Oh My Venus: Episode 9


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

As the episode opens we get some more insight into the how Daddy feels about the takeover, from what I gather he actually approves.  He even comments that now he can meet Young Ho’s mother in heaven without worry.  We flash right back to Young Ho entering his own house and the attack of pain that cripples him.  And from there to Joo Eun finding him.  It is quite the intense scene, he sends her away, orders her away.  For the first time I can really feel the melo rearing its head now.  I must admit they did a truly excellent job with this scene.


All the while she waits for him outside, her heart breaking hearing him yelling waiting-for-youfrom the pain behind a door she promised not to open. For a moment we shift to Joon Sung who is watching the same woman from his car.  I thought it was his mother?  But now I’m not really all that sure, though he helps her carry a box inside.  She’s got a black eye just like Min Joon’s grandmother…?  Just when I thought all the mysteries had been solved they toss another one right back in there to keep us on our toes.

move-out-nowBack at the Gahong home Grandma is putting her foot down.  Now that Young Ho has accepted the position she’s kicking out Hye Ran and Daddy Sung Chul as she no longer needs those who are not her blood relations.  Cold-hearted to the end that one.  It is a big insult, though she does apologize to Hye Ran for it.  The fears of Executive Choi are being realized.

Back at Young Ho’s house Joo Eun has discovered the truth to his trip and that everyone-suffershe was not with Anna Sue in the US, but at a hospital.  They share a super adorable and sweet talk about his condition, that it was childhood cancer.  They talk about pain and that he’s fully recovered but his body remembers the pain and he has episodes like this.  Joo Eun cries, a lot, and wishes she could take his pain away.  As they talk about pain he reminds everyone feels pain, and yet it is different for everyone.  As they sit on his bed a montage of those around them play showing all the pain they are each dealing with.  The one that confuses me is Young Ho’s dad, Sung Chul at the hospital, what’s that about?  I have no idea!  So many more mysteries!  We come back to our OTP, cuddle up in his bed together, and he asks her not to leave.


cheeeeeks The next morning Joo Eun is hula hooping with the younger F3 and it is just about the cutest thing ever!  They even convince Young Ho to try his hand at it, but he’s terrible.  I love Joo Eun with the F3 so much!  At breakfast he teases her that she’s left the bed at 4 in the morning and that it doesn’t change the fact that she slept with him.  They are so adorable together.  They keep getting interrupted by the younger boys and can’t show affection for one another for very long.

When they are exercising the next day he keeps teasing her, getting close, and cute-little-kisseshaving her do things that put them in extremely close proximity.  Even leaning over her and kissing her a bunch of times in a row before she can stop him, despite the fact that they agreed to keep professional and personal things separate.  Again at breakfast they aren’t able to show proper affection because of the boys.  And yet the way that Young Ho looks at Joo Eun and tries to sneak in some affection when the boys aren’t looking is the most adorable thing ever!  They wink and throw love kisses and arrows at one another every time the younger F3 aren’t looking.  And of course there’s the almost celery kiss!


seriously-date-meBreakfast is interrupted by Yi Jin who is again trying to convince Joon Sung to date her.  He does the most adorable awkward face whenever she shows up and she is pretty darn cute too.  The one thing that I am hoping for is that she becomes less shallow.  Right now we know nothing about her other than she’s obsessed with Joon Sung.  We have a few episodes left so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that writer-nim develops her more.  I mean he has done such a good job at creating very deep and complex characters so far I have high hopes for Yi Jin.

Soo Jin has gone to see a doctor because she’s been eating and mood swings and various other signs of depression.  Her doctor suggests that she get outside more and find a hobby.  So we see her walking slowly all-I-can-say-is-sorrythrough a park, we get the feeling that she’s been walking for a very long time.  Towards the end of her walk Woo Sik calls and she ignores the call.  The more we see Soo Jin the more I feel sorry for her.  I would really-really like to see some sort of redemption for her character while Woo Sik crashes and burns.  When she arrives at her apartment Woo Sik is there waiting for her with the same box of chocolates he gave to her way back in college days when she passed the bar.  They have a heart to heart in the car and Woo Sik is at least penitent for his behavior with Joo Eun’s stalker.  Yet he makes the excuse that she needs to understand that this is how he is, no contact for days and then shows up when he wants to.  The more I see of Woo Sik the less I like.  He apologizes and she says the last thing a woman wants to hear is “I’m sorry”.  They part ways without having made much headway in making up.

