Oh My Venus: Episode 8


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

As the episode opens we get a little more insight into the events leading up to the big reveal.  Young Ho knows that he needs to Joo Eun his real identity and even sends her a text telling her that they need to talk.  Not in time, as they meet across the table at the law firm, his secret revealed.  After excusing herself for ten minutes Young Ho follows and they ride the elevator up to the twentieth floor to talk.  Joo Eun is angry and yet Young Ho point blank says that he never promised her anything, in fact they never defined their relationship.  It is hurtful, but true.  I can understand her pain, Woo Sik dumped her on their anniversary and then she discovers her bestie from law school is his new girlfriend.  Even though they shared a kiss and attraction, they weren’t an official couple.  But Joo Eun’s heart is vulnerable and this was just too much.  They agree to return to the conference room and try to pretend as if nothing happened.

When the meeting is done Joo Eun excuses herself, Soo Jin won’t let her get away easily.  She did not miss the obviousness of their connection and relationship.  I feel bad for Soo Jin, despite her new body Joo Eun still manages to attract other attractive guys.  Joo Eun goes home, to her real home of Daegu, and Young Ho heads to the house in search of her.  When he realizes that she isn’t there he is tormented by extreme pain in his knee, which he’s been assured is fine and the pain is all in his head.


Finally Joon Sung is doing the CF shoot with Commercial Queen Yi Jin.  Ji Woong is there too, making surekiss-me-live-with-me the shoot goes smoothly.  Throughout Yi Jin keeps getting closer and closer to Joon Sung and making their poses more and more intimate.  The whole scene is adorable and Ji Woong wholeheartedly approves.  Afterwards in the car Yi Jin blocks them in and negotiates a deal with Ji Woong for ten minutes with Joon Sung.  She asks him for a dinner and a kiss and to live with her, its so cute!  Joon Sung is terribly awkward and doesn’t respond.  Yi Jin gets pulled out by her manager and Ji Woong hops back into the car to take them home.  I hope we get to see more of this couple, she makes Joon Sung smile and that’s a good thing I believe.

In Daegu she’s there for the grand opening of her younger brother’s restaurant and the place is a hit.  Her soon to be sister-in-law is grateful to her as she helps serve customers.  Even her brother shows love and respect for Joo Eun who made the place possible.  We’re reminded that Woo Sik had been an integral part of her life when the ahjummas ask her when she’s getting married.  Her mother saves her from explaining no-regretsand sends her home to rest.  Though she can’t sleep as she is grumpy Young Ho hasn’t even attempted to call or text or anything.  What I do like is that she wonders why she’s even upset, emotions are not logical and I appreciate the shows attempt to address that she may have overreacted with her initial reaction.  Just as she’s settling in for the night Young Ho tells her to come and meet him.  Adorable!  They share the most cute and sweet hug on the bridge and he gifts her a couples scarf!  I love it, despite the obstacle of his place within the  family business they decide that they are dating and that’s that.

Joo Eun and Young Ho walk hand in hand with their couple scarves throughout Daegu.  For the first time Young Ho opens up about his past.  What I really like is that he’s awkward and goofy more like a teenager in the throws of his first crush and possibly his first love.  Which completely makes sense as he has not opened his heart to anyone before.  While Joo Eun is more wise and cautious, though she cannot resist in the face of his heart being given to  her.  Young Ho tells her that he was sick as a child and lived in the hospital and while there his mother died.  Which clears up some of the confusion I had about his mother’s death and the need for his surgeries.  I am really enjoying watching these two open up to one another bit by bit.   Finally he walks her to her childhood home and they snugglespart ways… for a moment.

