30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 11


Welcome back to the eleventh day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Drama pairing that you thought would have great chemistry, but they didn’t.

Oh boy!  This was super easy for me!  Mostly because it is still fresh in my mind!  I was so extremely excited for Oh My Venus.  Shin Min Ah is one of my two Asian girl crushes!  And of course the amazingly stunning So Ji Sub is one of my favorites too!  I’d seen the adds they were in together and the chemistry they shared in the pictures and behind the scenes videos was off the charts!!!!

So when Oh My Venus aired I actually committed to recapping the episodes!   I swore I’d never do that again after ER Couple and I Need Romance 3.  But I had to do it for Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub!!!  But as each episode aired it became more and more of a chore to actually recap these episodes.  I just stopped recapping because I couldn’t do it.  A lot of that was the severe lack of chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there were bright moments where the chemistry sizzled but they were few and far between.


The drama as a whole was just such a disappointment.  It had such potential, the topic was unique and unlike many of the cookie cutter stories in dramaland.  I just kept waiting for the story to get better.  For the chemistry to take off.  For the feels to hit me.  And it just stayed in a very average lane.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



3 thoughts on “30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 11

  1. I totally agree with your pick on this one! I blame PD-nim for directing it all to be overly cutesy. We’ve seen those Giordano ads.. these two can sizzle, given the chance!


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