I Need Romance 3: Ep 16


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 16

The opening scene of Joo Yeon and Wan in bed is very sweet and tender.  We should have been given that sort of sweetness last episode and more.  But I am glad that we were given it at all now.

The dongsaengs in bed!  Omo is there anything as freaking adorable as how Woo Young watches Hee Jae trying to get dressed under the covers!  I really do want to squish them.

Joo Yeon discovering Wan’s sexiness is kind of hilarious.  All the conversations by the people with developed hearts talking about things they find attractive she’s applying to Wan all in one go.

The silly chatting among the girls, Joo Yeon, Min Jung, Se Ryung, and Hee Jae was also cute as they discuss Allen Joo.  Joo Yeon is pretty clueless about how famous he is.  Which surprises me, she’s a smart lady she should have a clue if he produces bands and writes hit music.

I sort of feel like they are pouring all the sweet and lovely relationship stuff into one episodes.  It feels forced to me.  I wanted to see these little glimpses of love and feeling grow and blossom throughout the show, not just happen all of a sudden at the very end.

Why is Joo Yeon feeling awkward about bedtime with Wan?  They have already slept together…   So instead of just going to him or letting him come to her Joo Yeon is trying to apply strategies of the shopping network.  Because this is better than talking to him and admitting she is unsure of their sleeping arrangement now.

I am very glad that Wan has a brain.  He points this out to her exactly, that if she isn’t sure of things she needs to talk to him instead of playing games.

The girl talk around the table at work is hilarious and cute.  I am liking this a whole lot.  The ladies totally divulged all Hee Jae’s secrets about her relationship with Woo Young!  They are too cute!  Which makes the Dongsaengs talk about what they do and don’t like about their relationship.

Mr. Friday Night!  Omo, he is just the cutest ever.  I love how he is freaking out about the twins and yet he goes out and buys a ton of baby stuff that they need.  I am so glad that he and Min Jung had talked and sort of made some plans for the future.

Woo Young has been pushing Hee Jae to learn to be a person on her own instead of relying on others to know what she wants.  Though I am surprised that Hee Jae wants to go travel alone abroad.  Poor Woo Young didn’t see it coming at all either.  I’m not sure I’m sold on her choice, but I am glad that she is trying her best to discover herself as an individual.

The chemistry between Joo Yeon and Wan isn’t nearly as sparkling and intense as I had wanted.  Even during her scene where she is seducing Wan… ah well.

I was wondering if they were going go back to the idea that the company wouldn’t approve of Min Jung being a single unwed mom.  I am glad to see Tae Yoon have something of a heart and go to the chairwoman and ask her to protect Min Jung.  I am also proud of Joo Yeon and Min Jung confidently promising they could handle the tough times ahead.

Oh Woo Young I just want to snuggle him up so much!  He takes Hee Jae out to buy luggage and a camera and a laptop with a twelve month payment plan so that she has to come back to him.  I’m actually so shocked that Joo Yeon accepts the resignation and supports her dongsaengs’ need to find herself.  That’s a huge leap for her.

Se Ryung got in the last word to Tae Yoon before he departed for Hong Kong.  I’m glad that she did and offered a last chance for them.

The Dongsaeng’s goodbye is too sweet for words!  I’m glad that they made up at least.

Min Jung and Mr. Friday night are lovely!  I am very satisfied with their story as a whole.

Wan and Joo Yeon love and live happily ever after.


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