UnBoxing: September SnackFever Box


Watching dramas and variety shows I get to see my favorite stars eating all sorts of yummy looking snacks.  Where I live there isn’t exactly an abundance of foods from other countries.  I used to live in Seattle where there were so many more options, yet I wasn’t addicted to Asian Dramas back then.  I wish I had those options here now, but alas it is not so.

I’ve ordered a few food items here and there from Amazon and H-Mart, but it is hard to know what to buy.  Though I am hopeful that as I learn to read and speak Korean I’ll know more about the items I’m ordering.  So when an add for SnackFever popped up on my twitter feed I had to check it out.  I wanted it very much. Now I’m extremely happy that I signed up!


I’ve watched a bunch of unboxings, but mostly they were for video games.  So I thought it would be a total hoot to do one for my snack box!

If you sign up for the subscription it is charged the first of every new month.  The website is wonderful about sending emails to update on your box.  I received an email with the tracking number telling me it was being sent.  It was all done in a wonderfully timely manner.  Plus I get emails with deals, coupon codes, and adverts for specialty boxes.

The box is very well packed, every available space is used so you get quite a lot within it.  Also, it comes with a handy-dandy little guide telling you about each treat, plus a cute 20150923_223519sticker!  The card was a lovely help to learning about the treats as I pulled them out of the box.

There were a few items listed under the original box, which is the one I ordered, that I didn’t get.  Though I’m guessing they only pack what they can fit and each box is slightly different.

I have finally eaten all of my treats from the box.  I’m sad that it is all gone, but soon my next box will be here!  I really enjoyed the September box so I’m really excited for the October on20150923_223353e to get here.

First up are the two Binch cookies.  The card described them as soft chocolate biscuit that delivers rich chocolate and crunchy flavor simultaneously.  Biscuit on one side and chocolate on the other.  The biscuit tasted like a Ritz cracker to me, a little salty and buttery at the same time.  While the chocolate was like a semi-sweet chocolate that was more subtle than really chocolate-y.

Cham Bunggeo Bbang is my favorite of the sweet treats in the 20150923_223451box.  The card described it as a chewy soft cake that contains chewy sticky rice cake and sweet red-bean chocolate cream.  The texture of the chewy cake was like a higher end twinkie, I can’t think of anything else to compare it to.  But the cake was much better tasting than a twinkie, thicker, and less sweet.  After tasting the red-bean chocolate cream I really want to try shaved red-bean ice.  The cream was both savory and sweet at the same time and absolutely delicious.

20150923_223603The Ggoma Bus Tayo were absolutely adorable.  My son loved them as much as I did!  Now he wants to watch Tayo too.  The description said: Famous Korean animation character Tayo is imprinted on these crackers!  This animation is very popular with young kids.  These crackers tasted more like cookies to me.  In truth they tasted almost exactly like shortbread cookies like Walkers.

Next up, the Congcongi Candy, it was a lollipop,  It was circular shaped with a depressed center. 20150923_223645 The description said: this fruit lollipop candy is tasty and has long lasting flavors.  I wasn’t really sure what the flavor was.  It was sweet like when you make rock candy at home, but I couldn’t necessarily taste anything fruity about it.
20150923_223717Crispy Almond Cookies are high quality cookies with sliced almond toppings.  The texture of these cookies was almost like biscotti, very hard, crispy, and crunchy.  I ate these with my coffee in the morning and it was just about the most delicious thing ever.  The almond flavor was very subtle and the cookie was only barely sweet.  I’d really like to find these again, they were fantastic.

The Leaf Pie was odd.  It was like a very thin puff pastry that had been overcooked to be hard and 20150923_223745then covered in a toffee syrup that was left to dry and become sticky.  The card description is a homemade leaf style pastry pie.  The sour butter adds crisp and rich flavor.  I didn’t get a sour butter flavor at all.  To me it was more a honey and allspice with a shortbread like flavor pastry.  The syrup coating had an odd texture which I wasn’t a huge fan of.

Now we come to what is probably my most favorite snack out of the entire box.  If I could find a 20150923_223820place that sells this I’d be buying several bags a week I’m sure.  Country Corn is described as being fresh corn chips combined with butter flavor.  These chips are so good!  And really, they are amazing.  It was very hard to share these, but I did, sparingly with my husband.  The texture of the chip themselves was like a Chex ceral piece, but larger and a bit softer.  The flavoring made the whole thing taste like a bowl of buttered corn.  I loved these, a whole lot, and now am on the hunt to try and buy more!  If anyone knows where to order these online I will forever be in your debt!

