Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 7 & 8


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 7

The confession and rejection are filmed by the school cameras along with being live cast to the whole school.  Hye Ji and Ji Woon watch Ha Won and Hyun Min together, she’s upset yet again. I really want her to grow a backbone or grow at least a little.  She is such a static character caught in a really bad place mentally, her whole identity is based on her former relationship with Hyun Min.  Ha Won tells Hyun Min that he needs to think, really think about if he likes or not and how he treats his family and women in his life.  Hyun Min is very shook up over that.  Seo Woo is stuck at the school, the fangirls won’t let him leave.  He bluffs and says he sees CNBLUE!  I laughed a lot at that.  He gets away and Ha Won’s BFF, Hong Ja Yeong, yanks him into a room to hide from the hoard.  To get away they devise a plan, Seo Woo will wear Hong Ja Yeong’s uniform and run away.  This scene was flipping hilarious!  I ship these two so much!  I really hope they end up together in the end!  

Back at Sky House Mrs. B., Seo Woo, and Yoon Sun are very worried as they don’t know where Ha Won is.  Seo Woo and Yoon Sun decide to go and look for her.  Yoon Sun goes to evil Step-mom’s house and she makes a stink about how he had said Ha Won was their honored guest.  Seo Woo goes to the coffee shop where Ha Won works and meets up with Hong Ja Yeong again, and they have a cute little chat together but she doesn’t know where Ha Won is, though she does promise that she’ll never tell anyone about Seo Woo wearing her uniform.  Ji Woon overhears Mrs. B. mumbling to herself about Ha Won being missing and how she’s become a very important part of the household.  Then Ji Woon finally joins the search, he finds her at the convenience store where they’ve eaten together before.  She’s bought 3 things of ramyun and is pretending to have a meal with her mom and dad.  Ji Woon steps in as she tearily tells her mom she won’t go to college. He then makes himself known and in a sweet moment for him he tells her that he did go to the temple and that she’s accomplished her mission and that she should come home.  He brings her home!  

tumblr_obh7wkPuDH1t2pbr2o6_r1_1280Seo Woo tells Ha Won that the whole confession and rejection were published online and he’s become a laughing stock.  Hyun Min has seen this too and wanders around dejectedly.  Step-sister and Step-mom see the video and how Ha Won has become a hero to the interwebs.  Step-sister throws a fit and they fight again.  Gramps thanks Ha Won profusely for getting the boys to go to the death anniversary dinner.  He gifts her with several plan tickets and a vacation!  But wait, it’s also a mission.  She needs to get the boys to go with her, plus anyone she’d like to invite to go.  Step-mom is massaging Gramp’s new wife again, she gets a call it seems that she’s trying to set the boys up with an arranged marriage.  So Step-mom memorizes the number so she can call later and get step-sister into the dating mix. On the car ride home from Gramps, Yoon Sun gets a call and it makes him upset, but he doesn’t tell Ha Won anything about it.  

At Sky House, Ha Won starts on her mission.  She tries to get all the boys to go, but no luck right away of course.  So she goes to see her BFF, Hong Ja Yeon, and gather her suitcases which she left there.  Ja Yeon shows Ha Won that she took some sneaky pictures of Seo Woo in the girl’s uniform.  Ha Won gets copies of them and also invites Ja Yeon on the trip.  Ha Won uses the pictures to blackmail Seo Woo’s manager, all she asks is that Seo Woo’s schedule is cleared for the next three days.  Hyun Min is depressed and afraid to show his face.  He goes to a plastic surgeon to change the way he looks but the doctor also saw the video!  He declines to change Hyun Min’s face and suggests he go to a therapist to deal with being rejected by his first love.  Hyun Min mumbles that Ha Won wasn’t his first love.  

Ha Won meets up with Hye Ji and they sort of bond, Hye Ji is still acting the victim in all of this.  Ha cinderella-and-four-knights7Won invites her on the trip just as Ji Woon shows up to hear this.  He scolds Ha Won for going too far.  Hye Ji says she’s going because she wants to visit the family’s vacation one more time.  Hyun Min is acting like his world is ending, sleeping all the time.  Step-mom’s plan doesn’t work because step-sister is out of school, jobless, and nothing to sell her as a viable marriage candidate.  Suddenly Ha Won’s dad comes home unannounced.  Step-mom goes to retrieve his bag from his truck for him and finds that daddy dearest has been searching for the Judo instructor.  It turns out that he was last seen at his apartment, the very apartment where the fire killed Ha Won’s mom.  Step-mom plans to use this information to get money from Gramps.  

Ji Woon tells Ha Won that if she can get Hyun Min to go on this trip then he’ll go too, but he believes he’s pretty safe as Hyun Min won’t wake up to talk to anyone.  Ha Won is renewed in her dedication to get the boys to go!  She goes back in to Hyun Min’s room with a plan!   

Episode 8

The plan?  Kidnap the sleeping dead, Hyun Min!  He wakes up the the plane disoriented and pouty to the amusement of the rest of the party.  They arrive at the vacation home and Ha Won has a whole schedule and matching jackets and everyone, even her BFF Ja Yeon refuses to participate.  Yoon Sung calls Gramps, but he tells him to just have fun on the trip.  We then discover that Gramps has checked himself into the hospital, something is very wrong.  Even New Wife seems to have genuine concern for him.  Hyun Min has nothing but his PJs and goes back to bed, he looks at the ceiling over him and sees glow in the dark stars and comments that nothing ever changes.  Ha Won goes around the house and puts up her schedule, each of them has a nickname specific to a person.  

