Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 15 & 16


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 15

The three boys stand over gramp’s bed and Ji Woon says he’ll get tested to see if he’s a match.  Back and Haneul Group new wife is still leading a meeting of the board of directors stating that Yoon Sung is the only choice for their leader, she’s acting as if gramps is dead already.  At the hospital Ji Woon tells Ha Won about his mom and what happened long ago.  She tries to leave, but he won’t let her.  While Ji Woon waits for his examination Seo Woo and Hyun Min sit with him.  It is rather cute they are finally bonding after all this time.  After the examination the doctor tells Ji Woon that gramps has told him a lot about him and that he is very like his dad.  Ji Woon stands over gramos and tells him that he forgives him in his mother’s stead.  They all disperse from the hospital, Ji Woon takes Ha Won Home and Seo Woo and Hyun Min leave in their cars.  Though Hyun Min does tell Seo Woo to drive safely, for the first time showing any sort of emotion or caring towards his younger cousin.  

In the parking structure Hyun Min runs into new wife and Yoon Sung, he tells them that he knows they were at the same place where gramps passed out at the same time.  New wife tries to spin some stories, Hyun Min doesn’t believe her.  He tells her that Ji Woon got tested today and she looks very upset at the fact.  The whole time Yoon Sung doesn’t say a thing.  Hyun Min also addresses Yoon Sung, implying that he’s no longer caring for gramps.  While walking home Ha Won keeps trying to part ways but Ji Woon won’t let her.  He finally confronts her about leaving and tells her that she wants to stay by his side and he knows it.  She tries to run away he tells her that he is sorry for letting her leave like that on that day and that he never believed a word she said about her reasons for leaving.  Then begs her not to go.  As she cries he gathers her up into his arms and gives her a back hug.  Saying he can do anything as long as she doesn’t leave him.  

At Sky House Hyun Min is brooding in his room looking at his phone and debating if he should call Hye Ji. CoH0GLhUIAEBPJw Seo Woo is at the manager’s office and his manager says that he has canceled all his concerts and appearances so he can deal with gramps.  Seo Woo says he has a good feeling about this, that he believes that Ji Woon can save gramps.  Ha Won does go back to Sky House, in her room alone she says that she’ll break up with Ji Woon when the time comes, but she needs to sort through her feelings.  Ji Woon is in his room looking at gramp’s phone thinking back to what Ha Won said.  At the hospital the doctor tells Ji Woon that he is a match, but there’s a downside of course…  Ji Woon is allergic to anesthetics and he could go into shock and not wake up from the surgery so he needs to decide if he wants to go through with the surgery and save gramps or not.  

Ha Won comes to the hospital and sees Yoon Sung, he looks upset but he won’t tell her what’s going on.  When he tries to leave Ji Woon appears and tells them he’s a match and that the surgery is going to happen.  Yoon Sung says he’ll tell the new wife the news.  At Sky House Seo Woo races out of his room and announces that Ji Woon is a match and will have the surgery.  Mrs. B. starts to exclaim all the things that need to be done and drafts Seo Woo and Hyun Min into her services to get all the things ready for Ji Woon’s hospital stay.  Ha Won is visiting Gramps and putting a the ‘family photo’ she took in a frame on the table when in walks new wife who asks when Ha Won will leave because gramps will wake up soon, she’s still playing the card that this was all Ha Won’s fault.  She tells new wife that she’ll leave when this is all done.  When Ha Won leaves the room she calls Yoon Sung and he tells her there’s a date for the surgery.  She also tells him that is the day she’ll hold a special board meeting so that when gramps wakes up everything has changed.  Ugh!!! Yoon Sung!  This is so out of character, you have been gramp’s best supporter and he’s believed in you and trusted you!  I don’t like this at all!!!  

