Currently Accepting Orders for Free Pictures/Headers/Banners

Hello!  So I love to play around in photo editing programs.  I just have a great time building banners/headers.  My own blog doesn’t need too many banners/headers so I usually ask my drama friends if they would like a banner or a header or some other sort of artwork for their blogs.

I thought that I should extend the offer for picture to my readers too!  Below you’ll find a few examples of headers/banners that I’ve made for other blogs in the blogverse.  If you would like to request a picture you can comment here, email me at, or tweet at me @DramaNoona.  I will need the actors or actresses you would like me to use and the dimensions of your header/banner.   All I ask in return is a quick shout out somewhere, can be on Twitter or Facebook or Google+!


Shukie_header_03 Shukie_header_08

Stuck on Hyuck

DramaFan_header_01 DramaFan_header_03

Dramas with a side of Kimchi

DwasoK_01 DwasoK_02

The Problematic of the Unproblematic


A Mix of Anything and Everything

Header_Erl_01 Header_Erl_03

A Fairytale World 

misscupcake_header_01 misscupcake_header_03

My Myooz

missienelly_header_01 missienelly_header_05