UnBoxing: December Japan Yum Box


After I posted my first review of a snack box I got a coupon code for a percentage off of a Japan Yum Box!  Since I’ve had so much fun with the others I thought I’d give it a go!  The first thing I noticed was that I really liked their website.  It is extremely intuitive, easy to use, and informative.  Before signing up for my first box I spent awhile looking around the website and I was able to easily understand the product and what I could expect from my box.  Additionally, the service was fantastic and the staff very welcoming!  I sent a few emails with questions.  All in all, I am very happy with the product and website overall.

As with my other snack box services I received emails to update me when the box went out and when it was delivered.  I really appreciate that!  It was promised to be delivered around the 21st.  However, with the Christmas holiday it was shipped earlier to be sure that I received it in time.

Now let’s take a look at the box itself!  Compared to my other snack boxes this one was much smaller with fewer items.  The downside to this box is that it is $5 more than the Korean version that I get.

japan-yum_07The first item in the box is Meiji – Mi no Nazo Cider.  Cider flavored candies that create a mystery flavor when combined.  What I noticed right away is that they candy smelled like circus peanuts, you know those orange candies in the shape of peanut shells?  I don’t care for them myself.  In the package there are two sizes, a flat pill like shape and an oblong one.  The pill shape is a pressed power in a candy shell and the oblong one is like a Mike and Ike in texture.  I couldn’t tell the difference in taste between the two or taste a new flavor when I combined them.  All in all they tasted like bottle cap candies.  They were pretty tasty.

Meiji – Sushi Fruit Gummies.  Fruit flavored gummies shaped like japan-yum_08all your favorite sushi dishes.  They were on a tray of plastic in all shapes and colors of various types of sushi.  They were each tiny, about the size of a dime each.  As with the Cider candies I had a difficult time telling the difference in taste between the different colors and tastes.  To me they all tasted like gummy worms, but despite not being tell the difference I really liked them.

japan-yum_05Lotte – Hello Kitty Lottepie.  A marshmallow cookie sandwich covered in delicious chocolate.  It was basically a moon-pie.  I’m convinced that Asian cultures are obsessed with this treat.  I’ve gotten it in two of my Korean boxes too! The cookie part of this pie was very subtly flavored, it wasn’t very sweet, but it had a good flavor.  The cake was moister than the Korean version I had before.

japan-yum_04Gilco – Cream Collon.  A crispy cookie roll filled with a creamy vanilla center.  Every have the snack Combo?  These totally looked like Combos!  Except with a cookie outside and a frosting center.  The cookie was more like a pocky cracker.  The inner frosting was like a super sweet buttercream frosting.  I really liked these!

japan-yum_09Meiji – Kinoko Takenoko Fukuro.  Kinoko (mushroom) and takenoko (bamboo) shaped chocolate biscuits.   The Bamboo cookies were made from something similar to graham cracker.  It had a chocolate coating that looked like bamboo.  It was good, but I liked the other one better.  The mushroom cookie had a pocky like stick with a lump of milk chocolate at the tope shaped like the top of a mushroom.  This one was really good!  The chocolate was richer and the combination with the pocky was great.

Maruta – Muscat Melon Jelly DIY Kit.  Just add water and mix to make your own cup of muscat-melon flavored jelly.  This one wasjapan-yum_06 really strange!  It was a little plastic cup, a stiff short straw, and powder.  I mixed water into the powder and stirred.  All the instructions were in Japanese so I had to sort of figure it out.  Eventually I discovered that I had to stir it constantly for the liquid to become a jelly.  It was neon green and looked like GAK.  I tasted it once, but couldn’t get over the texture.

Kabaya – Shuwabo Garitto Grape.  A chewy grape flavored taffy japan-yum_02with fizzy and crunchy bits of sour cola powder inside.  The taffy part is like a laffy taffy, the same sort of texture and chewiness.  The taffy part tasted like grape bubblegum.  The crunchy bits were an interesting add to the taffy.  Once chewed they fuzzed just like pop rocks.  As a whole I really liked this one.

Lastly a pen was added as a gift!  The Holiday Gift – Kawaii Capsule japan-yum_10
Pen.  As a bonus Christmas present, enjoy this unique cute emoticon capsule pen!  It looks like a medicine pill but extends out to a fully functional pen!  I gave this to my son and he really loves it.

All in all the box was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I signed up for it!  If you’re interested you should check out the Japan Yum site!




One thought on “UnBoxing: December Japan Yum Box

  1. What a cute pen! I can see why your son loves it! 😉 Out of the bunch of snacks you mentioned, I’m only familiar with the Collon one – it IS quite tasty, if you like sweets! ^^

    Also, just a suggestion.. maybe you could consider including pix of the snacks inside their packages, so it’s easier to match them to your description? 🙂


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