Ji Woon is in the hospital and the doctor is trying to warn him again about the dangers, but he says that he knows and still want to do it.  Ha Won walks in and Ji Woon cuts the doctor off so that she won’t know cinderella-and-four-knights7about the dangers and won’t admit that there was anything special about the conversation at all.  He tells her that if she is worried that she’ll go and buy him food, so she does.  Hey Ji is in the store where she’s working now and looking at social media about the uber famous fashion designer who has hired her and sees a pic of him with Hyun Min.  And of course she’s upset, how dare he help her out at all!  She immediately calls the designer and asks to meet up.  When the designer gets there she asks if he knows Hyun Min, he admits that he promised to keep it a secret.  But he also admits that he made the offer based on her skill not based on the fact that Hyun Min asked him to review her portfolio.  Of course she refuses his offer!  What a dumb and uninteresting and flat character she is!!!!!  Ugh!!!!  He scolds her that this was not because of Hyun Min, but because he wants her as his protege and that she’s being dumb right now.  Good for him!!!  He tells Hye Ji that Hyun Min said he was her first love that he still has feelings for but couldn’t protect.  But that has no bearing on his offer.  Fashion guy says that his offer still stands because of her talent and to call when she’s reconsidered.  Ugh I wish that he would have left and not given her this opportunity because she’s a spoiled brat who is dumb.  

At the hospital Seo Woo, Hyun Min, and Mrs. B are babying Ji Woon and hanging out playing games and playing music.  Ha Won kicks them all out!  Because he needs to rest and be calm before his surgery.  As the trio is leaving and whining that they couldn’t stay and take care of Ji Woon, Hyun Min sees the lawyer dude who met with new wife before.  The lawyer goes to meet new wife and she tells him to call a meeting so that they can dismiss gramps as chairman from the company.  Hyun Min overhears this and immediately calls someone who tells him that new wife transferred all her stocks to Yoon Sung.  He then storms off to confront Yoon Sung.  Hyun Min tells him he knows everything and demands Yoon Sung to explain.  Yoon Sung tells Hyun Min that he should protect gramp’s position himself because anyone at any time could try and take that position from gramps and the fact he doesn’t understand that makes him hugely unqualified.  Hyun Min says that he just has to prove he’s ready then.  

At the hospital Ha Won wakes Ji Woon up because the doctor told her that she is supposed to guard him from sudden weight gain while in the hospital so he needs to get up and move around.  They tussle over a tumblr_obh7wkPuDH1t2pbr2o6_r1_1280tissue box and she falls on him so he tries to kiss her, she escapes.  They turn the TV on and there’s a news story about the meeting to dismiss gramps.  Yoon Sung is in the office stressing alone when new wife calls and reminds him they are too far gone now for him to turn back.  At Sky House Seo Woo confronts Hyun Min because of the announcement.  Hyun Min says he’s trying to debate a way to win and tells Seo Woo that it is Yoon Sung who is plotting to take over.  Seo Woo feels betrayed and agrees to go to the shareholders meeting while Hyun Min works hard to get more people on their side.  At Haneul group a bunch of reporters are trying to get Seo Woo to make a comment.  At the hospital new wife looks pretty smirky and satisfied reading the paper.  Hyun Min is meeting with some board members and asking them to support him through this hard time.  He is humble and says he asks them to believe in him that he can keep the Haneul group safe while gramps is healing.  

