Oh My Venus: Episode 12


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

We pick up a few moments before episode 11 ended, Joo Eun discovers Young Ho collapsed in a dark room.  Fast forwarding through the epic pep talk Young Ho enters the dining room where everyone is waiting.  Finally he announces himself as the new head of Gahong, downfall-01crushing Executive Choi’s dreams in the process.  Even Ye Jin is there, she’s apparently the daughter of one of the big wigs in Gahong.  After the reception Executive Choi calls and berates Hye Ran for not showing up, scolding her for not thinking about her son.  Young Joon just happens to be there too and overhears, he feels burdened that he is the cause for his Uncles distress.

With the fanfare of reporters Young Ho leaves, but Joo Eun is hurt in the process.  another-rescueEscaping the reporters Young Ho returns to save her, but the F3 boyos have already got her covered.   They take her home and Young Ho leaves to rest for his new duties which start the next day.   Soo Jin leaves the party too, though she is looking way worse for the wear.  Woo Sik is there to catch her as she nearly faints.  He takes her home and they share a moment in which he reminds her that he sees her for the good woman she keeps hidden in her heart.

Joo Eun’s mom is there when the boys drop her off and I love Ji Woong he hugs Joo Eun’s mom in that famous bear hug.  Before the boys can leave she insists on feeding the young men, so they stay and share a family meal.  Joo Eun’s mom adores the boys and they love her in return, it is really super cute.  That night, Young Ho is resting and Joo Eun is in bed.  The share another adorable text conversation.  I am really a big fan of their texting conversations.


Soo Jin doesn’t show up for work, so Joo Eun’s meetings are canceled.  There’s a moment of concern from Joo Eun, but she doesn’t think too long on it.  Young Ho is given a flower from Chief Min at the office, their bromance is just the best!  Chief Min assures him the John Kim scandal is being taken care of.  The board of directors appear and it seems that there is peace in the office, despite Executive Choi’s best efforts.  He tries to get into Young Ho’s good graces, but Young Ho isn’t having any of that.

During their lunch breaks Young Ho checks up on Joo Eun via texts, making sure that she’s eating and using caught-in-the-actgood posture to care for her foot.  She lies and tells him she’s behaving but he’s there watching her and she gets caught in the act.  He takes her out, wrapped up in his arms so the whole office knows she’s dating.  Young Ho says he has to finish something that he started, Joo Eun immediately thinks of their warm and erotic night.  Instead he takes her back to the medical center where they first measured her body fat and got her blood test.

Afterwards he treats her to a super sweet coffee with whipped cream, but also makes her sit through his comparing her first result to her second test result.  Though he does tell her that it isn’t her shell that he’s worried about he feels that her insides are pretty and that is what matters with her being healthy as a close second.  At the Gahong mansion Hye Ran and Grandma share a strained goodbye.  Grandma admits that she never opened her heart  to Hye Ran, and in an attempt to console her now that she’s kicking her out she gives her money.

a-new-startJoo Eun goes to Hyun Woo’s house to talk with Min Joon’s nanny.  In a super heartbreaking discussion she finally convinces Sung Joon’s mom to meet with him.  I’m really glad that they wrapped this bit up, I wanted the stoic Sung Joon to have his mommy again.  Joo Eun discovers that Young Ho knew all along, but never pushed the issue but instead promised that he’d protect Sung Joon always.  Young Ho visits his father at the office and admits that he will not be signing off on Executive Choi’s VVIP Lounge, though he’s sadly disappointed if he was seeking approval from his father.  Though his dad does tell him that he should come to the house as Grandma wants to have dinner for his birthday.

The F3 boys are preparing for a Christmas party which also doubles as a birthday party for Young Ho.  Chief Min can’t come, but he stops by to say hi and they wish him a Merry Christmas through the front door video viewer.  They had the best time, singing and playing and eating.  Seeing all of the boys laugh and smile like that was just about the best thing ever!  They play games and just enjoy their little family all night long.


As the party winds down we see all the lonely people, Joo Eun’s mom, Hye Ran, Sung Joon’s mom… it is really quite sad.  Additionally we see Young Joon being rolled through a hospital on a stretcher.  As Joo Eun and mom-calledYoung Ho are saying good night Joon Sung comes running down the stairs, his mom called and wants to meet him!  Oh my gosh this is just the best!  He looks happy and scared and emotionally full all at the same time.  Young Ho gives him the keys to his car and his wallet so that he can take his mom out to a really nice meal.

Hye Ran gets the call from the hospital about her son and rushes there, daddy Sung Chul follows behind.  He has zero emotions about the entire deal.  Executive Choi arrives too while the doctor tells Hye Ran that Young Joon overdosed on drugs.  Hye Ran cries over her son while he sleeps after the doctor’s pumped his stomach.  While Executive Choi confronts Sung Chul over his lack of empathy or reaction at all to the scene.  Enraged beyond logical thought or reason Executive Choi makes a dangerous choice.  With vengeance in his heart he calls his people and demands they find where Young Ho is.

Chief Min is there and hears the entire conversation.  Quickly he calls Young Ho and warns him to stay safe in his house.  But Young Ho can’t he has given his car to Sung Joon and now his little brother is in danger of whatever crazy plan Executive Choi has started.  He races out in another car to find Sung Joon.  Executive Choi drives recklessly towards what he believes to be Young Ho.  With luck Young Ho discovers them on the road and swerves to block Executive Choi just as he tries to run Sung Joon off the road.  There is a huge collision, everyone but Sung Joon crashes.  Seeing the wreck behind him Sung Joon pulls over and approaches the cars.  He finds Young Ho near death… and the episode ends!!



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