Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 4


I’m back with the songs I currently listen to on repeat!  It’s the female K-Pop edition too!  It feels like every time I turn around I have more Korean music downloaded.  I’m pretty sure the songs multiply when I’m not looking!  That’s ok, because I am really enjoying discovering new bands, new songs by bands I already follow, and rediscovering songs I love.  These songs are all the first that drew me to each group.  Let’s get right into the songs for this mini album!

First up is one of the original groups that I discovered way back when I started looking into Korea music.  I love their style, music, and personalities.  Watching them began my absolute adoration of Amber Liu.  I seriously can’t express just how much I love Amber, honestly she’s amazing and I want to be her BFF!  So the song I’ve gone back to, despite all their current music being fun and gorgeous, is Rum Pum Pum Pum.  This was one of the first songs I heard of theirs and loved it right away.  And when I’m feeling a little spunky and sassy I always go to this song!

I first heard about Lee Hi because of Hi Suhyun I’m Different, which I highlighted in my first mini album!  I fell hard for that song!  Still it is one of the songs I play almost constantly!  Anyway, after I heard that song I discovered AKMU and Lee Hi!  Boy am I glad that I did!  This song is the first one that I heard of Lee Hi herself and I totally adore her fun sound and her amazing voice.  Plus this video is a lot of fun!

So I found Mamamoo this year.  Oh my gosh…  When I found them I fell down the Mamamoo rabbit hole fast!  They are all gorgeous of course, but not just that their voices are crazy amazing!  Their bluesy sort of R&B hip-hop ish rock sound!  I mean there’s a little bit of everything there.  Beyond their musicality, which is really impressive and I love to listen to them sing, I adore that in their videos they never really seem to take themselves totally seriously.  They have a wonderful irreverence and confidence that I could watch all the time!


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