30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 28


Welcome back to the twenty-eighth day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Your top three sisterhoods in dramas.

I think that I haven’t watched as many dramas centered around female friendships, I should really fix that.  Of the dramas that I have watched I always enjoy when friendship between women is portrayed as something that is healing and beautiful.  Anyone seen any good sisterhood dramas that I can watch to remedy this?


First on my list is the sisterhood in I Need Romance, the first one.  For me these ladies were so awesome to watch.  I would have been perfectly happy with a show about them in which the love stories were minor plots instead of the main stories.  They were so good together and they were each very individual ladies.  Plus one of the friends was played by Choi Yeo Jin, and I love her!!  I did enjoy this entire drama and wish that the third installment had lived up to the first series amazingness.


I’m actually working on a review for this drama right now!  Dal Ja’s Spring was so fun.  I’m utterly happy that I watched it, not just for the fact that it is a Noona Romance, but the sisterhood friendships were awesome.  Dal Ja wasn’t always making the best life choices, but her two friends Wi Sun Joo and Ko Soon Ae were there to help her see a better path.  Plus these two ladies were amazing people.


If you read my review for this drama, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry you’ll know that I wasn’t a huge fan of the main OTP in this drama.  However, I did enjoy the frienship between the ladies.  And I especially loved Kim Bu Gi who might be my all time favorite character ever.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



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