Oh My Venus: Episode 2


This Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

I meant to have this done last night, but we had the biggest storm on record for the past 20 years and lost power until a few hours ago.  Whew!  So I’m a day behind in watching the second episode and writing up my review.  So two episodes in and I am really loving this show.  I noticed something today that I missed in my fangirling previously, our little ditty of a show is listed as a melodrama… if you’ve been around here for any length of time you might already know that I dearly dislike melodramas.  I’ve got enough of that in my life so when I pick a drama I go for happy and bubbly and cute, if there’s a Noona Romance in the mix even better!  So, this might end up being a bit of a difficult watch for me.  But!  I’ve committed to watch the whole thing and review as I can so wish me luck!  Hwaighting!!!!

This episode picks up right where the last one left off with Young Ho saving our cutey-patutey Joo Eun from the rain as she had just discovered that her boyfriend of 15 years was cheating on her.  No bueno!  The first episode introduced a storm of faces and tid-bits of story.  This one gave us a better idea of who each character is and then dumped a whole lot of meat into the story, plus some crazy twists!  Since I’m really working hard not to turn this into a recap (they’re too hard to keep going!) I’m just going to gush about my feels.

Some of the questions about Young Ho are answered and yet we get loads more questions on top of that!  I am liking his character more and more!  He’s arrogant, but not over the top arrogant. Chief-Min_01 Then in the same moment he’s sweet and then snarky.  Plus he is a rebellious chaebol who turns up the ageyo for what I assume is his secretary or someone who works for the family business.  This guy is awesome and witty and adorable, I’m looking forward to seeing more of his relationship with Young Ho.  Seems our main lead was exiled to America, I think he’s got a bad boy history, but now with his most recent scandal he’s back on the radar of his family and the company and he’s in some serious trouble.  I’m interested to see more information about what is all going on here.

Soo-Jin_02Plus we find out that Woo Sik, the dirty rotten good for nothing, is actually a doctor and works for *drum roll* Young Ho family’s company.  Pretty high up too!  High up enough that he’s a confidant of someone who is worried about the return of the mysterious exiled heir to the throne.  That was interesting!  As if that connection wasn’t enough we learn that Woo Sik’s new gal Soo Jin was a besty of Joo Eun in college.  But not only that back in the day Soo Jin was the chubby one!  Now Soo Jin is Joo Eun’s new boss!  Complicated!  And!  Joo Eun’s BFF from the first episode is part of the friend triangle with Soo Jin.   Almost all the story lines have been intertwined somehow.  It makes it a bit complex, but also extremely intriguing!

So far I am in love.  The show has retained its floaty feel, despite some of the serious situations (Young Ho’s daddy appears and it seems they have some bad history), it keeps up with the sense that it isn’t taking things too seriously.  We are presented with these crazy things, but for the moment, it is still airy.  If it continues like this I think even I might enjoy a melodrama.  What did I love?  The OTP!  We are already getting loads of skinship between these two!  They have chemistry that is amazing!  Young Ho just can’t help himself, every time she whispers a prayer that someone would save her he’s there and can’t stop himself from fulfilling her wish!  And she bites the bullet and thanks him in the most snarky way possible.  Their banter and fighting are the best.  I am also really loving Henry’s character, he’s just about the cutest thing ever.  Like a puppy, who feels meeting his Noona Joo Eun is destiny.  Love him.  The music is fabulous too!  What am I not loving so much?  Soo Jin.  I know she’s the evil second lead, but her personality is like a wet towel.  She gives this blank expression that looks like a doll and just sort of takes up space.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she starts to come alive a little more.  She will be excessively painful to watch if she keeps going in this way.

Anyway folks, thus far the show gets two thumbs up from me and I am really looking forward to the next two episodes next week!  Anyone else tuning in?  What are your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “Oh My Venus: Episode 2

  1. I’m enjoying it so far as well. I was intrigued about YoungHo’s mother – who seemed to be in the USA, but he wasn’t being sent to her – rather for ‘treatment’ for his leg / whatever illness he had. I feel like the show is dropping a lot of hints regarding future plots which makes me happy. I hope it keeps up the zippy pace and all the skinship as well 😀


  2. I was so excited and eagerly anticipating this show! Not just So Ji Sub, but Shin Min Ah too? OH! Count me in!!! Then add Henry to the mix and goodness, a full on global event couldn’t keep me from watching. I really really enjoyed the first two episodes and I’m completely shocked by how fast and good them chemistry is between SJS and SMA. Maybe I shouldn’t be, both of them always seem to create that type of chemistry with their partners fast, but I’m always still surprised by it. SJS has always torn my heart to shreds with his dramas and movies until Master’s Sun. Thank God he finally moved to the RomCom world where I don’t have to fear watching his dramas, or purchase 20 boxes of tissues. Secretly, I still ship him with Gong Hyo Jin, but that’s another matter entirely.

    As for this drama, I’m loving it. The comedic timing, the dryness of the line delivery, the expressions, it’s all perfect so far. The entire cast is on point with acting and, it’s still early yet, but I haven’t seen any flaws with the story line and writing. I see many possibilities, and hope that some of the more interesting ideas come to play, but I can’t wait. I hope this drama follows less of the “Birth of a Beauty” path and is more original in what happens once she’s regained her youthful look. I’d like something more than a standard k-drama plot of revenge, I’d love to see a story more about self-growth and understanding. I could be the minority, but just my wishes 😉


    1. Same here!!! When I found out that this was a thing I was 300% excited! Then as behind the scenes and posters were published I just kept getting more and more excited! I’ve never watched Henry in anything (even after almost 3 years I’m still quite the newbie), but omg his character!!! I’m really totally in love with his character! Could he be any cuter!?! Agreed, SJS and SMA have the excellent ability to create amazing chemistry with their partners. And they have such good chemistry in their CF photo shoots that I was super hyped to see them together.

      I’ve only ever seen SJS in The Master’s Sun. So when I realized that rom-com wasn’t like his niche in the K-Drama world I was totally surprised. I have added a few of his movies to my watch list, but there’s so many dramas/movies and so little time! I ship him and Gong Hyo Jin too!!! Hardcore, my ship sailed with that duo and will never come back.

      The flow of this drama is really the best. It has a great pace, excellent movement of the story, and already growth of the characters. I’m supremely impressed with it. Hopefully it can keep it going, wouldn’t it be amazing if OMV could skip the whole drama-slump episodes which seem to happen in way too many dramas! I haven’t seen Birth of a Beauty, but from what I’ve heard from my drama friends there were things left to be desired. So far this show seems to be doing an excellent job with the subject matter and story! Well if you’re the minority I’m right there beside you Chingu! We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed!


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