UnBoxing: Christmas & December SnackFever Boxes


In December I got the regular December Box, original size, and the super-sized Christmas Box!  First I’d like to say that it was fantastic not to see any duplicates between the two boxes.  That was awesome.  As I did not get the November Box I don’t know if there were duplicates from November to December.  However, my biggest worry with getting two boxes in a month was that there would be duplicated items between the two.  That was the only thing that I was less than thrilled with in October with both boxes I received.  Thank you SnackFever for making sure that I got my money’s worth!


The fine folks at SnackFever included a free Korean face mask and a lovely Christmas card too!  It was a nice surprise.  I used the mask, it wasn’t what I was expecting but my skin was so super soft the next day!  As with their previous boxes I got a sticker and the info card detailing all the items in the boxes.Yegam-Cheese-Gratin

Our first snack from the box was Yegam Cheese Gratin.  Cheese flavoried baked potato snacks!   These are not fried but baked!  Unlike most of the potato based snacks I have seen these were actually in chip form.  The chips were very subtly cheesy with a very sweet aftertaste.  I enjoyed these, I like that most of the savory snacks I’ve gotten so far are more subtle which is completely different than American snack food which is pretty over powering.

Crown-SandoCrown Sando.  I received two kinds of these cookies.  Sweet Milk, a biscuit with sweet milk filling.  Strawberry, a biscuit with strawberry cream cheese filling.  One of Korea’s favorite snacks.  Both cookies had a very sweet vanilla cookie filled with cream, like an oreo.  The sweet milk tasted like condensed milk!  It was very good and tasted excellent with tea.  The strawberry cream was extremely sweet and tasted very much like strawberry cream cheese.  Ice-Heim

Ice Heim.  Wafer sticks filled with creamy yogurt.  Make sure to FREEZE IT!! It will taste like ice cream!  I find it strange that these yogurt filled snacks can be shipped with no worry about the yogurt going bad.  I put them in the freezer as instructed.  After a few hours they were hardened.  The yogurt had a tang like  sweetened buttermilk and the wafer is fairly bland.  Together they had a pleasant taste.  My son really enjoyed these!

handy-cafe-darkHandy Cafe Dark.  Chocolate with espresso inside!  The milk chocolate was richer than what I expected.  Inside there was an espresso concentrate, a very thick liquid.  The chocolate was great, I really liked the way it tasted.  The filling was so bitter that it was hard to taste anything else.  If you liked unsweetened dark chocolate or black espresso you probably would have enjoyed this way more than I did.  I’m glad I got to try them, but next time I think I’ll pass.

Cantata Americano.  This Korean canned coffee is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans.  You canCantata-Americano have it either hot or cold.  I wasn’t entirely sure how to heat this one up, all the instructions were in Korean!  I could read the sounds, but have no idea what the words were.  So I opted to have this cold.  I stuck it in the fridge and waited a few days.  The coffee black, which I am not personally a fan of.  I did try it without adding a bit of creamer first.  It is very smooth and not that bitter.  After I added some creamer I liked this drink a whole lot!

strawberry-peperoStrawberry Pepero.  Cookie stick coated with strawberry chocolate.  Messenger of love and friendship.  I am a fan of pepero, at least all the kinds that I’ve tried so far.  I like that these are exchanged to show affection!  The stick cookie is like a thicker pocky stick, tastes about the same too.  The coating on this particular pepero was very thick, unlike the kinds I’ve tried before.  The strawberry chocolate was sweet and had a clear strawberry taste.  I believe there was also white chocolate coating on it as well.  All together it was a very nice sweet treat.

Long Pepero.  2 long peperos!  Flavors: Cereal and Choco-cookie!  These were so very different from theLong-Pepero smaller version.  I really liked the Cereal one.  The pepero stick was like puffed rice or puffed oats, a very interesting texture and a really good taste.  The chocolate coating was rich and sweet enough to make the cookie taste sweeter.  The Choco-cookie pepero was also good.  The pepero stick on this one was like a very plain cracker, little taste at all.  The chocolate coating had cookie and crunchy bits stuck to it.  I would definitely get these two again.