Under the excuse that driving while tired his dangerous she asks him to stay the night, but just to hold hands.  Joo Eun’s mother goes to stay with her brother and Young Ho spends the night.  It is so freaking adorable!  He whispers to her what he finds sexy, and it isn’t her being skinny it is her being healthy.  I love that about this drama, they are constantly talking about being healthy, not skinny.  It is a good message.

sad-truthThe show keeps making me feel bad for Soo Jin.  I think because I can see her pain and her journey and if not for loving friends and family might have even been her a little bit.  I’m surprised I feel so connected to the character since I didn’t like her at all in the first episode.  Well we see her in her home, alone, again.  She’s desperately trying to call Woo Sik who is yet again ignoring her calls.  She cries and my heart hurts!  Soo Jin is beginning to realize that outer beauty is not all that it is cracked up to be.  She sobs and says that being pretty was supposed to make it all better, to solve everything, give her happiness… Ugh poor dear.  Woo Sik on the other hand is meeting with PD Ko, Min Joon’s daddy.  PD Ko lets Woo Sik in on the secret that John Kim may be a member of the Gahong family.  The next day Woo Sik, who has made the connection, informs Executive Choi that Young Ho might be John Kim and earns himself yet another brownie point.  Woo Sik asks for some time to prove it, but promises to have something by the 60th anniversary.

Our F3 are back home, waiting for Joo Eun to return.  The best part?  They are all complaining that they are bored and its because she isn’t there.  And!  All three of them are lounged around watching TV like Joo Eun Day take 2!  It is just about the most adorable thing ever.


When she finally does come home they all pop up like puppies who have been waiting for their favorite puppiesperson all day.  Ji Woong can’t help but bounce and even Joon Sung smiles and is excited to see her.  I absolutely love the little family that they have created together!  The young boys take her bags and start to put away groceries and what not.  Young Ho tries to get her to hug him while they are distracted, she won’t.  Then he tries to get her to tell the younger gents about them, she won’t.  Eventually she runs away to her room and he watches her go with that amused and loving smile.  So good!

stay-healthyNext day it is business as usual, Young Ho is Coach-nim and Joo Eun is put through a workout routine.  She tries to be cute and get out of it, even says that she’s lost a lot of weight.  Here’s where the show earns even more points with me.  Young Ho states that it isn’t about weight loss, it is about being tone and strengthening her muscles because that is healthy.  Especially with her thyroid condition she needs to stretch and have strong muscles to avoid issues as she ages.  He doesn’t care if she’s skinny, he cares that she’s healthy.  Love it!

At work Soo Jin is trying to get Joo Eun to hurry along the remediation between the shop girl and the new-bosschaebol daughter.  She accuses Joo Eun of messing with the process, and Joo Eun refuses to assist.  What I like is that Joo Eun has remained confident in how she approaches her legal career, her morals haven’t shifted, and she won’t compromise herself for money or recognition.  Soo Jin is frustrated and after Joo Eun leaves she eats some candy from a dish on the table.  Again, I feel bad for her.  She was sure being skinny would solve everything and it is a hard lesson to learn that outward appearance doesn’t really amount to much.  Young Ho arrives at Gahong headquarters to officially introduce himself as the new president, daddy is there and executive Choi and Woo Sik.  Nobody is really impressed, but that doesn’t seem to bother Young Ho.

repaying-the-favorJoo Eun gets a surprise call from Joon Sung.  They meet for coffee and he asks for her help.  We learn that the woman he was watching is his mother, but she doesn’t want to see him.  Also, he doesn’t want Young Ho involved.  He asks Joo Eun to look into something for him, but we aren’t told exactly what.  I like that he is comfortable enough with her to ask and she’s so happy to be able to repay him for helping her.  In the car ride home Ji Woong and Joon Sung are really sad to hear that she plans to move out.  But they are all excited to see the first snow of the season!

Back at the house Joo Eun starts to search for Young Ho, but he’s no where to be found.  For the first time ever she wanders into his room, which is like a mini-house all its own.  Calling him she hears his phone ring and follows the sound.  In the back of his closet she discovers a secret room with medical equipment.  As she pushes the door open she discovers Young Ho on the floor, medical tools all around, sweating, and his pants cut to reveal his knee!  Before she can run to him he demands that she stay back!  And that’s where the show leaves us!!!! I’m dying!!!!  I knew that we’d have to suffer soon, there have been way to many swoon worthy moments!  Is his illness coming back despite what the doctors have said?  Is the knee in danger?  Is it all in his head?  UGH!!!!!



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