Pint-Sized Review: From Five to Nine


This Review Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

There’s a certain feel to dramas that are based on mangas and manwas, and I was in the mood for a drama that had that feel.  I really just need to actually read these books too.  I mean I’m always saying the books are better than the movies.  So after researching I found a few and then rolled the dice and this is what I landed on.

After reading the description (my summation):

tumblr_nvhl2vbz3L1qij3qwo3_1280Junko is 29, successful in her career as an English teacher at a private institution.  Her goal is to earn enough money to afford a ticket to American and pass the test to be a next level teacher.  Her family feels that she needs to be married and devise a plan to arrange a marriage between Junko and a Chaebol Monk, Takane.  However, neither Junko’s family or Takane’s uncle seek the approval of Takane’s grandmother who is the matriarch of the Hoshikawa family and temple.  Insanity ensues until love blossoms.

I wanted something that would be fun and bubbly and really simple and easy to watch.  I also totally needed an uber sugary love story.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there were parts that I absolutely loved about this drama.  However, for the most part it wasn’t an easy watch.

Let’s get the less than fun parts out of the way, shall we?  In the beginning Takane was like your typical Chaebol character, but on steroids.  Every single trope that surrounds the Chaebole character was acted out in some part by Takane, it got old real fast.  Also, he tumblr_nvhl2vbz3L1qij3qwo1_1280was insanely abusive to Junko and everyone played it off as if it was something swoon worthy.  I mean, (spoiler here) at one point he locks her up in the temple so that she can’t leave… seriously!  And no one bats an eye at this!  Near the end of the drama Takane’s younger brother is introduced, but it is so forced and fake and doesn’t fit in the flow of the narrative.  Plus, he does some truly evil things and there’s no repercussions at all!  Lastly, Takane suffers from Noble Idiocy to a point that I wanted to reach through my screen and beat some sense into the boy, it got crazy ridiculous.

tumblr_nxfzvbcAGH1s8t96qo7_500Whew!  Alrighty, now I want to talk about wthe parts that I did like.  The supporting character, Yamabuchi Momoe was amazing and adorable and OMG I wanted to be her BFF!  (spoiler)  She was obsessed with Yaoi and collected Boys Love manga, but kept it secret.  The player in the teacher staff falls for her and allows himself to be a part of her Yaoi fantasies and goes to Yaoi gatherings with her and it is just the most hilariously adorable thing ever.  Again, supporting cast stuff.  Another teacher is a Noona (yay!) and she has a pretty adorable Noona Romance that I truly enjoyed.  In truth I like the supporting cast a whole lot! In the second half of the show the OTP was good, like crazy good.  Almost good enough that I could forget about all the terribleness of the first half of their relationship.  Almost.

So, as you can see there were some pretty big things that ruined my experience while watching.  However, there were things that I loved and really had fun with.  Overall, it’s not a bad show, but it could have been amazing.


Noona’s Rating

Overall 6.4
Story/Writing 6
Cast/Actors 7
Sets/Costumes 7
Feels 5


4 thoughts on “Pint-Sized Review: From Five to Nine

  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said, except I just could *not* get over the crap beginning and dropped it at ep.05 and so cannot comment on the end (though I’m sure the main couple ends up together). I like Yamapi in so many other things so I found this drama pretty disappointing. I feel that Summer Nude, for all the complaints about it being “dull” (and yeah, if all you’ve been exposed to is these sorts of ridiculous manga adaptation romance dramas where the male lead is a jerk, it *would* seem dull in comparison b/c it’s more like how actual people develop a relationship), is a vastly superior (and non-abusive) Yamapi romance drama.

    Gah, sorry for the rant but I sorta hate this drama, mostly b/c I saw so many people talk about how great and romantic it was and I’m just like, did we even watch the same show? I mean, there is so much better stuff out there. In fact this and Rich Man Poor Woman (another incomprehensibly popular drama) has landed Ishihara Satomi on my “actresses to avoid” list, which she and she alone occupies.

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    1. I almost dropped this one too, but the low episode count kept me going. I thought that it just had to get better, and when it did I felt was very relieved. There were parts where I liked Yamapi, this is the first time I’ve watched him. I will absolutely have to check out Summer Nude, I’ve added it to my watch list! Thank you so much! I’m really ok without the main lead guy being a jerk. I need nicer male leads in my drama life. It’s ok! You’re always welcome to rant here! Ugh the romance was no great here. It was abusive in the beginning in so many ways. It did get better but yeah it wasn’t the best romance. I haven’t watched Rich Man Poor Woman, but now I don’t think I will haha.


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