30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 18


Welcome back to the eighteenth day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Your favorite second female lead character in a drama.

There are a lot of questions so far that have given me some pause and made me think.  This is one such question.  There are a lot of second female lead characters that I loved to hate, but very few that I truly loved.  Being that this is my blog and my interpretation of the question I could have gone that route, however, I really wanted to think about find one that I did love while watching.

Then it hit me!  I recently finished the Thai version of Full House.  I’ve not watched the K-version of this and probably won’t.  Though I won’t say that for sure because you never know!  However, I really enjoyed the Thai-version.  And a lot of that had to do with the second female lead.  Mintra portrayed by Janesuda Jane was one of the most beautiful character evolutions I’ve ever watched.

Janesuda Jane

At first she was like many other second female leads, manipulative and somewhat conniving.  Yet as the show progressed she began to grow as a human and start to understand herself and what she truly wanted from life.  The transformation was beautiful and she became one of my all time favorite characters because of it.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



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