Hye Ji finds the bend where she and Hyun Min carved their names and love message.  Ha Won tries to get Hyun Min to interact with her but he just tells her to scram, she leaves him lounging by the pool in his housecoat and PJs.  Hye Ji then shows up and goes for a swim, she too tries to get Hyun Min to interact, he plays dumb at her interest.  As he walks away Hye Jin screams for help.  He dives into the pool, PJs and all to save her.  But then leaves once she’s safe saying anyone would have done the same fullsizephoto748181thing.  

Evil step-family is being evil!!  They plot to go and confront Ha Won’s real dad and get as much money out of him as they can!  Evil dumb people!  Ha Won is alone, feeding the animals and reminiscing about happier times with her mom and dad, and pouting that no one on the trip wants to hang out with her.  Ji Woon finds her feeding the horses, on the schedule it is getting accustomed to horse riding time.  Ji Woon takes her riding, despite her protests of being scared.  They share quite the adorable ride together, exploring the scenery, together on a horse.  

Seo Woo’s manager calls and admits that Ha Won used the school uniform pictures to blackmail him and he seeks out Ja Yeong, who he calls School Uniform Girl.  She promises that she only showed Ha Won.  Yoon Sung shows up and forces the two to start the BBQ and prepare while he goes to the store for more food, all according to Ha Won’s schedule.  Seo Woo starts to ask Ja Yeong all about Ha Won.  Turns out our loyal and utterly adorable puppy is also starting to have feelings for Ha Won.  I had hoped that it would remain an enduring friendship, I wanted him to eventually be with Ja Yeong!  Ha Won has lost the necklace from her mom while riding!  So she and Ji Woon go back along the trail to look.  Ji Woon tells Ha Won that if he finds it she will have to fulfill his wish!  Ultimately he does find it and she’s so happy she tackles him in a hug that they quickly (but awkwardly) escape from.  

Evil Step-mom has tracked down who she believes to be Ha Won’s real dad.  She confronts him at the construction site where he works.  It is obvious that he has no money and she resigns herself to the fact that she won’t get anything out of telling him.  For his part he denies that he’s the dad, but she leaves before he has much time to argue.  Turns out he is in debt… I bet he is going to blackmail Ha Won for money later on down the road.  All of this could be solved with a simple DNA test, seriously!  Hye Ji goes to Hyun Min’s room to see if he is ok after saving her from the pool.  Yet again they have a spat and he denies remembering anything from their past trips.  Ha Won and Ji Woon run into Hye Ji sulking on a bridge overlooking a beautiful pond.  Ha Won runs away as she can see that she’s the third wheel.  Hye Ji admits to Ji Woon that she had certain expectations of this trip, but it hasn’t worked out the way she wanted so far.  

Back with Gramps in the hospital his lawyer is there and they discuss the will and the fact that he needs to change it soon to better match his wishes.  New Wife spies on the meeting and forces an introduction with the lawyer as he is leaving, she’s up to something!  Step-mom is back at work and massaging some other corporate tycoon’s wives. Turns out the Mrs. B. used to live next to Gramp’s New Wife, she lied to him and said she had never been married before, but she actually was.  Step-Cinderella2Mom stores this infor for her evil schemes.  

At the vacation home Ji Woon has misplaced his cell phone so he goes on the hunt.  Ha Won is in the shower, in the bathroom, with the broken lock.  Ji Woon thinks it is Hyun Min in the shower and yells at him for being weird.  He opens the door and Ha Won throws the bar of soap at him and asks him to go.  Which he does once he realizes what just happened.  He waits for outside of the bathroom to make sure no one enters and they awkwardly run away from one another.  Ja Yeong mistakes Ha Won’s actions for being overheated, she ends her to the kitchen for some milk.  They all arrive at the BBQ, but Ha Won drank the rice wine instead of the milk so she’s uber silly.  Yelling at Yoon Sung for using formal language with her and everyone else for not playing with her.  They realize she is drunk and all sit down to eat.  

Ha Won and Ja Yeong get the rest of them to play games, the wine helps with that.  Till they’re all drunk!  Seo Woo starts a chain of I love yous, it gets to Ji Woon and he says it to Ha Won but she tells him to piss off.  Yoon Sung is so drunk and finally calls Ha Won by name and then proceeds to puke on Seo Woo and Ja Yeong.  Yoong Sung stumbles to bed.  After getting cleaned up Ja Yeong enters Seo Woo’s room to gather his dirty clothing and finds the song he’s writing to his crush, she gets upset.  Turns out the song is for Ha Won!  Hye Ji goes for a walk and discovers Hyun Min on their bench.  They share a moment, talking about old times, he then denies that he remembers anything.  She remembers their first kiss and reenacts it, but he runs away after.  Back on the deck Ji Woon keeps telling Ha Won that he loves her, she tells him to piss off over and over.  Till finally she accepts it.  Then he kisses her!  A few times!!!  I wonder if they are too drunk to remember?


5 thoughts on “Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 7 & 8

  1. The kidnapping plan works, chingu!!!!! The best of all, he doesn’t have any clothes with him but his pj and robe! How thoughtful of you, Ha Won! Rich boy can buy clothes anywhere lol

    On the other hand, the developing chemistry between Ha Won and Ji Woon is so good!!! They made me happy!!!! I think she’s too drunk but I believe he somewhat wants to kiss and most definitely, will remember the kiss. Squee….

    Secretary was so hopeless. Gosh, I can’t even… lol


  2. I loved these recent episodes. Ji Woon and Ha Won could not be cuter together. This has become my favourite current k-drama. The OSTs are exquisite too!
    PS – do check out my recent post on why i love Cinderella and the Four Knights,
    Best wishes,


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