Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 3 & 4


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

 This show is totally cheesy and fluff, but I am really enjoying it so far!  Where the first episode was a little slow, the rest of the episodes have picked up nicely.  Also!  I’ve been invited to join the Squeecaps of Cinderella and Four Knights over at The Problematic of the Unproblematic!  If you haven’t checked out their Squeecaps before I would totally suggest it!  They’re such a blast!

First I want to make some general observations about the show.  The opening with the legos is so cute and fun!  I really enjoy that so much.  I’m really enjoying the music too.  Also, the sound effects when Ha Won is in the arms of one of the knights is cute too!

 Episode 3

I am super happy that the show has continued to show Ha Won as a strong girl who understands who she is, but also is vulnerable and a little lost without a stable place in the world.  That makes her a very relatable heroine and a bit more real than most leading characters.  I love her bright outlook on life and that so far not even the crappy stuff that has happened to her has taken that away from her.

This episode we find Ha Won trying to find her place in Sky House with the three knights.  At first she’s mistaken for a new employee.  But Secretary Yoon Sun tells the head of house that she’s a precious guest.  Then he whips her up the most elegant and amazing meal, all while looking dashing in his suit and an apron!  Have I told you how much I adore this character?  He’s like her fairy godmother, sort of, anyway I Cinderella12am so happy she has someone in her corner!

Back with her family we see her dad tell her stepmom that Ha Won is never allowed back into the house, ever.  Ugh I really don’t like this family!  But back in his truck he’s searching newspaper articles and finds one with a judo instructor by the name of Kang.  He gets a mysterious call about it too!  If they throw in a birth secret that she’s somehow related to the family I’m going to peace out!  That would be too makjang for me!  Also at her house Secretary Yoon Sun shows up for her belongings and stepmom and stepsister had to accept that Ha Won is really living at Sky House!  They’re doubly pissed now.

Unfortunately while bringing Ha Won’s things up to the house he is called away and leaves them in the driveway.  Right in Ha Won’s path as she escapes Ji Woon’s garage.  She tumbles into the suitcase and bag and all her things are flung into the brook.  Hyun Min an Seo Woo show up while she’s knee deep in the water collecting what Hyun Min says is trash.  Seo Woo does try to help her get her things.  Ji Woon sees her bouquet which was meant for her mother’s grave float down river and rescues it for her, but of course he has to be a snarky brat when he gives it to her.

To apologize for his mistake Yoon Sun takes her shopping.  She doesn’t want much so he tells her to wait in the cafe and he’ll shop. re There she meets up with Hye Ji who of course misunderstands yet again about her relationship with Hyun Min and gets totally hurt deep when she realizes that Ha Won is living at Sky House.  Hye Ji needs to evolve and mature very soon or she is going to be a giant negative towards my enjoyment of this show.

Back at Sky House Hyun Min tricks Ha Won into an intimate embrace by teasing her with her school uniform.  They are about to kiss when Ji Woon and Hye Ji arrive, Hye Ji is determined to make Hyun Min talk to her.  Ji Woon blocks Hye Ji from seeing the two lovebirds and tells her to go home and come back later to ask.

Episode 4

Hyun Min kisses Ha Won!  Omo!  Oh wait… nope!  I was worried for a moment, if she let him kiss her I was going to grumble that they’d changed her base character.  But oh no, she remained strong and self assured.  When Hyun Min tried to kiss him she knees him and shoves him off instead.  Much to his shock and consternation!  Hye Ji is oblivious and Ji Woon doesn’t know whether or not the kiss happened.  Adding more drama and misunderstandings to the plate.

Ha Won is still working on the mission from Grandpa, get the boys to eat a meal together.  Through it all Yoon Sun is at her side and helping her with all of her plans.  At first she tries to trick and them and force them to the table, that fails miserably.  Then she tires to tempt them with their favorite foods. That nearly succeeds but ultimately fails too.  After the failures she talks with Ahjumma, that head of house who is the most amazing lady ever, and realizes that she hasn’t thought about them as people, just her mission.  Finally she settles on just talking to them each individually, not to coerce them to eat, but just to talk.

Stepmom and stepsister can’t bring themselves to truly believe that Ha Won is a special guest of the chairman (Grandpa) at Sky House.  Stepsister decides that she’s going to just have to go and see for herself.  So she waltzes right up to the house itself.  Now, my immersion into the show was broken a bit.  Sky House is supposed to be uber protected and secure right?  How the hell did stepsister just wander right up to the house to spy.  Anyway, she sees Ha Won come out of the house and hop into Hyun Min’s car.  He’s  told herfullsizephoto748181 that he will help her get the boys to eat together, she believes him.  They go shopping, because she needs a makeover to get the boys to eat.  Somehow stepsister has followed them there and spies on them while they shop.

After shopping of course they need to go and eat.  Ji Woon and Hye Ji are at the same restaurant of course, and the rest of the place is empty.  Ha Won suggests they all eat together and that creates a pretty awkward and tension filled meal.  Hye Ji continues to misunderstand the whole thing and neither Hyun Min or Ha Won explain clearly.  Ji Woon believes the lie that she is really the fiance of Hyun Min too, it is just a mess of half truths and misunderstandings.  Hye Ji tells Ji Woon after she leaves that the only thing she wants is to have Ha Won leave Hyun Min’s side.

Back at Sky House Ha Won sends out one last request for the guys to have a meal together, she wants them to meet in the courtyard.   Seo Woo finds a page from Ha Won’s calendar and realizes that it is her birthday!  He wants to throw a party for her, Yoon Sun is totally on board and helps.  They set up a birthday meal in the courtyard and leave to set up fireworks.  Ji Woon asks Hyun Min if he takes anything at all seriously, he laughs and says no.  Why would he take anything seriously?  If he took things seriously he’d have to invest emotions into things and that won’t happen.  Ji Woon challenges Hyun Min to come with him to the courtyard to see something fun.  Ha Won shows up and Ji Woon gives her a back hug!  She thinks it is Hyun Min and is shocked to see it is Ji Woon!  Hyun Min appears and looks none too pleased!  Ji Woon tells his cousin that he’s going to steal his girl!


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