Ghanna-Milk-ChocolateGhana Milk Chocolate.  Classic chocolate with rich flavor of high-content cacao.  This was some of the best bar chocolate I’ve ever had.  It was more akin to a Cadbury chocolate bar.  The chocolate was extremely rich and smooth, it just melted in your mouth.  There was a little cacao bitter aftertaste that reminded me of dark chocolate.  I could have eaten the entire thing myself!  I shared this with the hubby and he loved it just as much.  He and I agree that we would buy this all the time if it were available here!  I’m probably going to see if I can find a place to purchase it somewhere on the web.

Gateau Salty Caremel.  Soft textured chocolate cake colored and flavored with salty caramel.  Now these little individuallygateau-salty-caramel wrapped cakes were just divine!  The cake itself was very soft and moist.  It had a distinct caramel flavor to it.  The bottom was covered in a salty chocolate.  The salt taste was very mild, I could just barely taste it.  However, this was an amazing little treat!  The cake and chocolate combination was delicious!

Roly-PolyRoly Poly.Crunchy roll wafers with sweet chocolate cream.  These reminded me of Pirouette Cookies!  They looked remarkably similar.  The difference when just looking at the cookies were the center , they weren’t completely filled with chocolate, more like a straw.  The wafer straw cookie was crispy and flaky, it had a nice taste sort of like a sugar cookie.  The chocolate was nice too, a rich milk chocolate.  The hubby and I had these with tea!

Hey Denmark Berry.  Chewy soft blueberry yogurt candy. Hey-Denmark-Berry These were so good and fun!  My son and I both liked these very much.  They are little pebbles of candy that have a hard candy shell, they reminded me of extra chewy skittles in texture.  The flavor on the container showed blueberries and I can totally taste blueberry in these.  I truly enjoyed the taste and the texture together, I am hopeful that I’ll be able to find these somewhere to buy online.

Baked-Potato-StickBaked Potato Stick.  Backed potato sticks, these snacks are addicting!  These are not fried but baked!  Not fried seems to be the selling point on so many of the Korean snacks, or at least the descriptions for the items in the boxes.  Also the stick version of potato instead of a chip seems to be a big thing.  Not that I’m complaining, they are really tasty.  This particular version of the potato stick tasted like and unsalted potato chip and it really was very good.jeju-gamgyul-candy

Jeju Gamgyul Candy.  Hard candies of gamgyul.  Gamgyul is a
type of orange similar to Mandarin orange harvested in Jeju island.  They had a very strong orange taste.  I wished there were more of these little candies, they were fresh and sweet and quite delicious.

Pizza-CombPizza Comb.  This snack combines the flavors of Italian pizza and American BBQ.  These were… strange.  No one in the house really cared for them.  We even have half the bag left, which is strange for snacks from our SnackFever box!  The chip was much like the buttered corn chip, a triangle of puffed rice.  I’m not sure what didn’t work with these, but the taste was just off.  I couldn’t taste either pizza or BBQ, just like Johhny’s Seasoning Salt with a kick.Choco-Pick

Choco Pick.  Sweet and crunchy biscuit with cream chocolate dipping sauce.  This reminded me of Yan-Yan.  However, the chocolate was much richer and creamer, it sort of reminded me of frosting.  The pocky sticks were very sweet, different from many other of the pocky like sticks in the various treats that I’ve had.  The twist to this was along side the chocolate was a bin of sugar crystal/sprinkles that you could dip the chocolate covered pocky into which was fun.

Poteau-ButterLast for the Christmas Box, but certainly not least.  Poteau (Butter Flavor).  Sandwich cookie that contains cream butter.  The cracker part was super buttery, sort of like a Club cracker.  I really liked it.  The cream in the center was like when you are baking and you combine softened butter with sugar.  Super sweet, creamy, and buttery.  As a whole the cookie was so good!  The hubby and I enjoyed this very much.


That is all for the Christmas Box!

Now for the original sized December Box.  The subscription comes in two sizes, original and mini.  I’m greedy so I always go for the original box, I want more snacks!


 BioShall we get started then?  The first was Bio Candy.  3 different flavors: apple, melon, and peach.  Soft candy made out of fresh 1A grade milk.  I know that the description said soft candy, but I was expecting a harder candy.  This candy was soft and melted in my mouth.  I got the apple and the melon flavors.  The apple tasted like an apple jolly rancher.  The melon was just like watermelon bubble gum.  I really liked these candies!

