[Important Message] Content Theft in the Blogverse

Together we can stop ZKPOP!!

It is a sad day when a blog in our beloved blogverse doesn’t treat their peers with respect. Many of my friends and fellow bloggers have raised their voices in protest, gathering together to show support and offer what help we can. You may have seen this very article already, and to that I say good! Help us to pass along the news about ZKPOP and make even more readers aware of the atrocious acts happening in our precious space.

The original article can be found at Dramajjang, I urge your to please take the time to go and read the post in full. There is a follow up article that further explains how ZKPOP is fooling the internet into showing their posts as original work. Please, please take a look Kwon at Dramajjang has dedicated much heart and time to showing the acts of these vile creatures! The appalling truth is that the bloggers over at ZKPOP.com have been stealing entire recap articles from talented writes and claiming them as original work. Some writers that have been vandalized by this terrible crime are Dramajjang, Couch Kimchi, and Dramabeans.

The worst that has occurred so far in my blog-life is the picture I created for my Noona Romance article was taken and used for someone else’s article on MyDramaList.com about Noona Romances. The articles both covered what we love about the Noona Romance, and we did have some similar view points, but the article itself was not a copy of my own work. However, even that small theft left me feeling raw and abused. I cannot imagine how my friends feel seeing their hard work just stolen with a few clicks and button pushes. Recaps take work, dedication, and passion about the show you’re watching. I take my hat off to the bloggers who regularly recap drama because that is hard, but ultimately rewarding once you see the finished product. It is so very wrong for ZKPOP to steal these recaps without permission and even worse claiming them as their own work.

Of the wonderful responses in the blogverse I want to direct my readers to a very important post by NeeNee over at Asian Addicts Anonymous. This responses is so well written, well thought out, and hold extremely important information for us bloggers to know. I urge you to see what NeeNee has to say on the topic of the Serious Business of Content Theft. Being aware of our rights as blog writers is a huge step in helping to stop criminals like ZKPOP.

On behalf of my dear drama friends that have been harmed by the illicit actions of ZKPOP I beg you to spread the word, reblog this post as much as you wish, tweet about the evils of ZKPOP, and tell all your friends to stay away from that black hole! Together we are stronger than these terrible people, together we can make a difference and protect one another!


5 thoughts on “[Important Message] Content Theft in the Blogverse

  1. If we complain enough and join forces, I wonder if we can get people searching for ZKPOP to find our numerous complaints, tweets, and FB posts and that will get them to stop frequenting that site and support the hard work of the original recappers/reviewers.

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  2. Fighting! The more the voices the more the news will spread around! At at this very moment they keep doing what they know well, stealing one article after the other and preparing no-caps one after the other to progress their “plan.” But all these voices pointing out this most unwelcome incident is truly important so that everything will hopefully start moving towards the righteous direction. If zkpop doesn’t get silenced more zkpops will appear and sadly enough it will be pointless writing about dramas since such sites will be stealing away the time of those willing to write about dramas because dramas are bliss. It’s a crossroad we must step upon and pave the way so that such incidents won’t be tolerated in the future.
    Sorry to know about the incident you had to go through, it just shows than even a conversation can lead to theft and someone else gaining something over you. NeeNee’s article was very insightful and powerful! Let’s hope everything will gradually show the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks a whole lot for your thoughts and straight to the point article through sincerity and unity!!!

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  3. As a blogger myself, I have had my own work taken and used on other sites. Imagine my surprise when I am directed to a site that isn’t my blog or site I write for, but something totally different. It honestly hurts since, as you said, recapping isn’t at all easy & takes time. I mainly do reviews now, but it’s all the same. I work very hard on my reviews and others shouldn’t be taking them without permission. I really hope this gets across to others and we can figure out a way to stop this site, it’s extremely disrespectful to all of us.


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