Hye Ji is pouting and brooding and not evolving or growing up as a character ever and thinks about all the things that Hyun Min has been doing for her lately.  Then she hears about the issues with Haneul group and rushes out of the store!  Hyun Min is at the hospital and telling gramps that he’s working hard and trying to show that gramps raised him well.  Ji Woon is waiting to talk to Hyun Min and tells him that Seo Woo told him about how hard Hyun Min is working to solve this.  Ji Woon gives Hyun Min his power of attorney because he’s a shareholder too and since he’ll be in surgery tomorrow and this gives Hyun Min control of his shares and his power in the company.  Hyun Min is touched but Ji Woon tries to play the tough guy part.  Hyun Min stalks Hye Ji again, but doesn’t go into the store.  Seo Woo goes out to eat pizza with Ja Yeong he complains that doesn’t know what to do to help with the company issues.  Ja Yeong suggests that he use his power of singing to help.  When Hyun Min arrives home Hye Ji the pouty princess is there demanding to talk to him and tells him that he doesn’t need to feel sorry towards her or her brother anymore and it wasn’t his fault.  He can’t talk to her about it and heads into his room leaving her to cry in the courtyard.  But!  He goes back out and says he has to protect the company and gramps now and never once was able to protect what was most important to her or himself.  Now he won’t run away, now he’ll protect her properly!  Then he crosses the space of the courtyard and takes her face into his hands, kissing her tenderly.  I’m glad they have resolved their issues, but man I so wish that Hye Ji had grown and evolved some as a character.  

Ji Woon is at the hospital and Ha Won comes to visit and he tries to talk to her about what to do if something goes wrong with the surgery.  She hits him hard and tells him not to talk like that.  Then he talks about how they first met at the columbarium and they realize that their mom’s have the same death Cinderella12anniversary.  Ok show, at the last moment you want to drop more family secrets on us?  Seriously, there are enough unanswered questions that you don’t need to add more mystery.  Then Ha Won crawls into the hospital bed with Ji Woon to snuggle and he tells her about all the things he still wants to do with her.  He reminds her that she still needs to grant his wish for finding her mom’s necklace when they were on the vacation.  His wish is to go on a date, right now.  So, Ha Won distracts the nursing staff and Ji Woon crawls past the desk.  They then run out of the hospital together and go on a date.  S going on a date out on the town is ok, but his cousins and Mrs. B. couldn’t hang out in Ji Woon’s room to take care of him because that wouldn’t let him rest?  Really Show?  

It really is pretty adorable; a cafe, a movie, the aquarium, and just act like a uber cute couple all lovey dovey and sweet.  Ji Woon says he wants to do this next time but she doesn’t answer right away, because she plans on leaving him after the surgery.  They run across the street for a green light and he goes back for her phone and while she crosses the rest of the way.  They stand on either side of the street and stare, she whispers that he shouldn’t be surprised when she’s not there when he wakes up from the surgery.  But then she yells that she loves him.  When the light turns green he races across the street to gather her into his arms smiling goofily and then kisses her sweetly.  It’s funny he wanted this date because he doesn’t think he’ll wake up from the surgery.  She wants this date because she plans on leaving him forever while he’s in surgery.  They are back in the hospital and Ji Woon is watching her sleep and whispering telling her not to worry and that he’ll return to her side.  Then they are both asleep.  

Next day Hyun Min is preparing for the big meeting and gets a supportive text from Hye Ji.  Once again we are forced back to the evil-step-family.  They have to scrounge their money and shop the cheap places and of course they’re arguing.  Step-mom yells at the daughter that she can’t do anything how is she going to live?  The daughter says she just expects dad to work more and give her money.  Mom gets a call and seems very upset.  However, we are thrust back to the Haneul group and the board meeting.  Then tossed to the hospital where Ji Woon is being prepped for surgery with Ha Won at his side.  Back to the Haneul group and the meeting starts, they begin to vote for the dismissal of gramps!!!  Each board member writes their vote on a piece of paper and places it into a ballot box, including Yoon Sung.  New wife is there with Yoon Sung and congratulating him on executing her plan.  At the hospital the staff wheel Ji Woon and gramps into surgery.  Then at the board meeting the mediator states that he will announce the results of the voting.  Back to the hospital and we see the surgeons start to work and monitor alarms go off like crazy and we see bloody bandages being piled up as the staff work furiously to save someone.  More nurses run into the operating room and Ha won is left to stare at the door knowing something has gone wrong.

