Review: Full House (Thai)


This Review of Thai Full House Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

This show was super fluff and pretty darn adorable.  It was my first ever Thai drama and it opened a whole new world of dramas to me.  From here I watched several other Thair dramas and enjoyed them too!  You can see my intial thoughts on Full House here.  I liked it within the first few episodes and I continued to enjoy it throughout the twenty episode run.  I said this in my First Glance post, but I like to call these sorts of dramas the brain candy of the drama world.  It wasn’t too terribly complicated, a silly over the top plot concept, and pretty actors.  Overall I had fun with this drama and would recommend it if you are looking for something light!

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At First Glance: Full House (Thai)


This show came highly recommended to me from several of my trusted blogverse and dramaland friends.  I must admit that I never watched the Korean version.  The reviews and blog posts about it that I read turned me off from it before I ever watched it.  The same friends who suggested that I watch the Thai version told me in the strictest confidence that the Thai version was much more warm than the Korean version ever managed to be.

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