Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 11 & 12


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 11

Hye Ji moves in with the merry group and shares Ha Won’s room.  She tries to sabotage whatever is going on with Ha Won and Ji Woon right away just talking about how Ji Woon rushed to her aid.  Hyun Min tries to ask if she’s ok, she makes sure to inform him he was a step behind Ji Woon.  Ji Woon awkwardly tries to inquire about Ha Won’s trip home and ends up asking her to take care of Hye Ji.  In the morning Hye Ji is at breakfast with Mrs. B. and Seo Woo shows up then runs away because Hye Ji saw him in his natural unmade-up state.  Mrs. B. is doing laundry and asks Hyun Min about his undies waving them about while Hye Ji is watching and he runs too.  Then Hye Ji brings Ji Woon water after his run and they have breakfast together too.  Mrs. B. informs Ha Won that the boys never changed their behaviors for her, but they are changing for Hye Ji.  Ha Won is not pleased, well she’s downright jealous.  She tries to find her own charm by trying different accessories on in her room.  Then tries on clothing, what happened to the uber fashionable wardrobe that she accepted from Hyun Min last time?  Settling on a cute dress Seo Woo is very taken aback by how different she looks and gets nervous so he calls the other boys in to take a look, which makes her embarrassed.  

Gramps and his new wife are having lunch at a fancy restaurant and he teases her for taking pictures of the food.  She presents him with a present!  I bet he’s expecting the tie, uh oh!  Yup, he was and it wasn’t the tie!  Gramps is not pleased though he tries to hide it, he doesn’t hide it entirely well.  Hye Ji is at the police station trying to see her dad, but they won’t let her.  Despite myself, I do feel bad for her, but man am I tired of her feeling nothing but sorry for herself.  Writer-nim either feels a connection with her story or doesn’t have other things to fill screen time with.  She eventually calls her Uncle, but doesn’t end up telling him what’s going on, of course, suffering alone is much better.  Hyun Min is watching and feeling some major feels at how sad Hye Ji is.  He calls his drinking buddy and they meet up at a bar.  Thefullsizephoto748181 one who told him about Hye Ji’s dad and he promises that he can get a good word in on her dad’s behalf and gives Hyun Min a letter for her.  Just when he was in Hyun Min’s good graces he casually teases about how it is humiliating, and Hyun Min throws a fit before leaving.  At home Hye Ji is waiting for him and he gives her the letter but she tells him that it makes her uncomfortable to receive help from him.  She’s going all out on this mission to push Hyun Min away.  He goes to Ji Woon and gives him the key to the storage unit holding Hye Ji’s things and tells Ji Woon not to tell Hye Ji he was the one to get that for her.  

Ji Woon sees Hye Ji crying with the letter from her dad while Ha Won watches them.  Later Ji Woon takes Hye Ji to the storage locker where her things are from the sewing room and he doesn’t tell her that it was actually Hyun Min.  She offers to take him out to eat he chooses the convenience store and admits that he goes there a lot with Ha Won.  She asks him to clarify if being nice to her is the same as being nice to Ha Won.  He dodges the question and goes to make coffee he sees a display of White Day items and buys one hiding it on his pocket before returning to Hye Ji.  Ha Won is alone, Mrs. B. makes a lot of comments on it and so Ha Won goes to Hyun Min’s room and tries to get him to come to the table to eat with her.  He finally agrees to eat with her.  They argue over who is upset over not being included in whatever Ji Woon and Hye Ji are doing.  And of course the four of them meet again as Hye Ji and Ji Woon come in and Hye Ji says that Ji Woon helped her get her fashion studio things, Hyun Min leaves.  Ji Woon confronts Hyun Min and says he won’t do this for him anymore, but Hyun Min (in a rare moment of insight) says he will keep asking to protect Hye Ji.  

