Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 5 & 6


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

Episode 5

We come back to the scene in which Hyun Min and Ji Woon are posturing over Ha Won.  Then Seo Woo and Yoon Sun show up and wish her a happy birthday.  Everyone but Ji Woon has gotten her a present so she takes a picture of them all eating together as his present for her.  Mission One complete!  But plot twist!  Seo Woo didn’t match the page correctly, today isn’t her birthday.  He got the day right but the month wrong.  We then see Ji Woon and Hye Ji together, he’s promising to protect her but not explaining what he means.  Meanwhile adorable and loyal and sweet puppy Seo Woo is searching her date book for the right page and finally finds it and discovers her birthday is in May.  Then he wonders why he cares so much?

Hyun Min warns Ha Won not to pay any attention to Ji Woon’s words because she’ll just get hurt.  Which confuses her since she and Hyun Min are only pretending to be in a relationship.   Grandpa is so happy that she succeeded that he pays her first year of tuition and gives her a bonus.  We find out that Yoon Sun told Grandpa about her mom’s fees and the bonus is the exact amount she paid for the overdue fees for her mothers columbarium,  Yoon Sun is so freaking adorable as she figures this out and stutters an apology and she thanks him sincerely.  He looks so cute when she does this.  Ha Won takes her mom back to her space at the facility and puts flowers there, she also puts a flower on Ji photo749481Woon’s mom’s space not that she knows it is his mom.  

Stepmom works where Gramp’s wife goes and she pries while massaging and verifies that Ha Won is at sky house.  Mrs. B the housekeeper tells Ha Won that the boys have never been to their dad’s death anniversary.  We learn the dads all died, one from suicide and two in a car accident.  She then overhears Yoon Sun asking the boys to go to the anniversary.  They all refuse.  Ha Won goes to Gramps and takes on a mission of her own to get the boys to the anniversary dinner.  Yoon Sun asks Gramps if he is really going to let her do this because it is a whole new level of impossible and it might spell her end at Sky House.  

Ha Won tries to outsmart Ji Woon in the pool, threatens to swim naked with him.  He flees.  Then while she’s showering he comes in and tells her he was serious about dating her.  Which makes her totally flustered and she forgets to ask him to go to his dad’s death anniversary dinner.  Then she asks Seo Woo to go, he says he can’t because gramps never acknowledged his dad in life because his grandma was a concubine not a wife.  Then she asks Hyun Min and he says he won’t go as there will be a person he doesn’t want to see there.  Going back to Seo Woo she sees a picture of him and his dad and a song he’s writing to his dad.  He gets mad at her for prying into his stuff (he pokes around and snoops in hers all the time but that’s ok?) and says he won’t go.  She says he wants to sing that song to his dad and leaves, and alone in his room he can’t deny she’s right.  

Then Hyun Min’s mom shows up and asks Ha Won for her help.  They go on this giant shopping spree and Ha Won is basically her assistant (pronounced slave).  Ha Won suggests she buy a book in Korean since she’s been gone so long, she agrees and lets Ha Won pick something out for her.   Then she takes Ha Won out to eat.  There she makes sure to make a display of putting Ha Won back in her place, she isn’t a member of the family and will never be.  Hyun Min comes to the rescue and takes her away, but when Ha Won says she was just doing a favor for her friend’s mom.  He yells at her because she obviously stepped over a line and isn’t a friend. Hurt and confused she leaves and Hyun Min is left alone knowing he was too harsh.  

There’s a moment between Yoon Sun and Grandpa’s new wife that makes me wonder about their tumblr_oc0kyqscZ91sprtz3o2_500relationship?  They run into one another at the elevator in the company building and share a strange look, Yoon Sun won’t even look at her.   After coming back from seeing Hye Ji, Ji Woon sees Ha Won in the courtyard she has indigestion and is trying to get rid of it.  He takes her outside and does acupuncture and it cures it!  She tells him that her dad isn’t her real dad.  And they bond over thier orphaned states.  Then they go to a convenience store and have ramyun with cheese which they both love.  She tells him he should go to the death anniversary dinner.  While they’re out Hyun Min tries to call Ha Won he’s feeling bad for how he treated her.  Ji Woon goes to his garage and looks at pictures of his mom.  He remembers her funeral where the social workers talked about him and that his mom must have been used and dropped by his dad which is why he’s alone.  

When Ha Won gets back Hyun Min tries to act cute, but she puts him in his place telling him that he needs to tell her where she sits in his life.  It is then she realizes the person he didn’t want to see was his mom.  She doesn’t try and tell him to make up with his mom or go to the anniversary, but she does tell him she bets his dad is lonely.  Seo Woo’s mom shows up and she’s hilarious!  Totally cute and adorable and loves her son so much!  She is happy with who she is and her life, and it is obvious she loved her husband regardless of his illegitimate place in the family.  I can see how Seo Woo is such a good guy!  

At the anniversary dinner none of the boys show!