Episode 16

We are brought back into the board meeting where the results of the voting are announced!  Gramps will not tumblr_oa93o4I7zF1t2pbr2o1_500be dismissed the majority of votes denied new wife’s request!!!  She immediately scolds Yoon Sung for making a huge mistake and dragging them to rock bottom.  He tells her that this was the only way to stop her!  Yay!!! Yoon Sung!!!! Thank you so much for not betraying the trust and love of gramps!  She yells at him that he’s giving this company to those brats!!!! And that he betrayed his own mom.  Yay evil plan is foiled!!!  Hyun Min races to the hospital and sees Ha Won she tells him something went wrong.  A moment later the doctor comes out and tells them that gramps is ok!!!!  Yay!!! But Ji Woon went into shock and may not wake up.  He also tells them that they told Ji Woon about the risks and his allergy to anesthesia but he decided to do the surgery anyway.  We move to gramps who is now awake and the liver transplant seems to have worked!!!  Hyun Min warns the doctor not to tell gramps about Ji Woon’s condition.  

Ha Won is watching over Ji Woon.  Seo Woo comes in and tells her to go and rest, but she won’t go.  She admits to Seo Woo that has too many things she wants to do with Ji Woon.  But she never properly admitted that she liked him and feels that she didn’t love him properly.  Yoon Sung meets with gramps and resigns, gramps tells him to disown the stocks he has and gramps tells him that he will divorce new wife.  In that same moment Yoon Sung finally admits to gramps that new wife is his mom and tells him that all of this was his fault and not his moms.  Why??? Why Yoon Sung?  Throw that turd lady under the bus!!!  As he’s leaving he runs into Hyun Min who angrily tells him that they should never see one another again.  I really-really hate that everyone sees Yoon Sung as a evil, he saved the company!!!  Ugh!!!!  

Ha Won is caring for Ji Woon and talking to him, reminiscing about their history together.  Hyun Min is pushing gramps in a wheelchair and he’s thinking about what the doctors told him about Ji Woon, seems someone spilled the beans.  They arrive at Ji Woon’s room where Ha Won is taking care of him.  Gramps watches Ji Woon.  Leaving the room gramps asks Hyun Min to watch over Ji Woon and for Ha Won to push him.  He asks her why she hasn’t left yet and she admits that she believes she’s the reason he collapsed and then she had to care for Ji Woon because he is in danger.  She tells him that she doesn’t care about her future or the money and will return everything so she can stand by Ji Woon’s side.  He asks her if she will 636041923319120639always choose Ji Woon over money and material things.  Ha Won breaks down and cries but doesn’t answer.  

Then we move to Ha Won caring for Ji Woon while gramps watches through the glass in the door.  Afterwards gramps sits alone in his room looking at the picture of the boys having dinner together that Ha Won took.  The step-family meets with Ha Won and they tell her that her real dad fell asleep behind the wheel and hurt someone badly.  The other party wants six million to settle.  Step-mom begs Ha Won to ask for money from gramps to save her real dad and her step-family.  UGH!!!!!  I say that too much with this show!!!!! UGH!!!! Last episode and of course Ha Won has to pick between Ji Woon or money… again….  We then see Ha Won walking along thinking about her dad and what gramps said about money or taking responsibility of her feelings for Ji Woon forever.  UGH!!!   Then she gets a call that Ji Woon has woke up and rushes to the hospital, but doesn’t go in to see him.  Seo Woo, Hyun Min, and gramps are there to see him, but Ha Won is at the door not going in.  Instead what does she do?  She leaves, yup!  Because she’s a filial daughter and the show puts this stupid thing in her path.  She won’t even answer Ji Woon’s phone calls.  

