2014: New Year Drama Resolutions!

The New Year is Upon Us!  With it I’ve decided that I’d like to set myself some goals for my drama watching ventures in the coming year.  I joined the amazing world of Asian Dramas on April 17, 2013.  Since then I’ve just sort of bounced around to dramas with very little rhyme or reason.  Not that it hasn’t been fun!  However, there are some dramas that I really want to be sure that I watch and some things I want to do.  So what better time than New Years to set a resolution for how I’ll approach my drama watching in 2014.

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The Story Continues

I’m only two chapters in, but the page count is already over twenty!  I am wordy, very-very- wordy, but only with my story and not with anything else it seems!  Which I suppose is alright.  Even though each chapter takes me forever to complete I am really enjoying the ride so far.  I do have a plan, an outline of all the stories within the story I want to tell, but the trick will be to stay on track!

Anyway, Chapter 2 of Heart Murmurs is posted and ready for consumption.