Episode 6

At the temple none of the boys show, but Yoon Sun waits with her.  Then a car pulls up, but it isn’t the boys.  It is Seo Woo’s mom, she’s sweet and bubbly and happy.  She greets Ha Won as Hyun Min’s fiance and Ha Won just smiles awkwardly.  Then Hyun Min’s mom shows up and she treats Seo Woo’s mom as badly as she treats everyone else.  The ladies go in.  We see a montage of the boys all doing their separate things.  Seo Woo is singing his song he made for his dad and then decides to go to the temple.  Hyun Min has a nightmare about when his father died.  His mom abandoned him at Sky House, practically throwing him away, telling him not to lose his place as heir.  What a horrible woman!!!  Hyun Min then talks with Mrs. B. and realizes that Ha Won really wants the boys to go because she’s ever been able to celebrate the anniversary of her mother’s death and she knows how important it is.  He goes to the temple too.  They show up and head in Ha Won is happy and yet it is bittersweet as Ji Woon never showed up.  She apologizes to Yoon Sun and Gramps because she has failed this mission.  

fullsizephoto750764The ceremony happens and Yoon Sun watches from the doorway, he talks with a monk and bemoans the fact not all the grandsons came.  The monk informs him that Ji Woon came much earlier and left a rose, the very rose that Ha Won left at his mom’s grave.  At the dinner after only the mom’s and Gramp’s new wife stay.  Hyun Min’s mom totally shames Seo Woo’s mom and then Gramps puts her in her place, to the satisfaction of the new wife.  Back at Sky House Ha Won packs all of her thing and leaves a note saying she doesn’t deserve to stay there anymore.  She believes that she failed her mission and so she just walks out.  Again, this place is supposed to be secure?  How could no one see her?  In the car after the temple Yoon Sun tells Gramps that Ji Woon actually did show up.  We also see Hyun Min with his mom in the car, he’s driving her to the airport and telling her never to come back to Korea.  

Now we meet with Ha Won’s stepmom and sister again.  They just waltz up to the door of Sky House without anyone stopping them at all.  Mrs. B. meets them and doesn’t for a second believe their act of missing Ha Won.  She lets them look around Sky House alone, bad move Mrs. B.!  Stepsister finds Hyun Min’s room and she sees Ha Won’s school uniform there, and goes crazy she dumps ink all over it.  Then Yoon Sun discovers them and forcefully ejects them from the house with the help of guards.  Where were these guards when the nasty ladies showed up?  Stepsister also posts a huge scathing and untrue post online about Ha Won and her gold digging ways and how she’s scammed her way into Sky House, que the Sasaeng fans.  

Back with Ha Won she’s trying to get her BFF from school to take her in.  Just then Hye Ji shows up!  And she lets Ha Won stay with her.  At Hye Ji’s house we finally get a moment of clarity and truth!!! CoH0GLhUIAEBPJwHallelujah!!!!!  Ha Won tells Hye Ji that she isn’t Hyun Min’s fiance and it was all a shame.  They bond, and man I was so hoping they would be besties against the arrogance of the knights!  Hye Ji promises to go to Ha Won’s graduation the next day and it means the world to Ha Won.  Before going to sleep she texts her good for nothing dad asking him to come too.  

The next morning Hyun Min goes to Ha Won’s room and sees the calendar that it is her graduation today, he runs back to his room and finds the ink stained uniform and runs out.  At school all the girls are whispering things about Ha Won, she doesn’t know why.  Hyun Min goes to a school uniform shop to buy Ha Won a new uniform.  He then drives to the school with several food and drink trunks with signs on them to congratulate his girlfriend.  Hye Ji buys some flowers and heads to the graduation.  No one is there for Ha Won.  Her stepmom shows up after the ceremony with flowers for her stepsister and confronts Ha Won, saying that she’s never allowed back to the house.  Ji Woon shows up, but then turns around angry that he even showed up.  But he hears some girls whispering that they’ve cornered Ha Won and it is obvious that they have something bad planned.  Seo Woo posts a selca and then his fans start to comment about the nasty trash Ha Won and why he lets her live there and that they are going to take care of her today.  He rushes off to take care of her.  

A gang of mean girls capture Ha Won (where are her martial arts skills?  Why doesn’t she kick these girls into next week?  How are they holding her down without much effort at all?).  They have her in the video room and are cutting off her track suit to reveal what a slut she is.  Hyun Min shows up then with his food trucks and the uniform and is all proud of himself, but can’t find Ha Won.  Ji Woon finds the room where Ha Won is, there’s a group of thug boys outside and he swiftly kicks their asses and saves Ha Won.  Seo Woo shows up and the girls surround him, he tells them never to be mean to people and they promise they won’t.  He asks if anyone knows where Ha Won is and Ha Won’s BFF cinderella-and-four-knights7shows up!  I’m so glad that these two have met!  She leads Seo Woo into the school.  

When Ji Woon and Ha Won exit the video room another gang of boys show up.  But then Hyun Min is there too, he offers the gang his car and throws the car key the boys scatter.  Hyun Min takes Ha Won and makes Ji Woon leave, even though Ha Won tries to go with Ji Woon instead.  But yet again she seems to have lost her spunk and her martial arts skills.  Hyun Min and Ha Won are in the video room and it is broadcasting live.  Hye Ji shows up then (of course! We can’t have her growing as a character!) and watches the TV with Seo Woo, Ha Won’s BFF, Yoon Sun, and Ji Woon, along with the rest of the student body.  Hyun Min confesses his love!  Ha Won turns him down!  Ji Woon turns off the broadcast, but then he hears that the whole relationship was pretend!  But!  Hyun Min tells Ha Won they should now date for real!


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