30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 3


Welcome back to the third day of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge!  Today’s question is:

Actress(es) that proved you wrong about their acting abilities.

Once again I’ll point to City Hunter.  It was my first introduction to Park Min Young.  Now, it could just be that this drama was the second drama I ever watched, but I

loved it.  Like it holds an extremely special place in my heart loved it.  I keep wanting tumblr_o4koo9QNey1ur5j77o1_1280to watch it again, but I’m afraid that it will loose it’s magic.  Anyway, Park Min Young’s character was written to be a strong woman, and I thought that the character concept was fantastic.  However, Park Min Young might not had completely pulled that off, not in as convincing a manner as I would have liked.

Next we met in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Her character was adorable and smart, but she was pretty similar to the character in City Hunter.  At least to me.  Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy her or her character portrayal, but I had wanted at least a little more depth brought to the screen.

Then, in comes Healer and totally knocks my socks off!  Seriously!  She was amazing!  There was so much more truth and depth to her character.  It felt real, not just a pretty shallow girl who was attempting to portray a deep and rich character.  I’m not sure what was different exactly, or if it was as simple as Park Min Young maturing.  Whatever the case I was pleasantly surprised by her in Healer!

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.



7 thoughts on “30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 3

  1. I imagine Park Min Young will be a popular choice for this question. My choice is Jang Nara. I first saw her in Successful story of a bright girl, one of her earliest dramas, and I didn’t like her acting. It could’ve been the character, with all the screaming and that fake country accent that turned me off, but I just avoided her dramas after. Then I saw Mr. Baek. (Yes, I even avoided Fated to love you which came right before.) I thought it was an entirely different woman. I watched I’ll remember you and she was very good in that. But I usually just don’t seek out her dramas.

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  2. Honey Lee….pretty, gorgeous, smart and just awesome…in everything, except her acting, but recently, she is proving to be someone who can actually emote behind those dimples and smiles and “Garnier” shampooed hair.


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