At First Glance: A Witch’s Romance

Witch’s Romance

This drama has been very-very high on my “watch list” for a long time.  In truth I was so extremely excited when it aired.  Why didn’t I watch it then you ask?  Well I had just finished My Queen, which is the Taiwanese drama that it is a remake of.  With that drama fresh in my mind I was hesitant to watch the Korean Version.

The main reason was simply that I loved My Queen so much that I went back and re-watched several of my favorite scenes as soon as I finished the last episode.  Ethan Ruan’s love for his Noona was the best, seriously one of my absolute favorite dramas and favorite examples of a Noona Romance done right!  So I didn’t want to be constantly comparing A Witch’s Romance to My Queen.  So I put it on my watch list for a later date.

Secondly, I wanted the story to be a little fresher.  I’ve watched several renditions of the same story throughout many cultures before.  For example the Playful Kiss story.  When I watched the Taiwanese version almost directly after the Korean version it felt a little stale, despite the fact I liked the Taiwanese version much better.

Then 2015 happened and I was only active in blogging and watching dramas 6 months of the whole year, and that was spread out pretty sporadically.  Adding into that I only watched 6 actual dramas the whole year I never got around to A Witches Romance again.  However!  I am remedying that right now!

So far I’ve got 5 episodes under my belt.  I’m actually glad that I waited until now to watch.  The story is new(ish) and I am glad to find that I’m not constantly comparing to My Queen.  Of course I am mentally marking the similarities as the story unfolds, but it is a retelling of the same story so that is hard to avoid.

What do I love?  You do ask the best questions!  I love  Uhm Jung Hwa!  Her sassy and yet vulnerable take on the main lead is fantastic!  She has depth and I can see her working to uphold the cold witch facade that has kept her heart safe.  On the flip side I love those moments when her walls crumble down and you can see the soft and loving woman hidden within.  Then of course there’s the dongsaeng, Park Seo Joon!  *Squee*  Yup, he’s fantastic.  Enough confidence to make him a man in her eyes, and yet a perfect mix of youth and inexperience.  His love for his Noona is going to be epic I can just tell!  Plus these two have some really fantastic chemistry!

I can’t wait to see this drama through to the end!


4 thoughts on “At First Glance: A Witch’s Romance

  1. Yes, and yes! Uhm Jung Hwa is fantastic in this, and OMG Park Seo Joooonn~! Stole my heart good and proper, he’s so, so melty and his delivery, so good! SUCH a fine young actor. ❤ Glad you're enjoying your watch, my dear! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been saving this drama, but I really can’t wait to watch it. I hadn’t even heard of Park Seo Joon when I first added it to my list, but now that I’ve seen him in two other dramas, I want to see it even more!


  3. I’m so glad I found your blog, Drama Noona! This sub-genre is one of my favorites too and this drama, especially. Her dancing scenes, omg. The jokes that kept repeating in the episodes, the genuine affection the characters have for each other, I could go on! I’m glad you’re covering this one.


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