30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 8


Welcome back to the eighth day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Worst case of Second Lead Syndrome you’ve experienced.

Wow!  Now this is such a difficult choice to make!  There have been so many cases of Second Lead Syndrome that have wrenched the feels from me!  Looking through the shows that I have completed I couldn’t pinpoint just one to talk about, so I’ve picked five!

First I have to talk about Boys Over Flowers, like if I didn’t I’d be Boys_Over_Flowers_(TV_series)_posterbetraying some fangirl rule I’m sure.  This was my very-very first Korean Drama ever!  Which means it was my very first experience with Second Lead Syndrome too.  At that time I had no idea what it was, only that my poor heart was broken that Jan Di did not end up with Ji Hoo Sunbae.  I had no idea how Asian Dramas worked or what I was signing myself up for when I watched this.  It was such a cracky watch that I think I completed the whole show in a week!  Which was sort of unheard of for me!

you-are-beautiful-poster-2The second case of  Second Lead Syndrome was in You’re Beautiful.  I loved Kang Shin Woo so very much, so much more than the arrogant and mean Hwang Tae Kyung.  I thought that he and Go Mi Nyu had way more chemistry than she and Tae Kyung.  This was again back in my early days before I truly understood the workings of Asian Dramas.  Before I knew that my hopes were going to be dashed in a very ruthless manner.  I was very sad when Mi Nyu and Shin Woo didn’t end up together!

A little later in my drama watching career I watched Flower Boy Flower_Boy_Ramen_Shop-p1Ramyun Shop, and this still remains tied for my worst case of Second Lead Syndrome to date.  This drama was my first introduction to the concept of the Noona Romance.  It was my gateway drug to my favorite trope.  I really loved the Noona Romance aspect of this drama.  However, it almost paled in comparison for my love of Choi Kang Hyuk.  Oh my gosh I want my own sleepy giant to love me and adore me and treat me to food.  By this time I’d watched enough dramas to know that our leading lady wasn’t going to end up with Kang Hyuk, but damn I still wanted her to end up with him.

I Need Romance, I love this drama for so many reasons!  First, it I_Need_Romance-p1was my introduction to Choi Jin Hyuk!  We all know I adore him lots and lots.  His character was so sweet and adoring and adorable at the same time.  Second this was the first time that I met Choi Yeo Jin and she’s so amazing and beautiful and confident.  Her character in this show is in my all time favorite top 5 characters.  Third, I loved the ending of this drama so much though I think I am in the minority here.  And Lastly. Choi Jin Hyuk’s character was the second male lead and his story was a Noona Romance!!!  He is tied for my ultimate case of Second Lead Syndrome!  I knew it wasn’t going to have a happy ending but oh my gosh I wanted them to be together and for him to be able to love his Noona for ever.

My last entry into this post will be Emergency Couple.  Despite the flaws and weaknesses of this drama I loved it so very much. Emergency-Couple_final_01 That had a lot to do with my absolutely adoration for Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Choi Yeo Jin.  However, there was another aspect of this drama that made me love it so hard!   It was Lee Pil Mo as Dr. Gook!  He was so adorable and awkward and sweet in his crush!  I wanted him to be happy so badly and I’m really glad that he ended up with a good end to his part of the story!

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



5 thoughts on “30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 8

  1. I think my most recent case of SLS must’ve been Choi Siwon in She Was Pretty.. He was heartbreakingly good in that, and I felt for his character, so much ❤


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