Cinderella and Four Knights: Episodes 1 & 2


This Recap of Cinderella and Four Knights is full of Spoilers

For a long time I swore off watching airing dramas.  There were several reasons for this, but primary among them was the fact I love to binge watch.  Waiting a whole week for the next episode kills me.  So for a little over a year I refused to join the blogverse in the newly airing dramas.

To top it off I swore off recapping, especially after Oh My Venus, I haven’t even gone back and recapped the last three episodes.  I just can’t bring myself to do it!  But then… I got a wild hair and saw the teasers for Cinderella and Four Knights.  A spunky gal who can actually defend herself and stand up for herself?  Paired with four extremely handsome guys?  A kooky grandfather too?  It looked right up my alley!

So that brings us here!  I’m going to review the episodes and talk about my feels, what I liked, what I didn’t.  It might border on recapping, but I’m not going to focus on that.  So I hope you guys enjoy!

Episode 1

The story is the typical Cinderella story set up that has been done and redone a hundred times in many countries.  A poor girl who lost her mother, her father remarries, the stepmom is evil, the step sister is evil, and she is mistreated.  The show sets it up right away, this is a poor girl meets rich guy story.  Which is good, you know what you are getting in to.

Show changes some aspects of the Cinderella story to make the
fairy tale its own.  The stepmom won’t pay for anything for Ha Won (Cinderella) and she only has one step sister not two.  The dad is all but absent so far, he won’t even respond to her text messages.  I have to say that I didn’t like that part, I wish they would have left him supportive as it was in the more traditional stories.


Through a few twists of fate she meets Ji Woon and Hyun Min who I call Rebel and Haughty respectively, they hate one another so deeply it is almost scary.  They’re both arrogant jerks, but Rebel is a rags to riches story and Haughty was born into this life.  Due to financial issues Ha Won agrees to pretend to be Hyun Min’s fiance for the night.  It goes disastrously wrong, starting with Hyun Min’s ex being there and then Hyun Min trying to ruin Grandpa’s wedding.  I love that Ha Won puts Hyun Min in his place by making him kneel and apologize!

Ji Woon ousts Ha Won as there for the money and not really the fiance.  And late Ha Won puts him in his place too.  I just love that she’s trained in Judo (I think) and able to keep the upper hand when the Chaebol boys try to intimidate her.

Episode 2

Grandpa was really impressed by Ha Won at the wedding even though she was tricked into spoiling it.  He wants her to come and live at Sky House where all the knights live.  Grandpa is sure that she can make them better people.  After a lovely battle of wits and quoting The Art of War she respectfully declines.  At home things are getting wore!  I really hate the stepmom and stepsister!  They are so selfish and hateful!  Ha Won gets kicked out for still loving her late mother, I mean come one!  How can they expect her not to love her mommy still?

Hyun Min shows even more how twisted and haughty he is.
Grandpa sets him up with an arranged marriage and he snags his ex, Hye Ji and kisses her.  Which totally screws with her mind, but he only did it to screw with his arranged marriage gal.  What a tool!  Rebel has a soft spot for Hye Ji, but they seem to be only friends.  Somehow Ha Won and the third knight, Seo Woo (who I call Songbird) get their phones mixed up and so she finally meets the third prince when they exchange their phones.  He tries to be sweet and delete all the nasty messages from her sister and just tells her that her dad will be home for dinner and she’s invited.  I’m pretty sure this is going to bite someone in the butt at some point.


Now this is some heavy spoilers here, so be ready!  The dinner goes badly, like I expected.  However, what I didn’t expect was that not only was dad not supportive he’s a jerk to her too!  Like seriously a nasty man.  He tells her that she should forget her mother and that he isn’t even her real dad.  Dejected and hurt Ha Won leaves.  Finally she calls Grandpa and accepts the offer.

Secretary Yoon Sun, who I adore already, picks her up and takes her to Sky House to meet up with the boys.  Leaving her with a rule before the close of the show, there’s no dating in Sky House.  Yeah… that’s not going to last long!


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