Cereal Choco.  Cereal biscuits filled with chocolate!  Try Cereal-chocohaving this with milk!  I did not try these with milk, though perhaps if I did I would have liked them better.  The outer part had a very grainy taste to it and the chocolate was pretty bland.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like this one, but that they weren’t all that tasty.  If I ever come across these again I’m going to try them with milk.

Waffle-MateWaffle Mate.  Soft and thick Belgian style waffles.  These were a lot of fun.  The packaging was cute too.  Both the hubby and I enjoyed this treat a lot.  They were actually little waffles!  Pretty cute.  They looked like they were cooked on a waffle cone press/iron.  I really liked the way these tasted, it was very much like a waffle with maple syrup on it!

Premium Ghana Chocola.  Soft cake with real chocolate, 100% cocoa Premium-ghanna-chocobutter.  This is the third rendition of the Moon Pie!  It must be a pretty popular snack.  I’ve had more moon pie like snacks with these boxes than I have in years.  Not that I’m complaining, they are quite tasty.  The cake was similar to the Choco Pie from the Halloween and the October Boxes.  However, the chocolate coating was of much better quality, richer and creamier than the Choco Pie frosting.  I’ll always be happy when a moon pie shows up in my boxes, this was very good!

Poteau-cheesePoteau (Cheese Flavor).  Sandwich cookies that contains cheese.  I ate these after the Butter Flavor Poteau and it was really hard for me to really taste a difference between the two.  The cream in the middle was less buttery, but I didn’t really get a cheese flavor out of it.  The crackers tasted the same as the Buter Flavor Poteau.  I actually tasted more like potato than cheese.  They weren’t bad, but I didn’t quite taste cheese.

French Pie (Apple Flavor).  Buttery puff pastry pie with sweet French-Pieapple topping.  These were really hard to open!  The apple topping was like a thick jelly/taffy mixture and it stuck fiercely to the wrapper.  The first one I opened I nearly demolished just trying to get it out of the package.  The puff pastry was a bit bland, it didn’t have too much taste.  The apple topping was sticky and hard to chew, though it did taste like apple pie filling.  I wasn’t a huge fan of these.

KokomenKokomen.  Delicious mild chicken flavored instant noodles.  In 2011, it was ranked #1 noodle in Korea.  I, sadly, cannot handle spicy foods.  I really wish that I could, I see so many dishes that I really want to eat while watching dramas like ddeokbokki.  I’m pretty sure that would melt my face off though!  So I employed the hubby to eat these for me!  He said that they had a very subtle chicken flavor.  Better flavor than the ramen we usually eat.  The noodles were thicker and better tasting too.  The broth was a nice combination of spicy and salty.

Lotte Crushed Pear.  Juice made of natural, fresh pear.  Did you Lotte-crushed-pearknow Korean pear juice can prevent hangover?  I realize that crushed is in the title, but I honestly was just expecting juice!  However, it was truly just crushed pear, there were bits of pear flesh in the drink and it was super nice and tasty.  I really liked this, it had a bright and fresh taste.  I’d totally buy this again.

Honey-tong-tongHoney Tong Tong.  Premium honey flavored potato puffs.  Honey butter flavor is very popular in Korea right now.  The chip was again similar to the puffed rice chip that has popped up in other treats.  The flavoring had a very strong butter taste to it, I couldn’t really taste too much honey.  The hubby really liked these, way more than I did.  He said he tasted the honey as much as the butter.

Cheese Choco Pick.  Sweet and crumchy baked biscuit sticks andCheese-choco-pick creamy cheese & chocolate dipping sauce.  The sticks were like sugar cookies and very tasty on their own.  The chocolate dipping sauce was super rich and creamy.  While the cheese dipping sauce tasted like super sweet cheese whiz.  This was an interesting treat, I wasn’t too impressed with combining the two dipping sauces, though I liked them each on their own.

That is the end of the December box!  Thanks for joining me for another SnackFever review!  As always if you are interested in SnackFever I’d appreciate if you used my referral site to sign up for the service!



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