Oh My Venus: Episodes 3 & 4


This Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

This review has been way delayed by the holiday and some family gatherings!  I’m a little behind, but I hope to get caught up soon.

Episode 3

SurpriseJoo Eun is at the boys’ door, in my I’m referring to them as the F3.  Because she found the John Kim press pass in Ji Woong’s coat which she still has from the plane Joo Eun is convinced that he’s John Kim.  The whole thing is adorable, she uses her lawyer’s deduction skills to show how she came to the conclusion and the boys are stuck in a hard place.  I love that after a quick consult in the bathroom they agree to let her believe that Ji Woong is John Kim and they’ll help her reach her goals.  Ji Woong is the most adorable thing ever, seriously.  His encouraging words and attitude are so sweet and go totally against the wishes of the other F3 who want to push her so hard that she quits!  But they have never encountered the will of Kang Joo Eun, who can do anything as long as she believes that she can do anything.

I love that her determination to do everything that they ask surprises all three of them, she just doesn’t quit no matter how hard they push her!  But they don’t quite understand her reasons either.Hi-Daddy  Well Young Ho has an inkling after seeing her boyfriend with another gal, but she surpasses what they thought she could endure.  We finally get to see some more information about Young Ho and his family.  That was satisfying and answers quite a few questions, though it made me think of a few more too.  It seems our poor little boy survived an accident that killed his mother and their driver.  His father wishes he had died instead, hence the animosity between the two.  What I really like is that this travesty and anger from his father has not created an arrogant and entitled man, instead Young Ho is more sarcastic and apathetic.  Which is a somewhat new approach to the chaebol character that I am enjoying.  He’s stubborn and has little patience, but he’s also got a heart that peeks through.  Especially in his interactions with Chief Min, I love that he gives him the mini heart sign!!

the-whole-famWe also get to see some more interactions with Woo Sik and Soo Jin.  Even though I do not like either character, I’ve already fallen head over heels in love with Joo Eun, it was nice to see more of them.  Woo Sik does seem to genuinely care for Soo Jin and they are rather adorable together as he teaches her to swim.   They share a sweet kiss and we see them bonding.  Also I am happy to say that Soo Jin is growing on me, she’s much lest plastic and stiff this time around.  Maybe its because we see her get jealous, Woo Sik’s phone rings showing ‘Mother in Law’, Joo Eun’s mom and that bothers her.  Joo Eun and Woo Sik haven’t broken the news of their break up, which they do while Young Ho is at the table behind them!  We also meet Joo Eun’s little brother who is about to propose to his girlfriend.  Lots of little tidbits given out in this episode.  After her humiliation of having to tell her mom that she and Woo Sik are no more she heads back to the gym and pushes herself to the very limits of her endurance and beyond.  Young Ho finds her there and sends her home, honestly worried that she will hurt herself.  It is then that he realizes just how determined she is and that their plan will not work.

The next day Soo Jin shows her nasty nature by having Joo Eun appear on TV.  She says no one else can do it, even though she has nothing planned. Hospital Young Ho catches the news program, grumbling that he sees her everywhere.  Soo Jin watches from her office, excited to see if Joo Eun embarrasses herself.  Joo Eun gets through the interview fine and then drops over unconscious.  Young Ho takes off immediately.  Soo Jin gets to her car and calls Woo Sik who is already on the way to the hospital, which irks Soo Jin something fierce.  But it doesn’t matter Young Ho gets there first and takes her home.  So… I think I see the melo starting, at least enough hints to know that Joo Eun is sick.  There are so many comments about her blood pressure being low, her temperature that is too low for her body mass, and the fact that she has been working so hard and hasn’t lost a single pound.  So I think the melo will descend on us in the form of a life threatening thingy with Joo Eun… ugh.

Anyway at the end of it all Young Ho grabs her as she is walking towards her house and drops some facts on her lap.  He admits that he is actually John Kim!  I really-really didn’t expect that at all!  I figured they’d drag that out until the very end and she’d have a fit at being lied to and our OTP would be torn apart because of it.  But the show has surprised me!  So, what do I love?  The pace, it is zippy and every moment is filled with something that contributes to the overall story.  What do I not love?  The hints of melo lurking around every corner.


Episode 4

I am appeased!  I was terribly worried that the show would have her suffer from some life threatening disease and my heart would be broken into a bazillion pieces!  Thankfully it has used something very down to earth and a thing that I can truly identify with!  Joo Eun has hypothyroidism, which absolutely accounts for all of her symptoms and her weight!  I have hyperthyroidism, so I can really relate to the idea of taking meds for the rest of your life and how depressing that is.  I have to say I am really-really pleased with the direction of this show!  Instead of focusing on her being overweight, and that being the only negative to her current state, they are applying a very real reason.  A disease that has a cure and isn’t obscure.  Also, they are really putting emphasis on being healthy, and pushing the idea that living well and making changes for the right reasons is the way to go.  Again, I applaud the show!

