Something New: The Noona Meter

There are so many tropes out there that are repeated throughout dramaland.  I am admittedly a fan of quite a few of them, however, there is one that captures my heart a little more than others.  The title of the page gives it away.  So without further ado I present my homage to the Noona Romance.

Noona_Meter_01What is it about the Noona Romance that gets me right in the feels?  I did my best to explain that or at least touch on what I love in a Noona Romance here.  I”m most assuredly a Noona myself or if you’d prefer an Ahjumma.  Either way I’m certain that puts my heart in the right place.  Regardless of reasons I love them so!

I’m creating this space in order to build a shrine to the trope that I hold so dearly to my heart.

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Noona Killer – T.O.P.

The world of Kpop is still mostly a mystery to me.  When I watched Boys Over Flowers I discovered that my heartbreaking and lovely Kim Hyun Joong was not only a talented actor but a singer!  So I bought a song by the group he was in SS501.  But then I didn’t go back to the Kpop world for a long time.

Then I read a post about T.O.P. and his new solo debut song Doom Dada on Krazy for Kdrama.  The video was… weird.  However, I fell head over in heels in Noona love with T.O.P.


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Noona Killer – Choi Jin Hyuk

Since the first edition of Noona Killers was my very first ever Noona Killer Crush, I thought it only appropriate to use my newest Noona Killer now.  Because I am still so new to the drama world I hadn’t heard of this amazing man until I watched Heirs.  Sadly I couldn’t finish the show, but I did get something out of it!  I got the wonderfully handsome Choi Jin Hyuk!


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Review: Last Cinderella


This was recommended to me by someone on My Drama List, and boy am I thankful they did!  It was also my very first Japanese drama, as well as my first introduction to Haruma Miura (who will promptly be showing up on the Noona Killer list).  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show and really wanted more episodes!  I would have been in drama heaven if there had been an episode showing the happy couple after she said yes to the marriage proposal!  But even without that, this has made it into my top five favorite drams!

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