UnBoxing: Halloween & October SnackFever Boxes


Welcome back to my second Unboxing post of SnackFever! I splurged a little in October and got two boxes. Because of the Halloween holiday they offered a special Halloween box and then the regular October box. As with the September box SnackFever communicated excellently with emails telling me when the boxes had shipped and when they had been delivered. Additionally, they send special offers and coupons fairly regularly. I am very pleased with their customer service as well. I was not able to get the November box, had to adjust for financial reasons. I emailed them and within hours they responded, refunded the subscription amount, and I was easily able to pause my subscription via the website. Their service is really excellent!


Shall we get on to the actual unboxing? Yes! Let’s do it! I’ve followed the same theme as with my September unboxing. I’ve waited to write this post until I have tasted/eaten everything from the box. I suppose you could call these unboxing posts more of a review, but unboxing sounds more fun! Which is also part of the reason it has taken me so long to get this October post done. I don’t like to rush through my treats, as I really enjoy them, and I don’t like to write before I’ve eaten the treats. What a conundrum!

I’m going to start with the Halloween Box! It was jam packed with candies and other goodies, a serious amount of stuff. I appreciated the number of items they were able to fit in this box, I like that it had more than the regular box from September and October. A special box should be special, right? Each box comes with a handy-dandy sheet listing the items with a description and a cool sticker!

20151023_231413The first item on the list is a box of Pepero! I got the White Cookie version. The description states: Cookie stick filled with delicious chocolate inside. Messenger of love and friendship. This reminded me of Pocky, which I have eaten my fair share of over the years. It really was delicious. I liked the combination of oreo cookie bits, cream frosting, and the cookie. I thought they would be overpoweringly sweet, but they were just right, not too sweet at all.

I also go a Strawbery Milkis drink, a bag of the Country Corn chips, along with Tayo Bus Vita candies, which were all duplicates from my September box. I really enjoyed these just as much the second time around. See my September Unboxing post for a review of these items.

Kancho, round biscuits filled with chocolate. Check out the pictures of Kancho characters! 20151023_231357These ones reminded me of Hello Panda Snacks. Also, the cracker shell was similar to Pocky too. I like the plain cracker with sweet filling which seems to be a thing with these snacks. The chocolate filling was very sweet, but I enjoyed the combination with the cracker shell.

Moving on through the sweet treats is King Gummy Worms. I shared these with my son and he really loved them, but we both are big fans of gummy candies. The description says, Worm shaped Korean gummy worms with 20151023_231253different flavors. There is a king gummy worm! In shape these gummies looked pretty similar to the gummy worms I’m used to. The flavors were much more intense than anything I’ve had before. I couldn’t quite tell what the flavors were supposed to be, but each worm was distinctly different in taste and color. There was indeed a huge gummy worm, my son was quite thrilled!

Cola Cola! Of all the candy treats in this box, these were my favorite. They were round hard candies with a powder coating. I shared these with my husband 20151023_231207specifically since he’s a huge cola fan. We both really liked these, to the point that I have been looking for a place to buy them online. If you know where I could get more I’d be very grateful! When you first eat them there is a sensation of coldness, which is very daebak. Then a burst of flavor that is obviously cola. These were really good and fun!

20151023_231456As I work towards being able to read the entire Hangul alphabet I am seeing that some of these names may not be accurate? But I’m not entirely sure. As with this next item, My Chew, the lettering on the package looks like it might say much more than that. Anyway, I got the grape flavor of this candy, the other option was peach. It really did taste like grape, well artificial grape like grape bubblegum. The candies were hard to chew, but full of flavor. They are described as chewing candy containing natural fruit juice.  It did take a long time to chew, at first I thought it might be gum, but it wasn’t.

My Gummy is next, I really think the names aren’t quite right.  Anyway, the card says these are grape jelly that has a chewy texture, so its fun to chew.  These were pretty much exactly like Welch’s grape fruit snacks.  That’s pretty much all I could taste, but they were delicious!


The next candy was my second favorite of all the candies. 3 Sec Cham Eu Syeo, the purpose of this candy is to endure 3 seconds. Sour hard candy! Which is a pretty accurate 20151023_231153description. Like the Cola Cola treat these felt immediately cold in my mouth and super sweet. After a few seconds the sweet tapers off and you are hit by the sour! It wasn’t too bad, but then I’m a fan of sour candies like Sour Patch Kids.

Jardin Hot Chocolate. The card says, home style café mori tea. Enjoy the perfect hot choco by pouring the stick in the cup. Make sure to add only 20151023_23151780-100ml of hot water or milk. I used hot water for this, and had to pull out my liquid measuring cup to be sure that I did not use too much water. I didn’t realize how small an amount 80ml of water would be until I’d poured it. This drink was more like a hot chocolate shot. However, the taste was really great. Chocolaty without being too strong, a much better quality than the powdered hot chocolate I’m used to.

Now on to my third favorite of the candies. Soft Candy (Walnut), walnut 20151023_231734flavored marshmallow candy. The texture felt like nugget from a candy bar, but a little tougher to chew. These were super sweet, probably the most intense sweet of any of the Korean candies I’ve tried so far. But it was obvious that the taste was marshmallow and walnut.

