2016: New Year Drama Resolutions!


Asian Dramas have become such a major part of my life now that it is extremely strange to think that I only tumbled down this path a few short years ago.  I wish I had marked on the calendar the day I first found a K-Drama.  By my best deduction/recollection it was sometime in May of 2013.  Though that’s iffy.  I have a vague memory of watching Boys Over Flowers during my Christmas break which would have placed it in December 2012.  The date doesn’t much matter, though it would be nice to know.  Regardless, I’ve been on this journey for about 3 years (give or take a few months).  However, it feels strange to me that there was once a time that I did not watch Asian Drams.

I am constantly thankful that I found my way here to the blogsphere and dramaland.  The friends I have made through mutual love of the K-Ent and Asian Drama worlds are some of the most lovely, phenomenal, creative, and caring people I’ve ever “met”.  I am so happy to be on this journey with all of you!  And cannot wait to see what new adventures we can find in 2016!!

It’s that time of year again when I set myself some Drama Resolutions!  First, I want to take a quick peek at what I had vowed to try and accomplish in 2015.  With the first long (pronounced very long) 2057165-1920x1080-Welcome-2016hiatus in 2015 my Drama Resolution post was written about halfway through the year.  Which was compounded by my taking a second hiatus after that, I didn’t get as much checked off the list as I would have liked.  But!  I have high hopes that 2016 will be so much better!

First I wanted to watch more drams to be able to write more reviews and posts.  This one, sadly, goes into the Did Not Accomplish column.  I only watched 5 dramas in 2015.  However, I did manage to review one and have notes prepped and ready to write reviews on 3 of the others!  We can add four more to this column right away, Do More Interviews, Have a Guest Blogger, Have a Squeefest, and Write more Heart Murmurs.  With my being gone more than half the year I barely had enough time to keep the blog afloat.

I am happy to report that I did manage a few things off the list.  First is that I managed to keep updating the Noona Meter.  It is not a perfect list, but I hope that it can at least provide a good starting point for those looking for a Noona Romance.  Amazingly, the Noona Meter was the top reason people 2059275-1920x1080-Winter-New-Yearvisited my blog in 2015!  To me that is totally and completely awesome!  Additionally, I managed to buy more K-Pop (lots of K-Pop) and I am loving every minute of this new obsession.  I had wanted to coax the hubs into watching another drama, that didn’t happen.  However!  I have gotten him completely hooked on Running Man.  He’s watched about 45-ish episodes now.  I call that win!

My favorite accomplishment from my 2015 Resolution list is that I have been working really hard at learning Korean!  I have now memorized the complete Hangul characters!  I can read about 50 words and know their meanings.  It is a fairly humble beginning, but I cannot help but be so extremely proud of this!

2060208-1920x1080-2016-winterNow, let’s talk about what I’d like to do in 2016!  There will be a few things that carry over from 2015 so I’ll begin there.

  1. Do more interviews.  There are so many vastly different and extremely interesting Asian Drama fans out there!
  2. Have a squeefest.  Get together via Skype or Google Talk or someother medium to squee over dramas!
  3. Have a guest blogger or seven!
  4. Continue to update the Noona Meter.  If you have titles that I need to add please let me know!
  5. Write more Heart Murmurs!
  6. Get the Hubs to watch another drama.  There are a few titles that have tempted him, so I’m hopeful I can get this one checked off soon.
  7. Keep learning Korean!

That in and of itself is a rather hefty list!  But I want to add just a few more.2062251-1920x1080-Bright-2016

  1. Catch up on some excellent dramas that aired in 2015.
  2. Watch more dramas that will be airing in 2016.
  3. Continue to watch dramas from my ever growing list on the Noona Meter.

Well that’s it folks!  My 2016 Drama Resolutions!  What are you looking to accomplish in the new year?  Let’s compare and cheer one another on!  Happy New Year Dramaland!  Hwaighting!


6 thoughts on “2016: New Year Drama Resolutions!

  1. Isn’t it weird to remember vaguely back to a time when you didn’t realize the world of Asian dramas existed? It’s so much part of me now that I can’t clearly envision the time before it. I mean, I obviously just fangirled over other relatively obscure things, but more to myself as I didn’t really have any online presence. And even with Asian dramas (which I started watching in about 2005), it was more of a solo obsession until I started interacting with fandom proper in 2011 when I started my tumblr blog. Enough of my rambling though, I just wanted to say I’m happy to see you posting more frequently! And despite the fact that I’ve swung back around to watching almost exclusively J-dramas, I still look forward to being tempted by your Noona Meter entries! 2016 Fighting!


    1. It is so weird! I’m so glad that I discovered this world, I never want to go back to that time living without it. I fangirled to the Hubs but way back then he just sort of looked at me with this strange expression. I came into the game much later, at the end of 2013. I started interacting with other fans and started up my blog and it was awesome to have a place to gush and squee and fangirl and feeling like I belonged! I am so happy that my life has evened out and I am able to post more frequently! It sure does feel great! I’ve been dipping my toe into the J-Drama scene too. I just completed Second Love and From Five to Nine!! Whoohoo! I am constantly updating the Noona Meter so hopefully something grabs your attention! 2016 Hwaighting!!


  2. Great resolutions for the year ahead! I too can’t hardly imagine life before kdramas. I actually remember my kdrama birthday. I technically watched my first two episodes of a drama on Thanksgiving night a couple years ago, but I don’t actually count that since I didn’t watch any more of that one.

    They picqued my interest enough to head over to Google and find out what the deal was with kdramas. I researched some popular dramas and then on December 27 I started Full House. That one sucked me in and 2 days later I emerged a new person. I’m still completely addicted and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


    1. Thank you!! So far I am doing really well with them! I’ve already completed 4 dramas this year, 2 more and I will have completed the same number as I watched in 2015! I really wish that I remembered my K-Drama birthday hehe but regardless I’m just happy that I found my way here! I’ve never watched Full House, though I have tried to watch some of the older-ish classics. I totally agree, I’m glad I found my to Asian Dramas and I totally wouldn’t have it any other way!


  3. Wow, you’ve got your work cut out for ya in 2016, what with so many drama related goals! 😉 I haven’t thought about any drama related goals for myself.. I can’t decide whether I should aim to keep watching as much drama as I did in 2015, or if I should aim to cut down! XD Anyhoo, more than anything, have fun while you tackle your 2016 drama resolutions my dear! 🙂

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    1. I’m feeling refreshed and life has calmed down so much for me that I thought I might as well make a few stretch goals for myself! You watched a ton in 2015! Though you impressed me with the amount of blog posts that you were able to able to write in between all of those dramas you watched! You’re awesome Chaebol! I am already having a great time in 2016! I’ve completed 4 dramas already lol! Making up for lost time to be sure! I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you Chaebol!!


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