Homerun Ball Puffs were the next out of the box.  It still makes me smile seeing how much baseball 20150923_223855is part of the Korean culture.  The description states, this homerun ball is a sweet little finger snack filled with a smooth white cream in a soft, yet crisp, mini puff pastry.  Of all the descriptions on the card this one is the most accurate.  Each little ball was light and crispy with a creamy center.  The pastry itself tasted a bit nutty and the cream was nice and sweet, an airy vanilla.

Like any good college student I have survived a few sparse weeks by eating ramen.  Even though my college days were spent in Seattle where I had access to places that I could branch out and buy 20150923_223956ramen other than the usual fare in US stores.  I never did, but then I wasn’t quite aware of what I was missing back then either.  The cheese ramyun is very popular in Korea right now!  It has a mild cheese taste to it.  What the card forgot to mention was the Cheese Ramyun had a pretty decent spicy kick too.  Then again I can’t handle spicy foods, even though I really wish I could love them.  So a spicy food lover might not be as shocked as I was.  With that said I really enjoyed this.  The cheese powder reminded me of the stuff that comes with a basic Mac n Cheese box.  The cheese with the spicy ramyun broth was a super interesting and savory combination.

This item probably has the least helpful description.  Strawberry Milkis Drink.  New Strawberry 20150923_224017flavored soda beverage!  Best served cold!  Per the last line there I stuck this can in the fridge and waited a day before drinking it.  I’ve had strawberry flavored soda before and figured it would be similar.  The strawberry flavor was very much what I expected.  However, the drink had a creamy flavor and texture too along with the carbonation.  It was very different than I was expecting but very refreshing.

Last but not least out of the box was a single Tayo Bus Vita.  This fruit candy has 3 different flavors: 20150923_224039lemon, strawberry, and peach.  It contains 100% Vitamin C!  It was an adorable little hard candy.  I believe that I had the strawberry flavor, though I’m not certain.  It was super sweet and a little sour, but not overpowering in any way.  It was a fun way to end my box.


All in all I am very happy that I signed up for the subscription.  The entire experience has been fun and educational and tasty!  Eating my way through all of the snacks and treats has just made me that much more excited for the next box!  If any of you are interested in signing up send your email address to me either at Drama.Noona@Gmail.com or as a private message on Twitter @DramaNoona and I can send you info via the site itself and share a discount coupon code!



6 thoughts on “UnBoxing: September SnackFever Box

  1. What a wonderful review! Like a real food critic. 🙂 The box looks adorable. I’d like info on the website and prices.

    But then again I’m trying to avoid most sugars and sweets. Not a detox, but just drastically cutting down, say 85%. I was doing very well, until I had to make an emergency trip to Florida. I hadn’t seen my sis in nearly 2 years and it was all delicious Publix cake, ice cream, fried chicken, and eating out. Lol now I have to recondition myself. I’d probably wind up sharing all these snacks with my family, nephews, and work.


    1. Awww thank you so very much Chingu! Shucks, you’re way too sweet! It was just my fangirling about the snacks hehe. I sent you the website info and the coupon codes that I have!

      I’m trying the same thing and failing miserably. Though I’ve done alright with it, I haven’t indulged too much in American treats. However, when the box came… ahem yeah I ate most of the box on my own. Oh no! I’m sorry that you had to make an emergency trip. I sincerely hope that you and your family are alright!!!! I do the very same thing when I go back to New Jersey. I plan everything around eating. I will probably share more of the second box than I did of the first hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omo!That’s a whole lot of snacks~~~*drools* I love korean snacks… and it’s not like I couldn’t get them here but there’s very limited range of it. Even the Binggrae banana milk we got here taste not the same as the one I could get in Korea…t.t… Now I’m curious about this Snackfever subscription stuff..huhu. Hmm…


    1. It was a wonderfully large number of snacks and I enjoyed eating them all! hehe I’ve only seen Korean snacks on my tv screen so being able to eat them was fantastic! Ooooh Banana milk is something I really want to try! Well if you want to send me your email I can send you the link and some coupon codes if you’d like!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You have to try banana milk!! If’s awesome~~ I would send you some if it’s possible..^O^. Oh.. I will email u in a bit about the link. I doubt if they can send it to my region but it won’t hurt to check it out right? Anyway, have a nice day~


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