Gramps is getting dressed to leave and ex-new wife is there asking him to hear her out.  Just go away already!  She does at least bring the divorce papers, signed, and leaves her wedding ring.  He asks if she ever loved him at all.  She says yes, but then she saw Yoon Sung by his side and maternal instincts took over.  Then why in the nine levels of hell did you not claim him immediately and tell gramps that moment?  No you told Yoon Sung you wanted to play and live your own life and to pretend they didn’t know one another.  Maternal instinct would be claiming your son in that moment!  He won’t forgive her ever.  She says that’s fine, but he needs to know that Yoon Sung foiled her plans intentionally so that she would never succeed, he made sure that Hyun Min won. She leaves and we see that Hyun Min is lurking in the hallway, I bet her heard it all.  

At the police station Ha Won greets her real dad and tells him that she earned the money honestly at Sky House.  UGH!!!!!!!  At Sky House Ji Woon is looking for Ha Won, but she’s not there.  So he goes and looks Cinderella2for her and finds her getting off the bus with her dad.  Real dad leaves so they can talk.  Ha Won is yet again closed off and won’t look at him.  Ji Woon says he kept saying she’d be there any moment and that he missed her.  She tells him getting him to the hospital was her final mission and that was all, there’s nothing else to it.  He won’t believe her and denies her words.  He know she loves him.  She tells him that she only ever does what gets her ahead, that it was all a job.  He begs her to stay by her side.  She tells him that gramps will pay her if she stays away from him.  Ji Woon demands to know if this was just because of gramps, she says no that this was her choice because they will never fit into the same world. Ha Won tries to leave but he says he’ll leave Haneul group instead.  She scolds him and says that she would prefer if they never saw one another again.  As she walks away he tells her that he can’t live without her and if she leaves him then he has nothing.  She walks away anyway.  If she had just told Ji Woon about her dad… yeah that’s way too much to ask of this show.  At her house she collapses and cries thinking about all the little things that made her fall in love with him.  

If the show took out all the flashbacks it could have been done in fourteen episodes.  That would have been better I think.  Ji Woon is crushed and walks like a zombie along the streets.  At the manger’s office Seo Woo gets his new schedule.  He tells his manager that he plans to walk on foot and go busking instead of his schedule.  Hyun Min meets up with Hye Ji at a cafe, he tells her that he doesn’t care who is watching he plans on hugging and kissing her whenever he wants.  And he does just that.  Ji Woon is still lost in his heartache and can’t seem to comprehend what just happened.  Seo Woo finds him sitting on a rock in the yard of Sky House.  Ji Woon tells him that Ha Won says she won’t ever see him again and he doesn’t understand.  Seo Woo tells him about what Ha Won said at the hospital while she was caring for him.  Seo Woo tells him that Ha Won likes him like he’s the only person on the planet and he shouldn’t let her go.  

cinderella-and-four-knights-1Then Ji Woon heads off to confront gramps.  He tells gramps he knows what he did to his mom and this is the same thing.  He tells gramps that he needs Ha Won and doesn’t care if there are difficulties.  He begs gramps to acknowledge Ha Won too, gramps says that is a different thing and he can’t!  Ji Woon gets down on both knees and kneels, earnestly begging gramps to give him.  Later gramps is brooding alone thinking back to how Ha Won cared for Ji Woon with all of her heart and soul.  We go to Ha Won and her family and they are sharing a meal.  Step-mom teats Ha Won well for the first time ever and so does step-sister.  It seems forced and a little awkward, but maybe just maybe they will be less horrible.  

While they’re eating Ha Won gets a call from gramps.  She ends up going to see him.  He tells her everyone is worried about her, she apologizes and he tells her not to apologize since he’s the one who sent her away.  Gramps then asks her for her honest opinions on each of the boys.  Ha Won kindly tells him her thoughts on them.  When he asks about Ji Woon she gets quiet and then he tells her that he is giving them his blessing.  She says she can’t accept the blessing because when things got hard she took the money over Ji Woon.  He thanks her for making the boys better people and tells her that she can come back any time.  Seo Woo is ready to go busking and his manager says he’ll go with him to keep him company and protect him.  The manager has hired Ja Yeong to be his porter too.  

