30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 13


Welcome back to the thirteenth day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Western series (or a movie) you think could be adapted into a drama.

This is actually a thing I had been planning to add as a reoccurring post to my blog!  Western series as an Asian Drama listing out the cast and such.  So I was so totally excited for this questions.  However, now I have to pick one!  When I watch a Western show it tends to be either a crime drama or something comic book based.  I’ve watched a lot of shows so that makes it really-really hard to pick just one!!

There are so many shows that I would love to see come over to dramaland.  However, after much deliberation I’ve decided to go with Leverage!!  If you haven’t seen this show, I highly recommend it!  The premise is that there is a group of criminals that are brought together by a Mastermind and they solve the crimes that are beyond the scope of the law for people that seem to fall through the cracks.


Since The Mastermind is the one who brings the other criminals tumblr_nfj6q88xct1qzjb8ko6_500together I’ll start there.  Now the character is charismatic, extremely smart, and able to portray a myriad of characters to complete the con.  My choice for the role is Cha Seung Won, I really loved him in The Greatest Love and from what I’ve seen in his other works I feel that he would be able to be extremely charismatic and lovable as the leader of the team.

tumblr_mhht1c84Jw1r1obk0o1_500Next is The Grifter.  This gal sells the con.  She can take on any persona, personality, identity, etc and make even the most suspicious evil doer fall right into her trap.  She also is the main love interest of  The Mastermind.  Now since this is my drama and I get to make all the choices I’m going with the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Choi Yeo Jin.  I absolutely believe that she would have smoking hot chemistry with Cha Seung Won.  Also, she’d make a great second in command for the crew!  Also, seeing her play a ton of different character types would be amazing!

Now I did consider Kim Jong Kook for this role, but he’s such a big cuddly teddy bear in everything that I’ve seentumblr_inline_mxyawe2u9Q1sqeza7 him in I just didn’t think he could pull of this role.  Because The Hitter is a grumpy, growl-y, grumbler sort of character who doesn’t take any crap from anybody.  He’s the hired muscle and his number one job is beating up bad guys.  So I thought Kim Woo Bin would be absolutely amazing for this role!  He’s shown several times over that he can play the gangster type character very well.  But he also has a playful side, and this character does too even though it doesn’t show up as often as his grumpy side.

fullsizephoto285853For the next character I’ve picked Daniel Choi and he’ll play The Hacker.  This character is crazy smart, but also a huge smart ass.  He can hack into any computer system, any company network, any personal computer… you get the idea.  He’s a bit of a coward, in regards to pretty much everything.  However, he fiercely loyal and will do anything (even the things he’s afraid of) for his friends.  The Hacker and The Hitter have a great bromance too!  I’d love to see Daniel Choi and Kim Woo Bin have a super amazing and solid bromance!  This guy is also head over heels in love with The Thief.

The Thief might be the most complex character on the show.  She was pretty much raised to be a thief by a thief tumblr_n4iw8pWATz1rdp98no8_1280without a true home life or family.  Her formative years were spent learning how to bypass security systems, break into safes, break into buildings, disarming traps, etc.  She never had a proper family and so she doesn’t really understand emotions or have emotions of her own.  She’s probably somewhat Autistic in that regard.  Additionally, she doesn’t understand what we would consider right and wrong, she has her own moral code and to her stealing is what she does and she doesn’t quite see why its wrong.  I think the lovely and talented Yoon Eun Hye would be absolutely stunning in this role!

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



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