Ha Won is walking outside grumbling to herself and is caught by Ji Woon.  He teases her and then apologises for leaving her behind that day.  He almost gives her what he bought at the convenience store and instead asks her to go on a ride with him later.  They were interrupted before and he has things he wants to tell her.  He leaves and scolds himself for not being able to give her the gift.  In the house Seo Woo catches Ha Won deep in thought and asks her about it, guessing that she’s uncomfortable with Hye Ji there and how close she is to Ji Woon.  In their shared room Ha Won takes Ji Woon’s laundry and does it for her when she bring sit back everything shrunk several sizes. Hye Ji admits that she has confessed her feelings to Ji Woon because unlike Hyun Min he has always been by her side.  Ha won asks what Ji Woon said, Hye Ji says that Ji Woon probably feels the same way that she does.  Ugh I am so tired of this girl.  

Gramps is thinking about when he watched his wife buy the tie and that the gift he ended upCinderella12 with wasn’t the tie.  He calls Yoon Sung in and tells him to keep a vigilant eye on his wife.  Evil Step-Mom is massaging Gramp’s wife and lets it slip that she heard other crones gossiping about her and offers to keep her informed about the rumors.  Gramp’s wife is angry with Evil Step-Mom for perpetuating the rumors and scolds her threatening to fire her.  Storming out she calls the crone in question and threatens her.  Hye Ji goes to the garage where Ji Woon put her sewing things, Ji Woon comes in.  She asks him to go shopping with her tomorrow.  Next day Evil Step-Mom goes to work and is told that she’s been fired!!! At home she’s crying and tells evil step-sister that she got fired because of their dumb plan.  Yoon Sung is doing his job and watching Gramp’s wife… his mom.  He doesn’t seem pleased by it.  

At Sky House Hyun Min mistakes Hye Ji for Ha Won because she’s wearing Ha Won’s jumpsuit and gives her a back hug-ish teasing her and then he realizes its Hye Ji and they feel electric sparks!  But Hye Ji runs away of course!  Later Hye Ji catches Ha Won looking for Ji Woon and tells Ha Won that she’s going out somewhere with Ji Woon.  In the car Ji Woon forgot his wallet and has to go back inside.  Ha Won sees him running back in and follows him to his room, sees him with the white day box in his hands and misunderstands.  She tells him that Hye Ji told her everything and leaves, he’s obviously confused.  And!  Uber secure house is so wonderfully secure!  Possible Bio-Dad just waltzes right up to the house and gets inside!  Mrs. B. gets Ha Won and she rushes in thinking her step-dad is there.  Bio-dad is there!  He tells her that he’s her dad!  Again, get a DNA test and this whole mess would be avoided, seriously people!!  Bio-dad tries to strike up a conversation and get her to feel for him.  She’s confused and unsure and he just keeps trying to get her to believe him.  

Cinderella2Ji Woon suddenly stops the car and thinks about what Ha Won said to him, he asks Hye Ji to clarify what she said to Ha Won.  She admits what she said.  He rushed to her so of course he loves her, nope!  He asks her to get out and he’ll see her at home.  Ji Woon leaves her on the street!  Ha!  Then rushes back to Sky House.  There Ha Won is trying to wrap her head around the whole bio-dad thing and he’s laying it on thick!  He already asks for a little help then they can live together!  She tells him to leave, he won’t of course so she runs away.  Bio-dad leaves just as Ji Woon pulls up.  Mrs. B. explains who the dude was to Ji Woon.  Ha Won is out walking aimlessly and tries to call dad who raised her and of course he won’t answer, the jerkface, she calls him over and over and over again till her battery is nearly dead.  She’s sad and upset and confused.  Ji Woon is driving around worriedly searching for her.  Finally Ji Woon gets through to her and she cries!  But!  Her battery dies and the call is cut off!! Poor sad Ha Won sinks to the ground crying for her mom, guh that got to me.  Poor thing!   

