Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 3


It has been ages since I’ve talked about my growing obsession with Korean Music.  I’m not as ‘in the know’ as a lot of fans are, but I’m quite enjoying my journey.  Despite not being up on all the new music as it drops, I do enjoy falling down the Korean Music hole on YouTube.

My first pick is Akdong Musician (AKMU), I’ve listened to a few things by these guys and I love them lots.  Today I’ve picked Re-Bye!!  This is currently the one I’ve been listening to the most.  I love the bluesy feel to the song and style.  The video is also gorgeous and tells a little mini story, which is fun!

Next up is an artist that I only just recently discovered, and I’m super happy that I did!  His name is Beenzino!  The song that I’ve been listening to a lot is Life in Color.  First I love the rhythm, beat, and flow of this song.  His rapping and singing really compliment the music!  Also the meaning of the song is sweet and fun.

Last, but absolutely not last is Lim Kim!  She is also an artist that I have only recently discovered her, but wow she’s awesome!  The song I’ve picked is Awoo.  The video for this one is quirky, I think she’s supposed to be a cat at times?  I don’t know but it’s fun to watch.  I love her voice and the chorus is way catchy.

What songs are you guys listening to these days?  I’m always up for suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 3

      1. You are welcome! I discovered them by accident myself, right when they debuted last month. I do love good vocals.

        There’s another group I got to know this year and fell in love with – DAY6. Their ‘Letting Go’ was on repeat for weeks, ha 🙂


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