Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 9 & 10


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 9

Ha Won wakes up in bed with Ja Yeong and then she remembers the night before!  The kisses!  She sneaks past a passed out Ji Woon outside of her room and heads to the bathroom and then starts to sigh happily as she remembers the kisses again.  Then scolds herself and as she has a mini freak out about the kisses she slips on the soap and knocks herself out.  Yoon Sung whisks her off to the ER and then calls to send the others home.  Ji Woon is remembering the kisses too and have his own mini freak out.  Hyun Min is having trouble dealing with the moment that he and Hye Ji shared.  Ha Won wakes up in the hospital and is shocked that she didn’t sleep through a week at least or lose her memories.  Yoon Sung has her transferred to the hospital in Seoul because she’s also sprained her ankle badly and needs a cast.  During the drive to Seoul, Ha Won teases Yoon Sung about not being able to hold his alcohol.  He kindly and bashfully asks her to forget that.  Then asks if she was drunk too.  She stutters and says she doesn’t remember anything which of course makes it obvious that something occurred.  

When leaving the Seoul hospital Ha Won and Ja Yeong see Yoon Sung entering the Organ Transplant Center of the hospital.  We finally find out what’s wrong with Gramps, he needs a liver transplant but won’t let Yoon Sung tell the boys about it and he is way low on the transplant list.  At Sky House everyone is waiting for Ha Won to return.  Hye Ji confronts Hyun Min and he tells her they need to 20160720021099197970021just pretend nothing at all happened, she is angry and sad and emotional yet again.  Yoon Sung brings Ha Won in with her cast and crutches, she stumbles into Ji Woon’s arms and they both get weird.  She hops hurriedly away to her room.  Gramps leaves the hospital because he doesn’t want the boys to find out and laughs off the doctor’s concerns about not telling the family about his condition.  There’s another weird moment between Yoon Sung and Gramp’s wife…?  

Ji Woon takes Hye Ji home and stutters when she asks if something happened.  Then these goons in suits show up looking for Hye Ji’s dad…  The next day Ji Woon can’t stop thinking about Ha Won and their kisses.  Ha Won is stuck in her room now.  Hyun Min shows up and flirts again, she rebukes his advances again.  He does offer to help and she asks him to get her a change of clothes, he refuses to let her wear anything there and leaves saying he’s going to buy her new clothes.  Everyone wants to buy her clothes in this show.  Seo Woo, the adorable puppy who so doesn’t realize he doesn’t have a chance, he comes in with a huge tray of food made by Mrs. B.  She doesn’t have much of an appetite and Seo Woo worries.  Ha Won jokes with him that she’s ok and puts him firmly in the friend zone, poor puppy Seo Woo!!!  

Yoon Sung meets with Gramp’s doctors again.  Then the transplant manager suggest that he meet with a man who can illegally get Gramp’s higher on the transplant list.  Seo Woo gets a call from his manager and has to go and see him for something urgent.  Ha Won tries to confront Ji Woon about what happened at the vacation home, he pretends he blacked out and she says that she did the same.  Gramps and his wife are shopping, he wants her to buy something for herself because she had to be stuck in the hospital with him.  He steps away and when he comes back she’s buying a tie for someone young.  Gramps is sure it is him, I think that this will come back to bite her in the backside because I don’t think it is for Gramps.  

At the meeting with his manager Seo Woo discovers that a paparazzi took pictures of he and Ha Won at the vacation home.  The paparazzi is going to release the picks the next day, Seo Woo’s manager is ok with this.  Seo Woo is aghast and will not let the pictures out because that will be harmful to Ha Won, protective puppy has a better idea.  Then she’s in her bed and freaking out that he can’t remember and what she’s going to do.  Then Hyun Min arrives with bags and bags of clothing.  She gratefully accepts… wait, what?  The girl who is self sufficient and won’t accept handouts and has made everyone else return the clothing they bought for her gratefully accepts the bags and bags of clothing from Hyun Min of all people?  Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

