Oh My Venus: Episode 7


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

I must say that I have not enjoyed a drama this much since I watched Emergency Couple.  It is zippy and witty with deep characters that have meaningful histories and personalities.  The writer(s) are awesome.  Not only have they tackled a subject that can be quite delicate with class and style, they’ve managed to make a drama about an overweight gal that has a positive message.  That isn’t usually the case.  I just wanted to take a moment and say that this is quickly working its way up to my most favorite show.

What-a-kissAfter the kiss she demands that he undress, right there on the spot.  Once she receives his coat she hides for the entire ride home.  The way he chuckles and smiles while watching her hide is just about the most adorable thing ever!  She runs away, hiding in her room, and he just shakes his head, watching her door with what can only be described as a loving smile.  Joo Eun sleeps with “the Bastard” the giant stuffed animal that weighs the same as her excess fat that she trains with.  And of course she has some wonderful dreams about Young Ho.  The whole of it was adorable!

The next morning he acts as if nothing happened which drives her insane.  Though Young Ho teases her mercilessly, pressing her to aAccidental_back-hug wall and leaning in to smell her perfume.  All the while making no reference to their kiss.  And putting her through a regular workout that makes her even more flustered. We get a few near misses in the skinship department and then an accidental back hug that makes her feisty and flustered and he just continues to chuckle and watch her.  The OTP is really and truly doing an amazing job!  Their chemistry is through the roof!  I can see Young Ho slowly opening his heart to her.  I can feel Joo Eun fighting her crush for him.  So good!

At the office there is drama-rama.  The mom of the victim in the case that Soo Jin is working comes in.  The rich daughter has offered money to the shop assistant that she beat, Soo Jin has facilitated the hand off of funds.  The mom wants an apology, not money, and rages in Soo Jin’s office.  Joo Eun rushes in and takes the mom out for coffee and a talk.  She convinces the mom that she will need to take the money, but advises her to drag it along for as long as she can.  The mom is thankful for the advice, and we see a very sad Joo Eun afterwards.  Once more mystery is solved, well I guess two.  Joo Eun’s father died and his company offered a pittance of a payoff to Joo Eun’s mom to shut her up.  Which is why she knows to advise the victim’s mom to drag the process out.  Also, it explains why she refuses to take such cases, her family was the victim in such a case.


HeirI guess Joo Eun did sell her apartment, this might have been lost somewhere in translation.  Anyway, we see that her brother, his fiance, and their mother, are preparing to open up a store.  Though it looked sort of a like a cafe?  Not sure, but it seems they’ve used her money and her brother will have a job finally.  Back at the office we get a heart to heart between Joo Eun and Soo Jin.  It is a pretty powerful talk.  Joo Eun wonders how Soo Jin could have changed so totally, not just her appearance, but her inner person too.  It is a cutting comment and Soo Jin is taken aback by it.  Grandma and Young Ho finally meet up too, he arrives at the shrine to his mother.  My heart aches for Grandma, and I can feel that she doesn’t want to place the burden of the company on his shoulders but she feels that she has no other choice.  It is a poignant moment.  A big moment too, it defines  in which Young Ho needs to make a choice.Fan

Commercial chick Jang Yi Jin shows up after Joon Sung is pushing Ji Woong to do more sparring in the ring.  Ji Woong specifically comments that his shoulder is not healed properly enough and Young Ho will not approve.  More mysteries!  Anyway, she’s there to scold him again!  But we find out that she’s so concerned with this commercial stuff because she’s his fan and wants to work with him, but he keeps blowing her off.  Ji Woong cutely teases him afterwards, since he and Yi Jin share an awkward hug!  So cute!  They are so cute together!  The young F3 bros need more screen time!

At the house the F3 are dying because of a stench.  Which is rising out of a bag that Joo Eun is trying to clean.  They ask if the bag pooped!  Apparently she left a tangerine in it… last year!  But!  She must save the bag as it was the first bag she brought into court with her on her very first case and she won!  So without the bag she feels she won’t win.  The boys disperse and she’s left to try and find a way to save the bag.  I’m pretty sure there is no hope for it.

