Pint-Sized Review: Cinderella and the Four Knights


This Review of Cinderella and Four Knights Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

I didn’t go into this drama with exceptionally high expectations.  I wanted something bubbly and fun with lots of cutesy romantic moments.  I didn’t think that was too much to ask for.  Plus I have enjoyed Jung Il Woo in everything I’ve watched of his.  Also, I adore Lee Jung Shin, CNBLUE is one of my favorite bands.  It had potential to be a fun bit of brain candy.  There was so much potential in this show, loads of it.  Sadly, it never took advantage of any of the story opportunities.  Combined with the flat writing and cliche plot points I was disappointed, even with my low expectations.   Don’t get me wrong, there were things to like with this drama, but the things I could live without overwhelmed what could have been a fun drama.

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Review: Full House (Thai)


This Review of Thai Full House Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

This show was super fluff and pretty darn adorable.  It was my first ever Thai drama and it opened a whole new world of dramas to me.  From here I watched several other Thair dramas and enjoyed them too!  You can see my intial thoughts on Full House here.  I liked it within the first few episodes and I continued to enjoy it throughout the twenty episode run.  I said this in my First Glance post, but I like to call these sorts of dramas the brain candy of the drama world.  It wasn’t too terribly complicated, a silly over the top plot concept, and pretty actors.  Overall I had fun with this drama and would recommend it if you are looking for something light!

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Review: Boss & Me


This Review of Boss & Me Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

After fell in love with Love O2O I found translations of the Gu Man novel it was based on.  Which is when I discovered, to my ultimate joy, that there were other dramas based on Gu Man’s novels!  So, after giving myself a day to relish in the Love O2O feels I hit play on Boss & Me.  Oh boy, I am so glad that I did!  I think that I must really love Gu Man’s writing because I adored Boss & Me just as much as I loved Love O2O!!!

What I Wanted:

  1. Something as addictive and cracktastic as Love O2O
  2. A sweet and fluffy romance
  3. Really amazing OTP moments
  4. Low amount of drama

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Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 15 & 16


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 15

The three boys stand over gramp’s bed and Ji Woon says he’ll get tested to see if he’s a match.  Back and Haneul Group new wife is still leading a meeting of the board of directors stating that Yoon Sung is the only choice for their leader, she’s acting as if gramps is dead already.  At the hospital Ji Woon tells Ha Won about his mom and what happened long ago.  She tries to leave, but he won’t let her.  While Ji Woon waits for his examination Seo Woo and Hyun Min sit with him.  It is rather cute they are finally bonding after all this time.  After the examination the doctor tells Ji Woon that gramps has told him a lot about him and that he is very like his dad.  Ji Woon stands over gramos and tells him that he forgives him in his mother’s stead.  They all disperse from the hospital, Ji Woon takes Ha Won Home and Seo Woo and Hyun Min leave in their cars.  Though Hyun Min does tell Seo Woo to drive safely, for the first time showing any sort of emotion or caring towards his younger cousin.  

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Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 13 & 14


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 13

The shots of the kiss are pretty fantastic, I like the drone views flying around them.  As they drive back they hold hands and are smiling all cutely.  Such adorable happiness.  It is short lived, Ja Yeong calls to inform them that the secret is out about Seo Woo’s song being about her.  It is all around the internet.  Back at Sky House Ji Woon is not pleased at all.  Inside the Chairman is waiting for them with Seo Woo who tells him that the internet rumors are not true.  Ji Woon tries to tell Gramps about he and Ha Won, but she won’t let him.  Yoon Sung confirms nothing is going on.  Gramps drops the secret bomb that Ha Won will have to leave if she dates any of them.  Hye Ji and Hyun Min arrive and he looks traumatized.  

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Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 11 & 12


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 11

Hye Ji moves in with the merry group and shares Ha Won’s room.  She tries to sabotage whatever is going on with Ha Won and Ji Woon right away just talking about how Ji Woon rushed to her aid.  Hyun Min tries to ask if she’s ok, she makes sure to inform him he was a step behind Ji Woon.  Ji Woon awkwardly tries to inquire about Ha Won’s trip home and ends up asking her to take care of Hye Ji.  In the morning Hye Ji is at breakfast with Mrs. B. and Seo Woo shows up then runs away because Hye Ji saw him in his natural unmade-up state.  Mrs. B. is doing laundry and asks Hyun Min about his undies waving them about while Hye Ji is watching and he runs too.  Then Hye Ji brings Ji Woon water after his run and they have breakfast together too.  Mrs. B. informs Ha Won that the boys never changed their behaviors for her, but they are changing for Hye Ji.  Ha Won is not pleased, well she’s downright jealous.  She tries to find her own charm by trying different accessories on in her room.  Then tries on clothing, what happened to the uber fashionable wardrobe that she accepted from Hyun Min last time?  Settling on a cute dress Seo Woo is very taken aback by how different she looks and gets nervous so he calls the other boys in to take a look, which makes her embarrassed.  

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Parting Ways: Suki na Hito ga iru koto


This Review of Suki na Hito ga iru koto (A Girl & Three Sweethearts) Contains Spoilers

There is this strange need to finish dramas no matter what that in all my years of drama watching I haven’t been able to shake.  I do try to be a little picky when choosing a drama so that I can, hopefully, watch dramas that I will enjoy.  No matter how careful you are, there is really no controlling how you’ll enjoy dramas.  In my past years I haven’t watched many currently airing dramas, maybe 1 or 2 a year while they were airing.  So I am able to research and read reviews so that I can better understand the drama and what happens in it.  Which has helped me avoid dramas that I might drop.  This year I’ve watched 3 dramas as they have aired and currently watching 3 that are airing now.  So there aren’t any completed reviews for me to read to determine if I’ll want to watch the drama from beginning to end.  Which is the case with A Girl & Three Sweethearts, I watched this as it aired.

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