Burgeoning Addiction


Music has always had a huge place in my life. When I was growing up my family played music together at parties and gatherings. I play a few instruments myself. Throughout school I was in orchestra, band, and marching band. It has always been there, adding flavor to my life in many ways. My musical tastes are very eclectic and varied. So when I discovered Korean Dramas it was probably a natural transition into discovering K-Pop too.

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Noona Killer – T.O.P.

The world of Kpop is still mostly a mystery to me.  When I watched Boys Over Flowers I discovered that my heartbreaking and lovely Kim Hyun Joong was not only a talented actor but a singer!  So I bought a song by the group he was in SS501.  But then I didn’t go back to the Kpop world for a long time.

Then I read a post about T.O.P. and his new solo debut song Doom Dada on Krazy for Kdrama.  The video was… weird.  However, I fell head over in heels in Noona love with T.O.P.


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Dongsaeng – Lee Ki Kwang

Of all my Dongsaeng’s so far I don’t know if you can get more cute than Lee Ki Kwang!  I mean he’s just so squishy and adorable and his smile just makes me giggle.  No matter where his sunshiny face appears it just makes me happy on so many levels.  The utter amazing adorableness cannot be denied!


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Noona Killer – Kim Hyun Joong

The very first drama that I ever watched was Boys Over Flowers, so I believe that it is entirely appropriate that my original Noona Killer was introduced to me there.  Meet Kim Hyun Joong.


Oh there are so many things to fangirl about, however, what drew me to him is admittedly his portrayal of the Nation’s Sunbae, Yoon Ji Hoo.  Coincidentally, he was also my first case of Second Male Lead Syndrome and utterly broke my heart in a million-bazillion pieces.  Regardless of the insanity that was BOF, I will always love Ji Hoo.

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