Oh My Venus: Episode 13


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Back to the moments before the crash.  We discover that Hye Ran is also involved, she realized what her crazy brother was going to do and drove off to stop him.  She’s hurt too, and requires surgery.  The moron Executive Choi ends up with a bump on his head and nothing more.  At stupid-brotherleast he has the decency to be human and show remorse when he realizes that it is his sister in the car.  All parties are rushed to the Gahong hospital and Sung Chul is there watching Young Ho being wheeled past and he remembers the past and the pain Young Ho went through as a child.  The F3 boys show up as well and the pain they feel is intense.  Sung Joon misses the appointment with his mom as he’s lost in the pain of the moment.  Joo Eun is left in the dark, no one tells her and she thinks Young Ho just didn’t show.  Though the next morning Sung Joon does meet up with his mom and it is so bittersweet.  He’s hurting from Young Ho’s accident and happy that he is getting to hug his mom for the first time.

At the hospital Executive Choi is given the good news that his sister will survive after the just-a-bothersurgery.  Young Joon wakes up and admits that he felt that he was the cause of all the problems in the family and his Uncle and Father would be happier if he didn’t exist.  So he took the drugs in an attempt to die.  Woo Sik arrives and Executive Choi asks a personal favor of him.  Finally realizing that he was super dumb and nothing that angered him the day before was worth the anguish of today.

Joo Eun realizes that Soo Jin has cancelled all meetings and hasn’t arrived at the office since the inauguration dinner.  She goes to Soo Jin’s house to check on her.  Sung Chul is at the hospital again with Chief Min and they receive the doctor’s report about Young Ho’s condition.  He’s pretty bad off, there’s no guarantee he’ll ever walk again.  Chief Min explains the accident and all participants to Sung Chul and they agree to force all parties to sign a settlement and keep this under wraps.

Soo Jin is just under the weather, probably because of her emotional pain.  Joo Eun tries to take cat-fightcare of her by making her a porridge thing.  She also scolds Soo Jin for taking her medicine with alcohol along with another myriad of other things.  They have it out… sort of.  They talk loudly and accuse one another of old hurts that were blown out of proportion because neither one of them talked to the other when the incident happened.  Years old pains come to light and after their talk they forgive one another everything and have a semi-sort of friendship again.

The F3 are given permission to see Young Ho, but they are so distraught it is hard for them not so-many-tearsto cry.  Young Ho is only concerned with his younger brothers and they can hardly hold it together.  Young Ho also demands that they keep Joo Eun in the dark because he doesn’t want her to see him like that.  He can’t handle her crying over him.  Let me take a moment to say this is a whole new level of selfish BS!  If you love someone, are their partner, will be their one and only for all eternity then you let them in.  If you cannot be there to support one another through every up and down, no matter how severe then you are not truly meant to be.  Being in love is more than kisses and intimacy and being together.  It is becoming a unit, an entity that remains together and survives together.  Ok… rant done.  Joo Eun does corner the boys and they eventually take her to the hospital where Young Ho is.

Chief Min refuses to let her see him per Young Ho’s instructions.  He can hear her in the hallway causing a ruckas and sends a text “tap tap” to indicate that she needs to let go.  Ugh!  yup-more-tearsThis goes back to my rant above.  Seriously!  This whole part of the episode makes me angry.  Finally Chief Min lets her talk to him through the door.  She pours her heart out to him, supporting him in a way that he doesn’t deserve in this moment.  She gives him her whole heart and he cowardly keeps her far away.

In another room Grandma visits Hye Ran and thanks her for what she did to stop her brother, but she admits that her brother’s actions make it impossible for her to allow her to remain with the family.  I mean, I get it, her only blood nearly died.  But holding Hye Ran accountable for her stupid brother’s mistakes.  Afterwards Grandma leaves in a deep and heavy depression.  Executive Choi visits his sister and she reveals Young Ho’s childhood secret about his illnesses and why she has remained by her husband’s side despite her brother’s urging.  At Gahong Executive Choi submits his resignation via Soo Jin and with Woo Sik’s assistance.  Afterwards Woo Sik and Soo Jin share a quiet moment in which he admits that he has done many things wrong and they sort of iron out their issues.  As with her discussion with Joo Eun it all seems too easy.

Joo Eun’s brother and wife are expecting a baby and her mother demands to meet her new man.  Watching her brother and his wife, looking at the picture of her father, and also with her mother she reminisces about all her Young Ho memories.  We see a montage of moments as she does all the little things he told her to do in order to stay healthy, but with no life in her all-alone-sadnessexpression or heart.  We see her crying at the drop of a hat, even while meeting with her clients.  She continues to work as the seasons pass, though she often hallucinates that Young Ho is there.  She texts him constantly but never once does he contact her back.  The F3 boys work hard and Joon Sung wins his championship though Ji Woong still can’t get into the marines.  Despite them all being abandoned by Young Ho their lives go on.

Finally with another hallucination in her way Joo Eun just keeps walking, but she walks right into Young Ho who is real this time.  He’s knitted her a scarf and places that around her neck while she’s in shock that he’s real.  After a quick demonstration that his leg is fine they hug desperately while she cries yet again.  I hate the separation trope a lot!  And this one probably he-is-realmore than most,  A whole year he’s been gone and never once talked to her or spoke to her or told her that he was ok or that he loved her.  And yet the second he shows up she’s totally ok with it and they’re in love just the way they were.  So much grrr in this episode for me!






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