After Soo Jin leaves him Woo Sik pulls out the box that Joo Eun was going to give him on their 15th anniversary, a tie.  We get transported back to Woo Sik’s interview back in the day with Gahong group and Joo Eun giving him a new tie.  She says that she is going to propose to him with a tie.  And Woo Sik reminices on the old days even as he sits in his car in front of Soo Jin’s apartment.  Seriously this guy is trash.

flashback In the present Joo Eun and the flower boys convince Young Ho that Joo Eun has worked hard enough to earn cannot-let-gothe camping trip that she wants.  The boys are just adorably excited for her and for the trip and Joo Eun is beside herself when he says yes.  After breakfast, on what is supposed to be Joo Eun’s last day living with the F3, she and Young  Ho go to the cafe where they shared their first kiss for coffee to start their day.  Woo Sik appears and asks to talk with Joo Eun, after whispering to Joo Eun that she isn’t allowed to think of any other men Young Ho leaves.  The exs sit down to talk.  Woo Sik gives her the tie and says he can’t throw it away, Joo Eun easily accepts the tie and says she’ll throw it away.  Woo Sik seems upset that she is so easily able to agree to throwing it out.  He also admits that it bothers him that she already has another man in her life.  She says that he needs to stop dwelling on the past, because they each have a new future to be cognizant of.  At this time Soo Jin arrives as well, seeing them talking, and a present box in front of Joo Eun.  Talk about the biggest misconception of all time!  She automatically assumes that something is going on.

At work Soo Jin demands that Joo Eun drop all other cases she’s working on (namely Joon Sung’s case) and complete the boring case that she was given previously.  It is a petty move because Soo Jin is feeling slighted, and really I can’t blame her.  Woo Sik hasn’t really been acting like boyfriend material and sneaking out to see Joo Eun, she wants to be in control of something as she sees her control over her love life slipping away.  Hye Ran visits her brother to commiserate about her fate, but he tells her that she should have expected this from Grandma.  And he also tells her that he has a plan and to try and hold out for as long as possible.

 Now we flip to the camping scene!  Joo Eun’s Bff Hyun Woo is there helping her set up the camping site.  Shedating-joo-eun complains that Joo Eun talked her into this, but seems happy to be out.  When the F3 show up Ji Woong calls Hyun Woo Second Ma’am and I just about died!  I love it so much!  He bounced and hugged Hyun Woo a lot and it was just so cute!  The rest of the introductions were awkward and cute too.  Joo Eun has a whole plan, she wants them to experience yet another sweetness of life.  Hyun Woo and Joo Eun teach them a song teens sing while on field trips and Ji Woong whips out a violin from somewhere and they sing and dance and laugh and generally have an excellent time.  Next is the confession time, Hyun Woo starts with a fairly innocent admission and makes Young Ho go next.

After a moments thought he confesses to dating Joo Eun!!!  She admits it too and the flower boy’s and Hyun Woo’s reactions are just the best ever!  So stinking cute!  But now the cat is out of the bag!   After this, which is just the best scene!  I love that Young Ho is upfront and wants those important to himself and Joo Eun to know of their budding relationship.  It is refreshing when compared to how many other dramas handle the chaebol relationship.  Young Ho and Joo Eun are driving home and he teases her that they are going to have an erotic night to celebrate her last night at the house.

However, when they arrive Chief Min is waiting there with bad news.  He’s figured out that someone has figured out that he’s John Kim and things are going to get really hard for Young Ho and the people close to him.  Joo Eun tries to excuse herself, but instead Young Ho pulls her back and introduces her to Chief Min and then tells his dear friend that he’s dating Joo Eun!!!  He basically makes it public knowledge at this point!!!  I love it!  No beating around the bush, no noble idiocy in sight!  I cannot wait for the next episode!!!!



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