Oh My Venus: Episode 5


This Review/Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 5

We open right back up to the scene where Creepy Stalker Dude is pushing his way into Joo Eun’s apartment and she’s whispering a prayer that someone will save her.  Following the show’s adorable theme, Young Ho is there.  Though his knee gives out halfway up the Why-stalk-Joo-Eunflight of stairs!  Regardless, he makes it in time.  After calling the police we get a shot of Woo Sik sitting in his car watching the scene.  Creepy right?  He’s refocused on Joo Eun leaving Soo Jin to wonder where he is.  They all end up down at the police station where the police are not willing to do much for Joo Eun.  The cop wonders why anyone would stalk Joo Eun.  Young Ho tries to get something done, but she leaves, knowing the legal system won’t support her claim.  Once they bug out Woo Sik shows up and gets the whole story from the cop.  Seriously this guy is slime!  He dumps her on their anniversary for Soo Jin and now leaves Soo Jin high and dry while he obsesses over Joo Eun.


With no where to go she tricks Young Ho into thinking he’s dropped her off at her BFF’s but tries to get a motel room, she doesn’t feel safe going home.  Well she thinks she’s tricked him.  He shows up and takes her home to his house.  I know the show is spinning it has Young Ho’s need to protect those neck-slicein need of protection, but I’m pretty darn sure I can see an inclining of the OTP love when he looks at her.  She’s put up in one of the many rooms of the huge house, to top it off he’s given her the sheets and blankets off his own bed!  The next morning Ji Woong ( I love him so freaking much!!!) offers to neck-slice the creep for her.  The F3 are super concerned and it is agreed that she’ll stay there.  Also, she’s going to sell her place to pay for her lazy-ass brother to buy a shop and support his soon to be bride!  Ugh Joo Eun needs to take care of herself for once I think.

Beat-DownMeanwhile, Woo Sik can’t leave well enough alone.  He’s waiting for Creepy Dude at Joo Eun’s apartment and uses his fists to talk to the guy and command that he stay away from Joo Eun.  Seriously, this guy hurts my head and annoys me!  You cut her out of your life so leave her alone!  Ah well, can’t have a love square without a jealous ex-boyfriend I suppose.  We also get a better insight into the whole Joo Eun, Woo Sik, and Soo Jin past history.  From what I can tell Joo Eun really cared for Soo Jin, but didn’t really understand Soo Jin’s world.  Soo Jin was harboring a little crush on Woo Sik.  Anyway, Joo Eun sets her up on a blind date for a celebration because Soo Jin passed the bar exam early.  Blind date guy crushes on Joo Eun and as soon as she and Woo Sik leave he pretty much tells Soo Jin that girls like her should never date regular guys and in fact tells her to just leave.  But not before insinuating that Joo Eun did this out of pity and that crushes Soo Jin.  Her severe insecurity allowing her to believe what this turd of a blind date has to say.

In present day Soo Jin continues her torment of Joo Eun.  She pretty much forces her to assist on an assault case, protecting the attacker.  Joo Eun refuses, she’s got some agreement with the head president, but Soo Jin doesn’t care.  She’s going to force her hand.  I both feel my heart break for Soo Jin and I want to smack her for being petty.  So many feels!

Korean Snack is in a match, Young Ho and Ji Woong are watching carefully.  It seems that instead of competing in a higher weight Comercial-Dramabracket for an easier title the Korean Snake wants to defeat the current lightweight champion, because then the victory means something.  I must admit I really love all of the F3.  We again meet this commercial queen, she’s quite upset that Joon Sung ( Korean Snake) has donated all of his proceeds of the commercial to charity, and she’s upset he didn’t tell her first.  They are rather adorable together.

Finally we get some more information on Young Ho’s family.  Seems daddy dearest has remarried to the woman who takes care of grandma’s meals and everyday needs.  That appears to be her role in the house, feels sort of like an indentured servant.  Young Joon is the son of daddy dearest and step-mom Hye Ran.  Woo Sik’s boss is Hye Ran’s brother and Young Joon’s uncle.  And grandma doesn’t see Young Joon as blood related since it was her daughter, Young Ho’s mother, who died in the car crash.  Daddy dearest is just the son-in-law.  Which in turn is why she is so dead set on Young Ho taking over the company!  Whew!  Lots of things are making so much more sense now with that piece of information!

In order to help Joo Eun to feel less helpless Young Ho takes her to a martial arts training facility to teach her some Jiu Jitsu moves.  They watch a husband and wife duo go through some moves before he sends her off to change.  The next scene is filled with some wonderful skinship!  They roll around on the mats together while he teaches her how to overpower and attacker.  We even get an accidental kiss!


all-CuredThe next day Young Ho leaves, he’s been very worried about his knee and calls Chief Min.  They drive out to the hospital where the doctor who did the surgery is.  In order to complete the testing he has to stay there for what I think is a week (maybe 2?).  In order to be sure that she’s staying on track he face-times with her, which is adorable.  Joo Eun is all flustered after their accidental kiss and isn’t quite as confident.  While Young Ho seems undisturbed or not concerned in the slightest.  He gives her missions to complete and orders her to film herself completing each task all the while convincing her that he’s gone to the states and is spending time with Anna Sue, his American scandal.  Joo Eun tries her best to hide her jealousy, but it is really rather adorable.  We get to see more history here too.  Apparently the surgeries that Young Ho endured were so brutal, painful, and terrifying that they scared his psyche and he’s enduring a psychosis that causes the pain, it isn’t real.  The cool thing is that he’s deemed completed healed, Chief Min looks like he might cry at the news.  Young Ho and Chief Min’s bromance is one of my favorite things in this show!

Young Ho comes back home with a renewed vigor in his step and confidence.  When he arrives only Joo Eun is at home, and she’s working faithfully on the missions that he told her to do.  It seems that she’s been working out hard and eating right the whole time he’s been gone.  Young Ho startles her and they end up on the floor together.  The best and most cutest thing is the way Young Ho looks at her!  Guh!! So puppy-eyed and sweet.  Her face has slimmed down considerably, enough that you can see her dimple again and Young Ho is enamored by it!  And that’s where we are left!



2 thoughts on “Oh My Venus: Episode 5

  1. I love Ji Woong.. but I haven’t been really following the whole drama. Your review/recap really helps me when I am catching up on the episodes. Looking forward to more of your reviews/recaps! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, I am really-really happy that my recaps are helping you! I’m behind now on the show, I took a blogging/drama break during the holidays and am getting caught back up. I will hopefully get my last few recaps up this week, though I’ll wait to watch the last 2 episodes until next weekend.


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