Gramps will not allow Yoon Sung to do anything illegal to get him a liver, there are some things that money can’t buy.  At Sky House Ji Woon realizes that he took selcas with Ha Won, evidence of the night!  Ha Won is trying to avoid Ji Woon and Seo Woo discovers her trying to crawl back to her room.  He rescues her and helps her inside.  Her hands are dirty and sore from falling, he takes care of her.  Ji Woon sees them together and is jealous?  And then upset that he’s jealous.  Ji Woon sees Mrs. B taking care of his wine stained shirt from the infamous night.  He steals it from her and runs back to his room.  Then he wonders why he did that, did he need a souvenir of the night?  He remembers carrying a passed out Ha Won into her room and sneaking her into bed with Ja Yeong.  He smiles fondly, yeah I think he’s falling.  He gets a banana milk out of the fridge and wants to give it to her, texts her to come out.  But!  Hyun Min shows up with a bunch of convenience store food!  Ha Won is thrilled and Hyun Min is sure he’s sealed the deal, she rejects him again.  Then she gives him a few words of wisdom about Hye Ji, that he will regret it later that he didn’t see her true worth and the serious love she has for him.  Hyun Min retreats to his room to look at the picture of him, Hye Ji, and her brother as children.  

photo749481Seo Woo is with the manager and the manager is seriously down about the pictures Seo Woo released.  Yup, you guessed it the pictures of him in the girl’s uniform.  However it is a hit!  His fans love it, everything is fine and he’s saved Ha Won.  Hye Ji arrives to give Ha Won some flowers and visit.  At this very moment Ha Won NEEDS to wash her hair and excuses herself from the tea that was just served to the girls and asks Hye Ji to wait.  Uhm… why?  How come she needed to wash her hair right then?  Plot Device!!!  I’m feeling my love for this show wane a bit and it is sad.  Hye Ji can’t help herself she goes into Hyun Min’s room and sees the picture.  Hyun Min shows up and we finally get some backstory!  Yay!  Hyun Min was best friends with Hye Ji’s brother and now can only see her as the little sister of his dead friend.  So sad!  But again Hyun Min is a jerk to Hye Ji and she leaves crying, again.  

At the same time Ha Won falls into the tub and can’t get up, Ji Woon hears her.  When he gets there he smiles adoringly.  What does he do?  Well he washes her hair for her, and it is pretty adorable.  They have some really playful banter.  When he’s drying her hair their hands clasp and they both blush and Ji Woon leaves.  He walks out to the courtyard just in time to see Hye Ji crying again.  Hyun Min is looking at the picture and remembering Ha Won’s advice.  Then he runs out, to resolve the issue!  Yes!  Oh no… wait… Ji Woon is confronting him for making Hye Ji cry.  Then, finally Hye Ji tells Hyun Min she’s done waiting for him not to be a jerk.  But!  She confesses to Ji Woon to accept her affections.  Hyun Min is shocked!  And!  Ha Won witnesses the whole thing.  And now we have more drama… oh boy…

Episode 10

We are brought right back into the scene in which Hye Ji asks Ji Woon to take care of her.  She’s kind enough to let Ji Woon answer her later.  I had high hopes that Hye Ji would evolve as a character, but I’m 100% sure that she won’t and that this is just a scheme to get Hyun Min to realize he likes her.  Which is extremely cruel to Ji Woon.  Everyone parts ways and poor Ha Won is a sad baby.  Then we get a flashback to when Ji Woon and Hye Ji met.  Like always Hye Ji was crying because of Hyun Min, Ji Woon comes across her and lets her use his garage to cry in so that no one sees her.  Then we get a flashback within a flashback, Ji Woon is a little boy and he’s sitting outside of a room in which his mom is sobbing but trying to be silent about it.  

Ha Won asks Ja Yeong some advice trying to figure out if Ji Woon like her or not.  Then, of course, she turns to the internet.  It feels like our smart, self-assured heroine has taken a step back and isn’t as confident or intelligent as she was in the beginning.  She reads online that if the man doesn’t get mad at her for anything she does he likes her.  What does she do?  She throws a book at Ji Woon, dumps juice on him, and then trashes his garage.  Ji Woon is not happy and scolds her.  Then she pouts and cinderella-and-four-knights-1says he hasn’t once taken care of her while she’s been injured.  Hye Ji checks her mailbox and there are so many letters, but she doesn’t know why.  She’s on her way to her fashion studio when Hyun Min shows up.  He accuses her of using Ji Woon to get at him (BINGO!) she denies it (LIES) and Ji Woon shows up and takes Hye Ji away.  

We revisit evil stepfamily, I was hoping we were done with them, le sigh.  Step-sister tells step-mom she needs to get Gramp’s wife on their side by telling her all the rumors that step-mom has heard because that will obviously get them married to someone in Sky House.  In the fashion studio Ji Woon asks Hye Ji if she was serious about her confession, she says yes (MORE LIES).  At Sky House both Ha Won and Hyun Min are frustrated and sad.  Hyun Min is in Ji Woon’s room destroying his model cars and gets caught by Ha Won.  She yet again calls his bluff in regards to his feelings for Hye Ji.  Then Ha Won is loafing about pouting over her feelings for Ji Woon, Seo Woo finds her and cheers her up!!  I feel so bad for my puppy Seo Woo!  

