Oh My Venus: Episode 11


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

It seems to be a theme with this show that the first few episodes of the recent episode backtracks from where the previous episode left us.  Not that I mind… but it sort of ruins the flow for me.  We get left at this moment, which is usually emotionally charged and when we tune back in we are taken out of that moment.  If we needed to feel/know that stuff shouldn’t it have been in there in the first place?  Ah well, at this point I doubt that the show is going to change so let’s move on!

We’re moved back in time to the moment that Executive Choi gives Woo Sik the order to release the news that Young Ho is John Kim.  The news spreads like wildfire and we see individual reactions to it from Chief Min, Grandma, Daddy Sung Chul, Joo Eun, and of course Young Ho himself.  No one is happy, plus Young Ho can’t go home or to the company as there is a huge horde of reporters at both locations so he ends up at Joo Eun’s place.


Tough-guyThe stress of the day catches up to him and after Joo Eun tucks him into bed he is wracked by the phantom pain in his leg.  It’s a pretty bad episode, but per his wish he leaves him to handle it on his own.  Joo Eun calls Joon Sung and let’s him know that Young Ho is with her.  After the call Joon Sung sinks into thought and we get a flashback.  Now, I’ve been watching some discourse on my Twitter feed and Facebook about flashback scenes.  Some dislike them and feel that they are used when there isn’t enough story.  I’m on the side that enjoys them actually.  Personally, I like seeing these tidbits of the past.  Seeing how relationships were formed and how they influenced the character that we see today in the drama.  Though, I will admit that the show does use them a lot.  A flashback almost every episode might be considered too much, but so far I do enjoy seeing where the characters came from.

This one Joon Sung is hiding from two thugs, he’s beat to hell and shot.  Young Ho discovers him and takes him back to his place to patch him up.  Joon Sung is full of much anger, but Young Ho reaches him and this is the beginning of their relationship.  Back in the present Yi Jin is there with him at the gym.  They have a cute moment and she is much less in your face than she has been.  They still haven’t given Yi Jin much depth and we’re getting close to the end of the season now, I’m thinking that my hopes will be dashed.  Yi Jin seems to be destined to be fluff and a bit of comedic relief.

The next morning the boys are there and Joo Eun cooks breakfast for the F3.  She informs them she robocopshas a rigorous exercise program planned for the day.  They end up dressed with puffy coats and those huge sun visors, Ji Woong compares them to robocop (cute!).  The program turns out to be a hike in the mountains with ahjummas!  It is pretty cute seeing them interact with the women and watching Joo Eun and Young Ho being wonderfully cute together.  After the hike Young Ho sends Joo Eun off to work to earn them lots of money, I love their chemistry and their interactions.  Chief Min shows up shortly after to provide Young Ho with a report of the John Kim situation.  Young Ho decides to face the problem head on and go to the big house and face his father, pushing his way through the sea of reporters.

stay-away-foreverOnce inside Young Ho kneels before his father, it is so hard to read the man.  But I am glad to see that Young Ho is owning up to the mistakes of his past.  Meanwhile Joo Eun is following up on the case for Joon Sung, it seems his mother gave birth before going to jail for murdering her husband?  This point I’m not entirely sure about.  But something was cleared up this time.  Minn Joon’s grandmother isn’t his grandmother but his nanny, the one that was being beaten by her drunkard husband.  And that nanny is also Joon Sung’s mother.  I was super confused over this, but now it all makes so much more sense.  Also, at the same time, Joon Sung is trying to give his mother a coat, but she returns it and demands that he never come there again.

Young Ho’s bumming around at home and Hyun Woo shows up with Min Joon and cutely gets Young Ho to babysit, not that she gives him any chance to say no.  So Young Ho is left with the adorable and bumbly Min Joon.  Back at Gahong Executive Choi is trying to get Chul Sung to sign off on the VVIP Lounge idea, which is way super shady.  He refuses.  Which of course just angers Executive Choi and he threatens to make thing seven harder for Young Ho as he takes over being the Director.

Hyun Woo and Joo Eun meet up to discuss Min Joon’s nanny and Joon Sung.  They run into PD Ko and Soo Jin.  All parties are highly suspicious of one another, and they all know that the PD is the one who gave up the John Kim secret.  Back home, after Min Joon is picked up, they share a sweet moment stay-with-me-forevertogether.  Though she lays out the rule that there will be no hanky-panky going on while he’s staying with her.  He teases her but they end up in separate beds.  Once she’s asleep he goes to the lap top and takes a look at the current state of affairs and calls Chief Min.  Young Ho is not one to run away from things for long and it is in this moment that he’s decided that they will push through and face it head on.

There’s trouble in paradise for Soo Jin and Woo Sik.  He’s come to ask about her
meeting with PD Ko.  Soo Jin is still giving Woo Sik no quarter.  She informs him that she is, after all, Young Ho’s lawyer and it is her job to keep his reputation intact.  It was her job to quell the John Kim story, though she did her best to keep Woo Sik’s name out of it.  Much to his surprise, he wasn’t appropriately grateful if you ask me.  Back at the office the next day Soo Jin is back to her old spiteful ways.  I have to say, that her trouble-in-paradisecharacter is one of the most interesting of the lot.  She’s hateful and mean, yet seeing her story it makes sense.  I want her to grow and love herself despite her outward appearance or what others think about her.

That night Joo Eun’s own rules are challenged when she sees Young Ho in nothing but a bath robe.  His abs cause her to seriously reconsider her whole “no hanky-panky” rule.  To the point in which she does her best to seduce him.  Young Ho flips the tables on her and they are poised to have a warm and erotic night together!  But they are interrupted by Chief Min at the door who has come to retrieve Young Ho so he might prepare to enter the fight.  He promises that they will continue soon and leaves with Chief Min.  sweet-kisses-again

The next day is the BIG day, the anniversary dinner in which Young Ho will announce that he is taking over.  It is a really important day, everyone’s there.  Joo Eun, the F3 boys, Grandma, Daddy, Soo Jin, Woo Sik, and Executive Choi.  It is a huge affair with the board of directors and special guests… but when Young Ho is supposed to arrive you-can-survive-thishe’s nowhere to be found.  Chief Min, Joo Eun, and the F3 boys begin to search high and low at the hotel.  Joo Eun happens to stumble on him in a darkened room off the beaten path.  The pain in his knee has returned for one of his extremely excruciating attacks.  Young Ho is incapacitated and convinced that he won’t be able to move let alone attend the dinner.  Joo Eun forces him to listen and gives him a pep talk, despite the fact that she doesn’t say she loves him the whole speech is about love.

With that he’s able to overcome the attack and straighten himself up to be presentable.  The episode ends with him entering the dining hall and announcing his status as the next president of the company.



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