Young Ho escapes the smelly house and goes out driving.  He finds the empty coffee much from Joo Eun Day and remembers that it was her gift to him.  We also get an angsty scene in which he sits at night watching the Han River.  It is in this moment that he calls Chief Min and gives him the go ahead.  He’s ready to accept the mantle of his responsibilities and who better than Chief Min to take care of the minutia of details.  When he returns to the house he’s got a gift for Joo Eun.  Before he can hang it on her door she comes out, in search of ‘the bastard’.  We get another teasing moment, almost skinship, and he gives her the bag as a gift.  So many teasings!  The writer sure knows how to mess with out hearts.


Love-the-smileAt court she wins, with her new bag, and couldn’t be happier!  Then Hyun Woo calls, her mother in law is in the hospital again but won’t press charges.  I am sure that this is going to become something quite serious, although they are only keeping it as a side-story for now.  Anyway, Hyun Woo is unable to attend Min Joon’s kindergarten class and can’t get a hold of her ex-husband either, who was supposed to go.  Joo Eun convinces the F3 to attend the event and put on a display for the kids, in place of Min Joon’s dad.  It is a total success and so cute!  Afterwards Joo Eun has Young Ho take Min Joon to a superhero display.  They spend the day together and Min Joon is none the wiser that it could have been quite hard on him.  Young Ho drops the two off at Hyun Woo’s apartment, though he watches Joo Eun leave with that same loving smile!

Soo Jin is starting to eat again, and not just to survive.  We see her at a convenience store with a candy bar and she is just taking huge bites out of it!  Joo Eun’s words ringing in her head.  Just as she’s about to call for a driver she sees Woo Sik waiting for her.  I was wondering if we would see them together any time soon.  Next Woo Sik is with Executive Choi and they are sweet talking some big wig, it is all part of their slimy scheme against Young Ho.  That night Young Ho and Joo Eun can’t stop texting one another.  Young Ho threatens to face time her to show that he’s naked!  Even from afar he teases her and makes her heart flutter.  Their conversations are so adorable and yet haven’t lost any of the feisty-ness they had in the beginning.  The next day Young Ho’s father and step-mother are in the car.  Young Joon calls, his father barely says a few words to him and has absolutely no interest in hearing about him from his wife.  I know so little about the younger brother, but my heart goes out to him!  How terrible it must be to feel that your father dislikes you!  Though Young Ho understands that.

At the office Joo Eun is called into a conference room by Soo Jin, though she relays that it is the company president that demands her attendance.  Grudgingly she goes down to see why she is needed.  Before entering the conference room Young Ho texts her and tells her that he has had something come up and won’t be home.  He nags her to do the workout on her own.  When she enters the conference room Soo Jin tells her that she was chosen since they need lawyers who will keep their mouth shut.  Then… in walks Young Ho with Chief Min and his entourage of guards and what nots.  The cat is out of the bag, all the little hints that Young Ho has dropped thus far come crystal clear and she realizes that not only is he John Kim, but he’s a chaebol too.


Heavy right?  Joo Eun feels crushed, hurt, and knows that she has to get out of there.  Without a word she leaves the conference room to the surprise of Soo Jin, the other lawyers, and Chief Min.  Young Ho is as shocked to see her there as she is to see him.  But you can see the acceptance of the situation on his face too.  As she is waiting for the elevator he appears in front of her and she lays her soul at his feet.  He’s so far out of her league she might as well not even be in the same galaxy.  Guh I felt my heart hurt for her!  I knew that the melo was going to sneak up and pounce soon!  I sincerely hope that the show does not falter and dip into tears all the time territory.  Part of what I adore about the show is that it moves to fast, every second is used for something that is needed for the story as a whole.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!




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