Oh My Venus: Episode 6


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

It wouldn’t have been out OTP if Young Ho had let Joo Eun be smug about her dimples appearing once more.  He’s sure to tell her that people lose weight from the face downward.  I really love their interactions.  She complains about needing a full body massage and Young Ho imagines her being worked over by a huge muscled man and cannot handle it!  I love it!  She daydreams that he’s there ordering her around, scolding her when she eats the wrong thing, and generally being a nuisance.  While he’s imagining another man with her and can’t let that happen.  He promises a massage which really ends up being a massage chair, but we do get some cute skinship out of it.

Hyung-kissThe younger F3 are glad that he’s alright!  The next morning Ji Woong pounces on Young Ho while he’s in bed and promptly thanks god for his big brother’s full recovery.  Have I said how much I am really loving Henry’s character lately?  Well I love him lots.   We see Joon Sung in a car watching a weary woman walking home, we get the sense that she’s very important to him.  Even though he leaves without saying anything, and we see the woman being the victim of domestic abuse.  The show adds even more and more layers of mysteries with each episode!  At least so far they’ve done a good job of answering some of these questions each time, but not without adding two more mysteries!


The younger F3 and Joo Eun wake Young Ho up, I presume very early.  He scolds them, but they all seem extremely excited.  Today is Joo Eun’s weigh in day!  I really-really adore how Ji Woong and Joon Sung are all about Joo Eun’s weight loss program.  They are excited to see where she is now.  It is really adorable!  Come to find out that when she drops a certain amount of weight the younger boys have promised her a special day, specifically Joo Eun Day!  Which means that she gets to make the F3 live a day like her, back before she was working out so hard. Ji Woong was supposed to make sure that Young Ho was on board, he conveniently forgot.  But after Joo Eun provides him with her most recent blood test, which she got in secret, he does agree.  Partially because her levels are heading towards the green and partially because she pleads with him so sincerely.  I can already see his budding feelings for her!  Joo Eun harbors feelings for him, especially after their accidental kiss.  However, I don’t thing that she sees how much he’s letting his guard down around her too.

My heart is going to be broken, I just know it.  The show is still in the early stages, we’ve just finished with the episodes that were made to set the story and character histories.  Now we’ve got ten episodes to bring on the melo and the tears and the drama!  I’m really afraid that the show will lose the fun and quick pace that it has set once that Joo-Eun-Day-2happens.

Back at work the president scolds Joo Eun for not assisting Soo Jin with the assault case.  Soo Jin covers for Joo Eun, surprisingly.  However, she takes her back to the office and gives her a boring, detail heavy, and tedious case while Soo Jin handles the assault case.  Another small dig at Joo Eun.  Throughout the day Joo Eun sends messages to the boys with missions that they need to accomplish, all things that she would have done before she met them.  Nap, lay around like a corpse, and watch a movie and cry.  It is fantastic and hilarious!  Her special instruction is that none of them can exercise at all!  Young Ho imagines Joo Eun scolds him each time he tries to do something outside of her rules.

Meanwhile, Woo Sik shows Executive Choi a picture of Young Ho.  He is praised for his hard work and the two of them scheme against Young Ho.  Soo Jin meets with the client who is abusive and spoiled and refuses to work with Soo Jin, I am guessing that there is going to be some sort of drama here as the case unfolds.


At the end of the work day Joo Eun’s final mission is going out to eat.  The boys assume that she is going to want to go some where fancy and show up dressed to the nines!  But!  Its a Tteokbokki place I believe, or something more in line with a diner than what the F3 were imagining.  The younger boys force Young Ho in.  Joo Eun looks so happy!  She eats and eats and eats and even feeds Young Ho, who is forced to take the bite by the younger boys.  The whole scene is absolutely adorable and cute!

Later that night Soo Jin arrives at Woo Sik’s work and sees him exit the building.  She calls and he lies that he is still in his office. Liar Instead he’s in his car and heading off to the police station.  The creeper-stalker is trying to press charges for when he got hit last episode.  Woo Sik is frustrated and taken aback that the creep is going to press charges.  Lucky (or maybe unlucky) for him Soo Jin followed him there.  She then calls Joo Eun to come down to hold a proper mitigation with witnesses and all.  Much to Joo Eun’s chagrin they’ve also called Young Ho.  Soo Jin has some skills!  She shows them off and gets the creep to back down, saving Woo Sik’s behind in a big way!  When it is all said and done she leaves Woo Sik to talk with Joo Eun, he tries to warn her that she has no idea who Young Ho is and she’s going to end up being hurt.  She tells him that he’s lost the right to warn her of such things.  Woo Sik waits around for Young Ho and admits that he knows who he is.  The show keeps surprising me with what it allows the characters to know and tell other characters.  I figured that Woo Sik would play that close to the vest for a long time.

Now we flip to Soo Jin in her apartment for a truly heart-wrenching scene.  I’ve been softening up to Soo Jin for the last three episodes.  This one really made my heart ache for her.  We see her alone, in a dark apartment, gazing into a mirror.  The mirror reflects her college self, the overweight, scared, lonely, and sorrowful girl.  The same girl lives on inside Soo Jin despite how she looks now.  Really the only thing that has changed is her weight.


The fiasco at the police station is done and Young Ho is taking Joo Eun home.  With only a few more moments of Joo Eun Day left she has him pull over so she can get a coffee.  While inside she orders two, since she can’t decide, and has to wait for them to be made.  Out of the cafe window she sees Young Ho talking to a tow truck driver and assumes that the car is broken.  She returns with her coffees and asks about the car, he gives a very vague answer.  Handing over one of the coffees she admits that Joo Eun Day was to be a gift for him, because she wanted him to really know the sweetness of life instead of the harsh way he exists.  Shyly she gets out of the car after her admission, still thinking the car is broken.  A few moments later he stands next to her in the rain under a table umbrella and admits the car is fine.  And then!  We get a kiss!  He says, you’re body is mine so you can’t say no.  I’m torn if this is romantic or demanding?  But Joo Eun’s heart has been fluttering so I’m ok with it really.  That’s where we are left!  With the sweetest kiss ever!  Uhg I so love-love-love this OTP!!!!!



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