Ji Woon meets with gramps and is given a ring that was his father’s the match to his mom’s ring.  He tells him that his mother had the exact same ring.  Ji Woon opens the box and sees the ring… it its an exact match for the ring that Ha Won’s mom had!!!! Dum dum dum…. Both moms had the same death anniversary because they died in the same fire?  Really, that’s where you’re going with this show?  Ha Won is on a bench and Hyun Min shows up with her things.  She teases him about his crush on her and is glad he’s with Hye Ji.  Hyun Min asks her why she left when he saw how much he cared for Ji Woon.  Then he gives her a box with the shoes she wore for the wedding as his fake fiance.  He tells her to wear those shoes and go to the man she likes.  Also that she shouldn’t hide her true feelings for Ji Woon.  

We then see Ji Woon in his car staring at the ring.  He makes a call to investigate his mom’s death and discovers that someone was looking for him.  He goes to meet that person and, yup it is Ha Won’s real dad!!! 20160720021099197970021 Real dad tells Ji Woon that the ring was actually his mom’s because Ha Won’s mom was trying to rescue his mom!  Ji won is overwhelmed with emotions and the realizations of it all.  Then real dad drops another bomb that the funerals were held on the same day at the same places.  Ji Woon leaves and thinks back on all the moments he and Ha Won shared in connection with their mothers and remembers giving a white rose to a crying little girl outside the funeral house.  They shared a cute moment stargazing and then exchange items so they will know one another afterwards.  Holy cow show, really?  They knew one another as kids?  Their moms dying at the same place together wasn’t enough?  UGH!!! Too much!!!!  

Ha Won is in her room looking at the shoes that Hyun Min just gave to her thinking back again to the conversation she just had with him.  Again, this show could have cut two whole episodes out if they had just not done flashbacks so much.  Real dad calls Ha Won and tells her that the ring was returned and who it turned out to be!  He then asks her if she likes that boy?  Come on girl, you can do this, you can grow a spine, you had one at the beginning of the show you know.  Real dad also tells her the story about how she knows Ji Woon from the funeral.  Then we see Ji Woon pull up and Ha Won is there wearing the shoes.  They run to another another full of smiles and adorableness.  They meet and each has the trinket they gifted the other on the day of the funeral all those years ago.  Ji Woon puts his mom’s ring on her finger and she puts the other ring on his finger.  Then he pulls her into his embrace and kisses her deeply.  

We go to Seo Woo out busking with Ja Yeong dancing behind him and a large crowd of around him.  Hyun Min goes to see Yoon Sung who is teaching a martial arts class and asks him if he really isn’t going to come back.  He also apologizes that he couldn’t trust him in the end.  Also!!! Gramps is waiting for Yoon Sung to come back!!!!!!  We then see new wife trying to sell insurance and she’s failing miserably at it, good!!!!  But then in walks gramps with a bouquet of flowers and goes down on one knee asking her back.  UGH!!!!!! Really?  Really???  He says they both made mistakes because of their kids and almost lost everything because of those mistakes.  Shifting to Hyun Min and Hye Ji, the go to a tree that has a commemorative plaque for her twin brother and set some flowers there.  They talk to her brother for a little while and Hyun Min asks her brother to let him love Hye Ji now.  They walk a little while together and then he kisses her after telling her she’s beautiful.  At Sky House Ji Woon is taking photos and Ha Won takes the camera to take a picture of him.  Then he notice that she’s not wearing her ring and scolds her.  She was helping Mrs. B. so she took it off, he tells her that is not acceptable.  She teases that she sometimes feeling like she is dating a little kid.  Then they make up adorably of course and he puts the ring back on her and tells her that he loves her.  We then shift to a scene with all the couples (it seems Ja Yeong and Seo Woo are together!) plus Yoon Sung too!  They all laugh and smile and just enjoy being together.  There’s a cute montage of them eating and just being happy.  And that folks is it!  The shot pulls wide and then it’s done.  Happy endings all around.  



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