Episode 12

Ha Won ends up at her mother’s shrine and asks if it is really true that she cheated on her dad with the possible bio-dad.  Ji Woon races over and finds her telling her that he was worried that she was crying and in pain.  She tries to stutter a response that she’s fine but he hugs her instead, telling her just to cry and he’ll stay by her side.  She does and he holds her while she sobs.  At Sky House Mrs. B. is explaining to Seo Woo and Hyun Min what happened.  At the shrine Ha Won and Ji Woon have a heart to heart about their fathers, he tells her about when Yoon Sung comes to find him and that he was just as shocked as she is now having been confronted by her possible bio-dad.  She admits that she thought her dad only said something about her mom’s infidelity because he was mad. Ji Woon tells her to take it slow and let the information process.  

Hye Ji is left to walk at night, by herself, back home to Sky House.  She’s mopey and pouty and thinking about how Ji Woon left her for Ha Won.  Evil Step-Sister is planning on switching her passions from Hyun Min to Seo Woo because she is sure that she can get herself attached to the Kangs somehow.  Gramp’s wife comes looking for him because he left before she woke that morning.  He is not hiding his displeasure well at all, she’s noticing he’s in a bad mood.  He admits that he hid the truth from her as to why he left early, it was to meet up with a friend at the bathouse and urges her to come forward with a truth of her own.  She insists that she has no truths to unfold.  

Ha Won is called by the columbarium, there are two payments for the month!  It’s bio-dad, he is really cinderella-and-four-knights7laying it on thick isn’t he?  Seo Woo tells her to come out and cooks her up a delicious meal!  He says that it’s time they worry about her since she’s been trying to fix their family problems.  She tells him not to worry because Ji Woon came to her rescue.  Poor Seo Woo is yet again in the friend zone.  Ha Won then surprises Hyun Min who is lurking outside of the girl’s room waiting for Hye Ji, but she’s not there so he leaves.  Ji Woon confronts Hye Ji about their moment in the car and then he admits to her that he has feelings for Ha Won.  She’s very upset because she’s sure he only helps her out of pity then.  He says that she only got used to him being there but had no intention of letting him fill the hole in her heart left by Hyun Min.  Ji Woon leaves to find bio-dad lurking outside Sky House and takes him out for coffee, bio-dad is slimey.  Bio-dad says he’s been away since he’s debt ridden and only wanted to appear before her when he had money.  Ji Woon offers some money to bio-dad so that he can take her out for food and buy her some food.  He also gives bio-dad his cell phone number in case he needs anything.  

Yoon Sung is following Gramp’s new wife as he was asked to do.  New wife is meeting with the lawyer that came to see Gramps at the hospital, suspicious.  New wife has asked for a copy of Gramp’s new will  As she leaves the meeting Yoon Sung confronts her and asks what she’s planning she tells him all he needs to do is keep his mouth shut and all of this is for him.  Yoon Sung is not pleased and warns her that this is pathetic.  When he leaves she arranges a meeting with the board.  Ha Won gets a text from bio-dad and remembers her past in which she was defending a girl from a bully and then bio-dad appeared to pretend to be her dad when the bully teased her that her dad wasn’t around.  Bio-dad is at a casino, he’s gambled away all the money that Ji Woon gave to him.  Ha Won calls him and asks if he’s had dinner.  They go out to eat and she asks him about the columbarium fee.  She asks him too if what he said was true, is he really her bio-dad and then why it took him so long to contact her??  He gives her the same story that he gave to Ji Woon.  She notices that bio-dad’s clothing is torn and dirty.  

ac55974adaShe excuses herself and says she has to get something from a friend, she’ll be right back.  Bio-dad bemoans the fact that she’s left and says he didn’t even get to talk to her about money yet.  Ha Won goes shopping for something for bio-dad, when she returns she sees him snooping in her bag and reading her stuff and going through her wallet.  When he goes back to his seat she comes back and and pretends she didn’t see anything, but asks him if he is struggling financially.  He spins yet another story about being poor and having no money or no house and then asks for money.  She says that she has no money either, but he suggests that she ask the Kang cousins.  Bio-dad admits that he met with Ji Woon and he got money from him them, she’s upset and leaves.  