Some of the descriptions on the card leave much to be desired. Case in point, 20151023_231648Sae Kom Dal Kom, sweet and sour caramel candy! Children in Korea love it! I received two flavors, lemonade and strawberry. The texture of these was like starbursts, it felt almost exactly the same to me. The lemonade was tart and super sweet. The strawberry chew was more sour than sweet. I liked them both.

The next candy I had to look up what type of fruit it was. I heard the word muscat before, but I had not reference for what it actually was. Turns out 20151023_23171120151023_231746that muscat is a type of grape! Which makes sense as the candy had a grape juice sort of flavor. In the box I had both the Muscat and Plum candy, hard sweet, candies of muscat and plum. The plum indeed tasted like a plum. These were very refreshing.

The Choco Pie was pretty much identical to a Moon Pie. I haven’t had a Moon Pie in forever! But I’m pretty sure they are the same thing with a different name. The card says: chocolate pie with marshmallow fillings. Try it with milk or coffee. Now I just need to go and buy a Moon Pie so that I can compare!


Next up is the Starpop. Real sweet friend! This fruit candy is tasty and have long lasting20151023_231536 flavors. (Slightly hard to open). They weren’t kidding! I finally had to grab scissors and cut the wrapper off. It was a flat disc shape with a depressed center. I think I got Banana flavor? I’m not sure, but it was really tasty. It did last a long time compared to like a dum-dum.

20151023_231306The last item from the box was the Baked Potato Sticks. Now when I read the description I was pretty sure that I would not like these. Honey cheese flavored baked potato sticks. These sticks are addicting! Cheese and honey are just not foods/flavors that I would think to combine. The first thing I tasted was the honey, a sweet flash, and then the cheese. I think it tasted like a mild cheddar. Adding to that the potato chip taste and these were surprisingly delicious! Both my husband and I really liked these. Anyone know where to get them?

20151023_231855That concludes all of the items from the Halloween Box!

Now let’s take a look at the October Box.  I’m new to this service, three boxes total over two months.  While I am supremely happy with the service and their customer service skills I was somewhat displeased with the items received in the October Box.  Before I get into what I was unhappy about I’d like to say that I understand they never know how many boxes will be sold and so when ordering they might have several items overstocked.  However, getting repeat items is a bit disappointing.  The boxes are $20 for a monthly subscription and when you get the same items in multiple boxes it feels like I’ve been cheated a little.

In the Halloween Box I received three items I had previously received in the September Box.  I was ok with that, not entirely over the moon, but ok.  But, having spent an additional $20 for the Halloween Box on top of my monthly charge for the October Box I had really expected the items to be completely different.  This was not the case.  Below you’ll find a list of items that were duplicated between the Halloween Box and the October Box.

Plum Candies – Baked Potato Sticks – Choco Pie – White Cookie Pepero – Se Kom Dal Kom


The first of the new items were the Sable cookies.  Originated from France and it means 20151023_230435“sand”.  It tastes even better with coffee or milk.  Let me just say, these are probably the best cookies I may have ever had… ever.  My husband and I shared them over tea.  I had spiced chair tea with sugar and milk and he was black tea, but we both wholeheartedly agreed that these were amazing!  They were light and airy and crunchy.  There was something familiar about the taste, but neither of us could place it.  I thought they had a vanilla hint, but regardless they were awesome!

Next up is another drink, this time Melon Milkis.  The description is exactly the same for 20151023_230733both the Melon and Strawberry Milkis, just replace strawberry with melon.  New melon flavored beverage!  Best served cold.  Now I’m not a huge fan of melons, I just don’t like them.  Which is probably why I really didn’t like this drink.  But if you like melons you might have enjoyed it more!

Kkolkal Corn, barbeque flavored cone shaped corn snack.  Enjoy the crispy 20151023_230538texture and nutty taste while wearing them on your fingertips.  So essentially Korean Bugles.  Seriously, they were the same chips!  Not that I’m complaining, I like Bugles.  The flavoring on them was good, though I didn’t taste barbeque.  It was tangy with a little bit of a kick and also sweet.  Whatever it was I liked them!

 Next is another Jardin drink packet.  The Jardin Moca Cappuccino is a home style cafe mori tea.  Enjoy the perfect hot moca cappuccino by pouring 20151023_230802the stick in a cup.  Make sure to add only 60-80ml of hot water.  I really liked this, a lot.  I wanted a full 8 oz mug if it!  It had an excellent coffee taste with hints of semi-sweet chocolate.  My complaint is that there wasn’t nearly enough!

The Pojang Udon was my favorite thing out of this box.  Instant seafood 20151023_230713flavored soup.  this style uding has soft noodles and clear soup taste.  It was absolutely delicious!  I didn’t taste seafood at all, but I did taste a smokey flavor that was amazing.  The noodles really were soft and chewy, thicker than regular ramyun.  I would totally buy this!  Yummy!

Last, but certainly not least is Miz Black, cocoa cookie with white chocolate.  Try having it with milk like cereal! They are20151023_230324 little tiny squared o shaped cookies.  So I ate a few without milk and they taste a lot like chocolate teddy grahams.  I put the rest in a small bowl with a splash of milk.  It was really good.  I definitely liked them better with the milk than without.

20151023_232104That does it for my UnBoxing of the October and Halloween SnackFever Boxes!  I hope that you enjoyed this review!  I’d really appreciate it if you’re interested in signing up for the service if you could use my refer a friend link!


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