Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Fourth Edition


This time I’ll be talking about three Japanese movies.  All of them have similar themes.  I started with Paradise Kiss and the others came up as suggestions and so I just kept watching.

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Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Third Edition


Time for round three of my super fast movie reviews!  Asian movies are so much fun, a perfect little dose of drama and K-Hotties and the stories that I love in the shows.  Today we’ll be taking a quick look at Antique Bakery, Love On-Air, and Millionaire’s First Love.

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Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Second Edition


Welcome back to my blitz reviews of movies!  I am really having a good time with my foray into movies.  They are a quick dash of drama that can sate my obsession enough so that I’m not chomping at the bit for time to watch my shows.  Today we’ll be taking a quick look at Mr. Idol, Everybody Has Secrets, and My Little Bride.

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Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: First Edition


Sometimes I want to dive into a drama but I don’t have the time to dedicate to a show, which is why movies are perfect!  Today I’ll be doing blitz reviews of three movies; Baby & I, He Was Cool, and My Mighty Princess.

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