We’re taken back to Mr. Kang, Ha Won’s possible bio-daddy.  He sees a picture of Gramps and realizes again how rich he is.  There’s some plotting going on there.  Back to Seo Woo who is at an interview and photoshoot, the interviewer asks if his new song ‘Confession’ was written to a specific person.  His manger jumps in and says nope definitely not!  The interviewer gives him a present, a coaster that when you place a hot mug on the word confession appears on it.  Gramps and his new wife are play fighting over his health and the fact he needs to take his meds.  Then Yoon Sung arrives and he asks him to take her to a meeting tomorrow he grudgingly agrees to do it.  

At Sky House puppy Seo Woo is preparing a confession of love to Ha Won when she surprises him and he spills his hot tea on his hand and runs away before he can set up the coaster and a copy of his new album for her.  Then she sees the album and takes it to him, asks him to play a live rendition of the song.  After some teasing he agrees, but he sings his ‘Confession; song as a confession looking right into her eyes and she leaves thinking he’s just passionate about his song, not realizing he was confessing, poor Seo Woo!  Ji Woon returns to Sky House and he’s got a bag of treats!  Hyun Min stops him and asks about his date with Hye Ji.  Of course Ji Woon provokes him and then tells him that he needs to do something about Hye Ji before he is totally out of luck in regards to her.  Then he saunters inside and gives Ha Won the treats, telling her that she can’t say he didn’t do anything for her.  Ha Won takes her treats, a mug of hot chocolate on Seo Woo’s coaster, and sits in her room happily snacking!  

Cinderella12Hyun Min is drinking himself stupid bemoaning the fact that Hye Ji has left him, how dare she do that!  How dare she get tired of Hyun Min being a jackass and leaving him!  Ugh.  Yoon Sung is so freaking adorable!  He can’t take Ha Won to the hospital for her appointment and tells her five times to be careful and tell him if she’s ok.  Ha Won then asks Ji Woon to take her, he says no.  We then see Yoon Sung and Gramp’s new wife.  She tells him to join her in her meeting, it’s a marriage meeting!!!  A friend of mine on twitter totally called it!  Omo!!!! New wife is Yoon Sung’s mom!!!!!!  Yoon Sung leaves, and is totally angry at his mom.  He’s also angry because he’s sure that she’s using Gramps.  We then see the backstory.  Gramp’s introduces Yoon Sung to his new fiance and they are both surprised!  Yoon Sung drives her home and he says that his mom died 12 years ago and they agree to pretend they don’t know one another!  Bad things are coming with this!!!  

Ha Won hobbles out of the house, but Ji Woon is waiting for her!  As they drive away we see Mr. Kang, Ha Won’s possible bio-daddy.  Seriously, where in the hell is the security for this impenetrable fortress that we heard so much about in the beginning?  They let anyone walk right up and hide behind the house columns.  The doctor tells her she’s completely healed and can run if she wants.  Ji Woon leaves in a huff.  She catches up and he tells her that she can just get a bus home now.  Ha Won is hurt and asks if it was really so bad to come with her.  Then runs.  Again… where is the confident girl?  Ji Woon was only teasing and then drives around till he finds her.  Finally convincing her to get in the car with him they drive to a temple smiling and flirting.  

At the temple he takes her drink and drinks it.  That makes her think of the kiss and get all shy, he pulls her to his chest and just when she’s about to confess… Hye Ji calls.  She tried to call Hyun Min but he wouldn’t take her calls.  Ji Woon says they need to go.  Hye Ji’s dad’s company went bankrupt and the bank was there repossessing everything.  Ha Won tells Ji Woon to drop her off at the bus stop and he does, though he says he’s sorry.  Ha Won gets on the buss and cries, she believes that Ji Woon’s heart is not hers.  Ji Woon picks up Hye Ji and she cries in his arms.  He takes her to… yup you guessed it… Sky House!  Hyun Min is rushing out because one of his boys called and told him what was going on with Hye Ji.  But just as Ha Won is getting home they run into one another and then… yup you guessed it again.  Ji Woon drives up with Hye Ji and tells them she’s moving into Sky House.  I think… and man am I so sad to say this…. But I think I’m losing that loving feeling for this show.



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