Dreamed Up Drama


Are you looking for a drama that captivates the imagination as well as the heart?  That tells the stories of a vast cast of characters with passion and depth?  Look no further!

The story begins with children of extraordinary abilities living in seclusion under the heavy hand of a secret organization.  Project Afterglow seeks to utilize a dangerous material, their hope to push the human race to the next steps of evolution!  These amazing products of experimentation do not all wish to follow blindly, some seek to free themselves and others.  While enemy countries woo others into their grasp.  The carefully created island compound cannot sustain its goals in the face of so many layers of deception and varying goals.   It all comes burning to the ground, scattering the enhanced all over Korea and further.

From the ashes our story follows a group of changed people, their lives, their loves, and their battles.  Who will win out?  Those who seek to rebuild the haneious experiments of Afterglow for their own desires?  Those who seek only to live a new life in peace and quiet?  Those who use their powers for evil?

The future is as of yet uncertain.  Come on a wonder filled adventure and discover the fate of the children of Afterglow!


8 thoughts on “Dreamed Up Drama

  1. I LOVE your poster! That’s a perfect picture of Go Ah Ra for this story that I couldn’t find!! And Choi Jin Hyuk looks just as I imagine him! It’s beautiful!! And your summary is awesome. I’d love to watch a drama if it were described to me that way. 😀 You played such a big hand in helping me with this, the drama is partly yours too. I’m so happy it’s finally out there for everyone to read and it’s gotten very positive responses.

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    1. THANK YOU!!! 🙂 I really lucked out in my picture search, they were each the first picture that populated! I am super glad you like them, I can send you the Go Ah Ra one if you want? Summarizing the Dream Dramas is so much fun for me. I like trying to hook my readers on the concept and then send them your way to be utterly absorbed in the drama itself! Awww, you’re so sweet! I was just really happy to tickle your creativity back into gear! I just rambled about a few scene ideas, you took them and made them awesome and so much better! I have really-really loved reading the comments on the drama! I love seeing all the love!


  2. Jaime! What a lovely poster!! 😀 I love that both the leads are a touch glowy in the poster.. goes perfectly with the glowy superpower bent of the story ^^

    Thanks for loving Afterglow this much, and for your awesome work with Lady G – you definitely helped to kick-start her creative juices in a very significant way! Afterglow would be a different creature without your input! AND, thanks for helping to spread the love too! Big hugs ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks! It was an accident at first, my erasing job was not that good. Then I saw the effect it had with the background and I thought it was fitting for the story!

      No need to thank me Chingu! This drama was pretty much made for me haha. It was so much fun to work with her on the story! I will always spread the love for Dream Dramas, even if they don’t have CJH in them *wink* I adore this part of the blog! *HUGS!!!*

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  3. When I read the description I was all, “Oh that sounds interesting, when’s that on?” Then I saw it was a dreamed up drama. I’m not sure if I hate you now or if I love you.

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