Hye Ji is drinking alone and one of Hyun Min’s friends is there and he asks her to go out with him.  Another of Hyun Min’s friends sees this and calls to tell him about it.  Ji Woon is looking at the gitt he bought and debating on if he should contact Ha Won, when bio-dad calls him.  Ji Woon is leaving and Hyun Min is in the courtyard beating around the bush to see if he can get Ji Woon to go to Hye Ji.  Ha Won is on her way home when Ji Woon comes out and she’s upset that he pities her and upset he gave bio-dad money.  She tells him not to involve himself in her business again.  Turns out bio-dad wants Ji Woon to give him a place to stay, bio-dad says Ha Won told him to ask.  Big fat lies, poor Ha Won.  Crappy step sister, mom, and dad and crappy bio-dad.  Next day Ji Woon shows up to watch bio-dad at the construction site.  OMG!  Someone has a damned brain!  He picks up bio-dad’s discarded coffee cup, I bet there is a DNA test in the future!!  Ha Won is at the bank with her bank book thinking about her dad’s situation.  

Seo Woo is doing a radio interview and says he’s watching his first love pass him by right now and describes Ha Won.  Evil step-sister is outside plotting out she can capture Seo Woo.  She runs into Ja Yeong who can’t believe that Seo Woo would ever acknowledge her.  Seo Woo says hi to Ja Yeong and she tells Seo Woo that evil step-sister is evil hahaha.  He takes her autograph book and writes in it ‘be nice Ha photo749481Won.’  Hyun Min is brooding because Ji Woon told him that he won’t pretend to take care of Hye Ji in his stead anymore.  He remembers the accident where Hye Ji’s brother died.  Oh my, so sad!  They were playing as kids and Hye Ji’s brother runs out into the street and gets hit by a car in front of his BFF Hyun Min.  This is so freaking sad and tragic, no wonder Hyun Min is so messed up.  Ha Won brings bio-dad a packet of money, it’s the columbarium fees and she tells him that she can’t accept him as her dad.  He stutters over reasons why she should when Ji Woon arrives!  He has the DNA results in the envelope.  Ha Won takes it and rips the results up!  She say she doesn’t need the results because her mom would never had sullied herself with such a lowlife as bio-dad-not-bio-dad.  She tells him that she won’t be giving him any money and there’s no reason for them to meet again.  As they are about to leave he says that it is the fire that caused his life to be like this.  Ha Won says his life was ruined?  He’s a piece of crap because her mom lost her life in that fire and he’s complaining that his life is ruined.  You tell him girl!!!  

Ji Woon takes her hand and says they are going to go on that drive he promised.  At Sky House Hye Ji and Hyun Min have an awkward moment as she’s on the phone with Hyun Min’s friend that she’s apparently now dating?  She leaves to meet up with him but Hyun Min arrives!!! Taking her away they too go driving.  She scolds him for not minding his own business and tells him to let her out.  He tells her to only date guys worth dating.  He pulls over and gets out of the car heading into a convenience store, coming out with a beer and then drinks it immediately.  Now he can’t drive because it is drinking and driving hopping into the passenger seat forcing Hye Ji to drive.  Seo Woo is in his van and someone calls his manager saying that there is someone claiming to be dating him.  Hye Ji can’t drive well at all, she’s going half the speed limit and asking Hyun Min what to do, swerving and cutting cars off and Hyun Min is clutching his seatbelt for dear life.  

Ha Won and Ji Woon are driving and talking about what happened, he apologies for meddling.  She forgives him.  They go to see windmills and go for a tractor ride.  Then they go for a walk.  She scolds him for always pushing her away and they admit they are similar.  He then gives her the little box that he bought.  He tells her that the box represents his feelings for her, because he bought her chocolates for White Day.  But the chocolates melted so the box is empty.  He says it isn’t Hye Ji that his heart belongs to, it’s her!  Then he kisses her!!!  


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