Why-r-u-hereSo onto the review!  So Young Ho is at the hospital and the doctor discloses the diagnosis, which he tells her in the car.  And he also realizes the UFC workouts they have put her through have contributed to her passing out during the interview.  But what is curious is that Woo Sik shows up at the hospital too and his curiosity about Young Ho intensifies, he even displays some jealousy.  Soo Jin is there too, unbeknownst to the two gents and her envy and hate of Joo Eun really comes to the fore.

Joo Eun is bemoaning her disease and her BFF is there of course to console her!  I love that she teases her that at least it isn’t thyroid cancer and gives her a little bit of a hard time, while comforting her too.  Especially when she drops the news her little brother is planning to get married to a younger woman.  The show keeps the story flying on past, which is insolent-cutiegreat.  Back at the F3 house we see Young Ho beating the snot out of the Korean Snake in a workout.  He scolds him about his shoulder and not getting a physical.  Which is later revealed that he might have had an accident, since we see him at the hospital with a few scares on his body.  While at the hospital he’s accosted by a commercial actress queen who is very mad he won’t star in a commercial with her?  More mysteries!

At work Joo Eun is tormented by a gif of her passing out that is circulating all over the web and all the people of the office Soo-Jin-nastyare watching it.  Poor girl!  We also get to see Soo Jin’s vindictive nature, I really don’t like her!  She tries to convicne Joo Eun that she slept with Woo Sik by wearing the same dress two days in a row.  When in fact Woo Sik was noble and wouldn’t sleep with her because she was drunk.  On top of it Soo Jin tells Joo Eun she has to work from home for a week because she’s an embarrassment to the company after the fainting incident!  And!  She demands that Joo Eun use honorifics to top the cake!

Though to make it better the younger brothers of the F3 show Adorable-Apologyup and deeply apologize and make her giggle.  They take her to a cafe where they leave her.  Young Ho shows up and tells her that he’s going to help her for real this time.  In a hilarious moment she tries to give him a contract but mistakenly gives him the report from her physical.  And we get an adorable moment of skinship.  But then she agrees to his terms and starts her fitness routine in earnest.  It is pretty cute, they sneak her into Young Ho’s house by hiding her under coats in the car.  While there she’s put through healthy exercise routines that will help and we get more skinship between our OTP!

Who-are-youAnother mystery shows up!  Grandma visits a shrine and her head cook, who we’ve met once before, arrives too.  Grandma demands to know why she’s there and won’t let her stay, stating she has no right to be there.  The mystery cook lady mentions the arrival of Young Joon?  No clue!  So many mysteries!  But Woo Sink solves a mystery too, he figures out Joo Eun’s mystery man is none other than the Branch Manager Kim Young Ho that his boss is worried about.  Not that he shares that with his boss yet.

Later we see a family dinner that Young Ho refuses to attendFamily-dinner by the way.  But I’m so utterly confused!  We meet this Young Joon and our mystery cook, Choi Hye Ran, seems to be Young Ho’s wife?  And Young Joon is the younger brother?  But he’s there with Woo Sik’s boss who works for Young Ho’s dad at Grandmother’s company.  Young Joon addresses Young Ho’s dad as da?  I am so lost!  Then Grandmother drops the bomb that they need to accept Young Ho back and all of the guests look angry at this.  There are too many mysteries!

lets-do-thisI can’t forget to mention the scene where the F3 show up at Joo Eun’s apartment and get her started on her new life.  Oh my gosh it was so hilarious!  They wear gloves and surgical masks and pretty much throw away all her stuff!  And then tell her what she can and can’t eat!  Adorable.

After a week of working hard, eating right, and sneaking around to Young Ho’s house for workouts she’s dropping pounds.  Though Young Ho is quick to point out that it is probably because the meds are forcing her body to work right.  Young Ho drops her off late at night, after she’s worked hard creepyand they part ways.  Now in the last 3 episodes and this one too she comments on potted flowers that are being left in her apartment but no one admits to it!!!  Creepy!  Today we get to know why.  A stalker shows up at her door and pushes his way in.  She doesn’t know him, and her admitting that only makes him angry.  They really stayed true to the stalker mentality.  He expects that she should immediately know him, because all his thoughts are of her.  When she doesn’t it makes him dangerous!  He pushes his way into her house and she’s prone, vulnerable to the creep and whatever he has plans for.

But!  Young Ho has a feeling, calls her, and when she doesn’t answer he rushes back to the rescue!  Following the theme she begs for someone to save her and in runs Young Ho!!!

This show is fantastic!  I can’t wait to watch the next two episodes!


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