At First Glance: Ohitorisama


The basic idea of this drama is about a 33 year old single woman, Akiyama Satomi, who lives alone and teaches at her all girls alma mater.  At work and in her professional life she is a perfectionist and strives to be the best at what she does.  At home she’s likes things a certain way and doesn’t see the need to tidy up, not that she can’t but that she chooses not to.  She is a strong woman, she knows what she likes, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and determined to get things done.  One of her peers has left their post and the principle  hires a part-timer to be the substitute.  In comes bumbling, clumsy, soft spoken, insecure Kamisaka Shinichi who is ten years Akiyama’s junior.

If you’ve stumbled about my blog before then I’m certain you know why I’ve picked this drama up.  The Noona Romance of course!  My unspoken goal for my 2016 Drama Resolutions is to watch as many of the Noona Romances that I have listed on the Noona Meter as I can.

So far this drama is not one of my favorites.  I’m 4 episodes into the 10 episode run.  My plan is to finish as they are under an hour each and I only have 6 to go.  However, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to hang.  The acting is… choppy at best.  It swings from rigid and stiff to way over the top reactions and comic like expressions/body language.  It might just be the style of this sort of drama, but it makes it very hard for me to watch.

As far as the Noona Romance goes, it hasn’t started yet.  With such a short run I’m disappointed that the two leads have not grown closer yet.   Neither of them have started to get that flutter of feelings for the other.  However, there has been some character growth.  Each lead has grown up some.  Which brings me to my other issue with the show.  Akiyama is so strong and successful, but so naive that it is painful.  While Kamisaka is so soft spoken and inexperienced in life that he feels more like a teenager than a young man.

The show is also flirting around the idea of a birth secret, not so secretly.  In fact, they are being so obvious with it that I cannot believe that everyone doesn’t already know!  It is really frustrating to have it constantly in my face and yet the whole cast is oblivious.  I’m not a fan of the birth secret trope myself, but if you’re going to do it at least be secretive about the secret.

I’m not overly excited thus far into my watch, but hopefully it gets better!


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