion for me from a few close drama friends, perhaps it is time that I give it a try!


  4. Can you tell me the drama where a female manga artist falls in love with a schoolboy, the end of drama is where the boy becomes a famous manga artist, Please?


    1. I am so sorry! This plot doesn’t sound familiar to me at all. I put out some feelers to my Twitter K-Drama people and no one recognized it. I’ll keep asking! I know that DramaBeans has a post which is specifically used to search out dramas that you can’t remember the name of, so perhaps you could post it there? If I figure it out I’ll be sure to let you know!


      1. Hi, could anyone help me? There’s this drama about a girl who works in a restaurant which is bought by this young guy who wants to change the style of this restaurant. She keeps calling him “Bambi”. I stopped watching it when he kisses her drunk and (after throwing up!), That was some big time ago, now I want to give it a second chance….but I can’t remember the name…not even if it was japanese or korean. Please help!


  5. Hi, I have lurking on your blog and surprised because some of the drama I have never heard before. Like Love and Eros. I read the description on wiki addicts and tried to find any site for online streaming to no avail. Do you know where I can watch it online? Thank you!


  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this comprehensive list! Although I’ve seen most of these I’m always looking for something new and Noona romances are sometimes hard to find! I have another drama suggestion to add to your list if your still keeping it updated, it’s a Taiwanese drama called Drama Go! Go! Go! starring Jiro Wang and Ruby Lin. There is a fan channel on for those who are interested in it! Looking forward to more Noona Drama’s!!


    1. Hello! You are so very welcome, I’m happy to provide a list of Noona Dramas for other lovers of this trope. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I am always adding new dramas as I find them. I’ve added it into the list already! I can’t wait to watch it, the show sounds adorable.


  7. An addition to the category “noona romance as a side story” is Lady Girls. There’s a little bit of a thing going on between a mother and the young teacher of her teenage son. Also, the main character is around 40 and her young co-worker has a big crush on her. But that’s about it. Using your Noona Meter, the mother/teacher storyline would give a high rating for categories 1-3, but the resistance (category 4) is so strong that… well, it sort of ends there. So, I wouldn’t rate it higher than 3 with your Noona Meter…

    I do sort of like this genre, but I’m probably extremely picky. I also it when the man is the older character! So I would probably call it “Age Gap Romance Meter”. 🙂 I have watched a few of the dramas on your list and the only one that makes my Age Gap Meter speed up is Secret Love Affair, and to a lesser extent Last Cinderella.

    That’s because there’s a big age gap in LC, but I think it boils down to the fact that my categories are a bit different than yours. I want the resistance to be mixed with seduction! I don’t really like it when the younger character is the more confident and persuing part, the one who keeps chasing the woman until she gives in to his love. I guess I see your 6th category as more important – it is important that the older character is confident, strong and mature – and in control, sort of. He or she will see that the love is forbidden according to the norms of society, and he or she might think that the younger one would be better off with someone their own age, and that is why there must be strong resistance. Not because of too much insecurity or anything. Also, I want the age gap to be obvious! Like at least 15 years. That’s why a drama like My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (even though it does have a few good points) does not make it to my list because the age difference is only a few years. It’s still enough to be “forbidden” according to the way some of the characters see it, but it is not enough for me. 🙂

    Hmm. I guess what I want is a romance where the younger person slowly and helplessly fallls in love with someone older, who will be perfectly aware of it (maybe not right from the start!) and of his/her own attractiveness, but who will put up a strong resistance, maybe even pretending not to notice… until passion takes over, more or less against his/her will, and there’ll be losts of UST and more and more cute and intense moments, until the older character finally gives in to his/her feelings. *lol* I know, there are so few dramas like that… Actually, I accept it even when the younger person’s love remains unrequited or when they don’t end up together because the resistance is too strong.

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with your way of thinking, I’m just sharing my personal point of view. 🙂 I think your Noona Meter is probably more widely accepted than mine, and why my list is a lot shorter than yours. 🙂


    1. the most different age so far is ” secret love affair ” kim hee ae and yoo ah in are the best noona’s couple … their different age is 20 years , so i would recommended this to you. happy watch!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. You should watch An Affair. It’s a bit adult but it’s a Korean Movie. You can find it on dramacool, I think. I really liked it. It was released in 1998 but that shouldn’t be hindrance since you have movies like Plum Blossom on here :p Hope you like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Majo No Jouken is one of the best that I’ve watched. Top would be Secret Affair but next on my fave is Majo No JHouken. However, I’d like to make a correction here that it is not K Drama but a J-Drama. Thank you


    1. I’m soooo behind on comments with taking care of my mom with her surgeries and the holidays and life. One of my resolutions is to get caught up on comments as quickly as possible.
      I am open to Older Woman/Younger Man relationships in any Asian Dramas! Thank you for the suggestions and I’ve added them to my list of shows to be added to the Noona Meter! I hope to get the list updated soon!


  10. Kenja no Ai is a short (4 ep.) J-drama from late 2016 with an (at least) 20 year age difference, though there are elements to it that might be a big turn-off to some. Also, it’s less about the actual romance itself than the circumstances surrounding it, i.e. the protagonist’s messed-up relationship with her young would-be lover’s mother, who happens to be her childhood “best friend” (and yes, it’s in quotations for a reason because YIKES). But it may be worth a look if you’re in the mood for something a bit darker (and heck, it’s only 4 eps!).


    1. I’m soooo behind on comments with taking care of my mom with her surgeries and the holidays and life. One of my resolutions is to get caught up on comments as quickly as possible.

      Sometimes the journey and the obstacles that are placed in front the couple and not so much the actual romance can be the most interesting part of the show. I’ve added it to my list of shows to be added when I update the Noona Meter!


  11. The recently finished Perfect Wife/Ms. Perfect has a noona romance! It’s not the emphasis of the show by any means, but still manages to be really cute in a rather dark show.


  12. Still loving you is a proper noona romance. It’s a daily with 120 eps but its worth it. You can even watch it on youtube. the romance was believable and the younger male lead was one of the best male leads ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. There was this drama where a stellar female student is forced to tutor the police chiefs son. The male lead resists a lot and loved bikes. He wants to go pro, hates his adoptive brother who is also a police officer and likes a idol childhood friend. The age gap is 2 years. I cannot remember its name. It would be great if someone could tell me that


  14. I have you to blame for me to like noona-noona romance hahahaha
    anyway,,, I have started watching the noona dramas in your list since 2015? and I think I have watched almost all noona dramas in your list. Will be waiting for your updates


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