Oh My Venus: Episode 10


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

It seems to be the trend for this particular show that the opening scene of the new 2-important-peopleepisode backtracks some from where the last episode ended.  It feels a little awkward at times, but I do like the little insights into the scene that we left with the last episode.  In this episode we see Hyun Woo grilling Young Ho and Joo Eun at her restaurant.  Consequently, her ex hubby PD Ko shows up to give her child support and sees Joo Eun with Young Ho.  Not sure exactly why this was important enough to backtrack for.  Also we get a super-duper cute seen of Joon Sung and Ji Woong talking about Joo Eun and Young Ho dating, Ji Woong says he’s happy because it feels like his mom has finally found someone.  Then we’re brought back to the moment that Young Ho admits he’s dating Joo Eun to Chief Min, the two centers of his disparate lives.

more-sorrySoo Jin meets Woo Sik at a bar, the boy is still pretty clueless as to why Soo Jin is less than thrilled with him.  It is a wonder that Joo Eun was able to stay with him for as long as she did.  Woo Sik is the a selfish man who is focused on his own goals and career, Soo Jin is nothing more than an after thought.  Plus!  He’s still hung up on Joo Eun even though he was the one to break things off with her.   I do appreciate that she coolly shuts him down and asks that if he is only going to say that he’s sorry that she’d rather do that through texts.

Back to the OTP!  Young Ho asks if she would like to spend an erotic night with him, tono-funny-business which she says no funny business.  Even so far as separate beds, because they need to stay up all night talking.  I do like that, we get to see them bonding even more, understanding one another more, becoming a real couple.  Joo Eun concedes that they can share the same bed, but can only touch hands and feet.  It is really adorable!  She hugs his foot and uses it as a microphone to answer his questions while he continuously boops her toes.  When she finally falls asleep he watches her with that love-struck look and it is just the best.  When Young Ho wakes the next day Joo Eun has left, but she’s given the F3 some presents on her way out.  For the boys she has left mini Super Girl and Wonder Woman figures wishing that they will find their true loves.  For Young Ho a book about how to date properly.  And!  She has made a home cooked meal from scratch that she insist they eat.  Joo Eun has gone to her new apartment to unpack some before going to work.


At the law firm Soo Jin reminds her that the Gahong group is coming, but her presence won’t be needed for this meeting.  Also she tries to get a rise out of Joo Eun insinuating that she won’t be able to work this case because of her relationship with Young Ho.  The small little power plays that Soo Jin tries are further insight into her character.  She wants desperately to be happy and can’t find happiness in herself, so she feels that she must find happiness in making others unhappy.  I really-really hope that we continue to see glimpses into Soo Jin.

For a quick moment we get to see Hye Ran’s relationship Grandma now since Young shunnedHo’s official return.  Not only is Hye Ran and Sung Chul kicked out of the house, but Grandma goes out of her way to shun her when in public.  We see a bunch of well to do ladies talk (very loudly) behind Hye Ran’s back before latching onto Grandma.  We know so little about Hye Ran at this point I don’t know if we are supposed to feel sorry for her or that she deserves the treatment.  With Grandma’s attitude it feels like it is supposed to be the latter, but again I’m not sure.

We get a tiny glimpse of the OTP again as they text one another, it is really a super cute thing.  I enjoy the little text bubbles that pop up as they send messages back and forth.  At Gahong Young Ho has moved into his huge big head honcho office and is preparing bad-communication-skillsfor a first meeting with the directors.  Soo Jin is there as well to handle any legal affairs which might crop up during his take over.  Woo Sik is there as Executive Choi’s second in command as well.  There’s trouble in the board room, Young Ho isn’t keen on completing the lounge Woo Sik and Executive Choi have been working on.  Also there’s trouble in paradise, Woo Sik feels that Soo Jin owed it to him to tell him that she was Young Ho’s legal counsel.  We get to see more of Soo Jin’s inner strength here, she doesn’t give in.  In truth she stands up to him and I am pretty proud that she makes  stand.  It’s true, she doesn’t owe him, especially with how he’s treated her recently.

Grandma is ready to see all her plans come to fruition, next on the list is getting Young Ho married to an appropriate match.  Chief Min takes Young Ho to a blind date, Grandma and the appropriate wife are waiting.  Once Grandma has left the gal smartly recognizes that there will be no more dates.  I do like that Young Ho isn’t going the way of true Chaebol, and seems to be trying to be respectful of Grandma and his love for Joo Eun.  Back at the mansion Hye Ran confronts Sung Chul.  Unbeknownst to him, Hye Ran knows that he has been getting chemo treatments for cancer, despite his trying to keep that under wraps.  She asks if she truly is his wife, and he’s left speechless at her challenge and moment of vulnerability.

That night the boys come to visit Joo Eun in her new apartment, bringing coffee.  They kiss-of-lifeshare a meal, Ji Woong does not stick to the diet.  After they leave the boys head to the pool for Joon Sung to swim a few laps.  Ji Woong conspired with Yi Jin.  She falls into the water and pretends to drown, as Ji Woong can’t swim it is up to Joon Sung to save her.  And of course he does, pulling her out of the water and issuing mouth to mouth.  Though she perks right up and declares they have kissed!  Ji Woong runs away before Joon Sung can react and Yi Jin’s manager hurries her away.  I have to say that I’m liking her side story, though it isn’t more than fluff.  Hopefully they get a bit more depth.

We get a glimpse of PD Ko and Woo Sik, more plotting about Young Ho being John Kim.  It is all part of the grander scheme to take down Grandma and Young Ho, placing the company in the hands of the likes of Executive Choi.  The next day is the first day of the battle.  All the heavy hitters are there, and it is expected that they will meet with the board of directors.


Executive Choi and Woo Sik have orchestrated their first power play.  No one from the board comes to the all important meeting, not a full show of their hand, but enough of a shove that Grandma understands that this won’t be as simple as she may have desired.  With poise she calls an end to the meeting moments after arriving and leaves.  As swiftly as they all entered everyone is gone, but both sides of the corporate war now have a better understanding of what might come next.


At home Joo Eun grumbles that Young Ho hasn’t texted or contacted her, though she quickly distracts herself with trying on a dress.  A dress  in a size from her Daegu Venus days.  It fits!  And she plays cutely in front of her mirror.  Though she gets nostalgic andneeds-a-hug calls her mom.  A moment later Hyun Woo calls with some bad news, the cat is out of the bag and Young Ho’s secret is on the net.  Worried she tries to call, but his phone goes to voicemail.  So instead she plans to go to his house, running out the door in her fancy dress she runs right into Young Ho himself.    Despite having had a very rough day he teases her about her dress, but it seems for the first time that day he’s smiling again.  The episode ends with them sharing a wonderfully sweet hug.

I’m afraid that the next episode will be mired down in political war stuff and we will lose our OTP to that.  There are so many amazing story opportunities in this show and I think it would be sad if they let all that go to the wayside for the corporate take over.  Anyway, I’m still greatly looking forward to the next episode!!



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