Review: Dalja’s Spring


This Review of Dal Ja’s Spring Contains Some Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

I was super excited for this drama!  It has been on my list for a long time and honestly I don’t even know why I waited so long to watch it!  The thing that pushed me to finally hit play was a friend telling me that Lee Min Ki had one of the best loves for his Noona that they’d seen.

What I Wanted:

  1. A dongsaeng who just loves his Noona no matter what.
  2. A good story that felt like it dealt with real topics.
  3. Something that would totally steal my feels and make me want to crack out on it.

What I Discovered:

Kang Tae Bong’s love for his Noona was one of my favorite parts of this drama.  Once33dc0d52d546909be8e3c689ddbabd49 he realized that he was in love he sought his Noona’s affections.  His puppy love was great and I did enjoy it greatly.  Since the puppy love aspect of the dongsaeng’s part in any Noona romance is pretty important for me I was supremely pleased that the chemistry was there and the puppy love was strong.  His love slowly broke down his Noona’s reservations and when they did get together it was adorable and I was quite pleased!

One thing that I like, which is consistent with Noona romances, is that the people involved are usually more mature with lives and real jobs.  I probably enjoy this because I can more easily relate to it because I’m closer in age to the Noona and her friends.  Our Noona, Dal Ja, was the managing coordinator for a home shopping channel.  I felt that the show did a great job handling the real life issues of a working career woman.  There were some points which were a little out there, but this is dramaland so if there isn’t at least one story plot that isn’t a little chaotic then I’d be surprised.

d5545f7647ca66d61ece5759ab36d226This show was amazingly cracktastic for me, in the first half.  But at twenty-two episodes it felt like way too much.  I actually put this one on hold around episode sixteen, because the surrounding episodes felt like filler.  If they’d cut it to sixteen episodes total I believe the show would have been so much better.  I had to fast forward and push myself to finish those sluggish and filler episodes.  However, once I got past them the show became cracky again for me.

Additional Observations:

Tidbits I Could Live Without:

There was a convoluted love hexagon?  Well Dal Ja and her boss have a thing, before she realizes that her dongsaeng is the man for her.  However, he has this absolutely batty and crazy ex who stalks Dal Ja.  Not only that she hovers around the workplace to see her ex and sneaks into his house?  Yeah I was not a fan and it seemed to be an unnecessary part of the show.

I had that cracky feeling in the beginning, struggled through the middle, and then towards the end it caught all my feels again.  However, when it ended I felt less than satisfied.  There was so much that could have happened, but it just sort of ended.  I wanted a bit more fireworks, a bit more bang for my buck.  Not that the ending was bad, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Tidbits I Loved to Pieces:

There was so much to love in this show, honestly.  They far outweigh what I didn’t careac3228d7e4ede38da8bdc501e7dc2ab9 for.  First, let’s talk about Sun Joo.  She was the hostess for the show that Dal Ja and her chaotic crew managed.  If you need a strong female lead fix, well Sun Joo is your gal.  Sometimes she was stubborn and headstrong to a fault.  Yet, she was true to herself through the entire show.  There wasn’t a point that she needed a man to save her.  She was amazing and I would have loved to see more of her.

Also in there with the strong female roles was Soon Ae, Dal Ja’s Sunbae.  She was not only a strong woman, working hard while pregnant, dealing with a good for nothing husband (he did redeem himself!!!), and coaching Dal Ja through some of her more stupid moments, she was a total hoot!  When Dal Ja was getting carried away with herself and her drama her Sunbae quickly gave her a sharp dose of truth and set her back down on her earth.  Man I’d love to have a woman like her in my life!

Terminator!   Holy cow she was awesome!  Yet another super strong woman!  Team Leader Kang was ruthless, meticulous, smart, savvy, and didn’t care one lick what anyone thought of her.  Gosh she was fantastic!  She comes in strong, wielding a big stick, and beats the department into performing better.  She helps Dal Ja mature and grow as an employee.  Her story was well done.  This strong angry woman had so many feels inside of her and I loved seeing her grow throughout the show too.

f9ee1486edd8df33c4277051f96c4613The mothers of both the Tae Bong and Dal Ja were also extremely strong women in their own right.  I should also add Dal Ja’s grandmother to this.  They’d each become strong in different ways and I loved what they brought to the show.

Lastly I’d like to take a moment to touch on the music and the artwork which was featured throughout the show.  The OST was gorgeous and I actually bought it, and I don’t buy many sound tracks.  Then the cartoon slides that were added at the ending of scenes, I just really loved them!  If I could find them as prints I’d probably buy them.

Final Thoughts:

If you want strong women, and a bunch of them all together, then this is the show for you!  From the grandmother to moms to the team that Dal Ja works with, every corner of this show is filled with strong women.  The love story and chemistry between Dal Ja and Tae Bong was great!  It ran a little long for my tastes, but all in all this was a great watch!


Noona’s Rating

Overall: 7.8

Story/Writing: 8

Cast/Actors: 8

OST: 9

Sets/Costumes: 7

Feels: 7

The Noona Meter

The Noona Romance is close to my heart, most of you who know me in the blogverse and dramaland know.  With the help of friends I’ve created The Noona Meter.  A rating system that focuses only on the Noona Romance within the show.  To see what each category means take a peek at this article.

The Noona’s Noona Meter

Overall = 7

Emphasis on the Noona Romance being a Forbidden Love = 6

Importance of the Noona/Dongsaeng Age Difference = 6

Dongsaeng’s Persistent Puppy Love = 7

Noona’s Resistance to the Puppy Love = 9

Noona and Dongsaeng’s Relationship = 7

Noona is Consistently Strong = 7


2 thoughts on “Review: Dalja’s Spring

  1. Nice to see some love for Dalja’s Spring! I really enjoyed this drama too, although it did lag in the later episodes (I think the drama got an extension). The strong women – so many of them! – portrayed were a delight to watch and Dalja’s growth was nicely charted. I also really liked her friendship with Sae-do. And of course, Chae Rim and Lee Min-ki had wonderful chemistry.


    1. I really did love this one, you really can’t go wrong with the way Lee Min Ki’s portrayal of Kang Tae Bong and how he was in love with Dal Ja. An extension would make a lot of sense, there were a few episodes that sort of just spun wheels and didn’t take the plot anywhere. Yes!! The strong women were amazing and I would have watched a drama about their lives not just Dal Ja’s life. Sae Do was fantastic! It’s nice to meet another who loved this drama like I did!


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