Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 2


It is probably no surprise to other lovers of the K-Ent world that as I continue on this journey my music collection seems to grow when I’m not looking.  Seriously, I turn around and I’ve got another ten songs!  So let me introduce you to the songs I’m currently listening to on repeat!

First up is Amber Liu’s Beautiful!  I have had a major girl crush on Amber ever since I first started dipping my toe into the K-Pop world.  I found her when I discovered f(x), particularly their song Nu Abo.  The moment I saw the video and her I was done for.  What I love the most about her is the simple fact that she does not fit the K-Pop mold.  She is her own person, has her own style, and just looking at her you can tell she loves life.  Now this song is so different from her usual style in f(x).  It is soft and vulnerable, very different from her rapper side.  Her voice is just gorgeous!

Next up is a gentleman I have only recently discovered.  As I have been gathering more and more K-pop I have been lost on YouTube more than once just clicking next on the suggested videos which populate on the side.  Which is how I found Zion T and his song Babay featuring Gaeko.  I had a few of Gaeko’s songs already and knew about Zion T as he featured on No Maekup, but I guess I didn’t realize that Zion T was his own big deal.  Babay is fun and like a R&B dance hit.  I dance to it while driving more times than I should probably admit to.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jun Yong Hwa’s Mileage featuring YDG.  This one is just a fun little ditty that makes me groove while listening to it.  But what I think I love the most is the silly video.  It is cute and a neat combination of sweet singing and rapping.  For something light and breezy for your ears I definitely recommend it.


6 thoughts on “Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 2

  1. Hello jamie!😀 i love all your lists especially with Zion T. Love this dude’s voice so much! Plus Nu Abo was one of ny early favorites from Fx. I am not a fan of girl group but when i heard something from them that compliment my ears i really do include it in my playlists.😉

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    1. Hello Evez Chingu!! Awww why thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the lists! They’re fun to write. Right! Zion T is my new obsession! I love everything he does his voice is like butter. Girl groups are hit and miss for me, but I do like f(x), but I’m super happy Amber has some solo songs out there now.

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